EuroFags and Commies

malay communists beheaded

The picture above was published 68 years ago in London on the front-page of the Daily Worker in 1952, (28th of April). It shows a British Royal Marine holding the severed heads of a young woman and man who were accused of supporting the Malayan Communist Party.

Take some time to look at it. It is freely available on the internet if you care to search.

It made World-Wide News and the second Conservative Government of Winston Churchill (at the time) was on the verge of prosecuting the newspaper for treason; although they eventually had to back down and publicly admit that the pictures were legitimate. They demanded a re-phrasing of the caption.

The caption became — “British soldiers in Malaya displaying the heads of freedom fighters, cut off by bounty hunters”. Notice the subtle change. It implies that the grinning deeply self-content murdering maniac, (proudly and openly holding the heads aloft in a manly pose for his trophy photo collection of the excellent efforts being made by himself in “keeping the ethnics in line”), did not actually do the job himself but rather; had it “out-sourced” to some native “coon”, who in turn just did it — “for the money”. Your cheque is in the mail if you truly and actually believe that to be true.

Now, if your bread is buttered on keeping the home fires burning for Imperialist Corporatism, you would be proud of the EuroFag and his fine efforts in “setting an example for the locals to not start getting uppity an’ all”. However, if you were on the other side, you may find the picture horrific. It really comes down to how you choose to play the game; as, basically and (in affect), we are all weaving our own individual way through life.

The Malayan Communist Party fought the British Empire and all Her White Commonwealth stooges from 1948 till 1960 in an “Anti British National Liberation War”, immediately after these very same Imperialists had partitioned Occupied India into 3 parts in 1947; leaving them as broken ruined entities with no sense of history, which still (to this day), are struggling to recover from 200 years of rapacious White Occupation. This Partition is a gloriously eminent achievement in maintaining rule by proxy and (to this day) serves their purpose magnificently. 1947 uprooted over 10 million people in an enforced permanent transmigration, that remains; again, till this day, the largest ever in history. (The 2020 ruthless forced movement of helpless “migrant” workers within the Indian Republic is of a much larger order of magnitude; and, harks back to 1947 which was the wholesale eviction of peoples who would never return to their ancestral homes ever again).

From 1960, these same bloodthirsty plundering hordes moved onto Indo-China; and engaged in Biblical rape, looting, murder and societal destruction of those “lesser peoples” in the name of preventing the “Domino Effect” of the region turning Commie. It was here where they finally met their match in Ho Chi Minh and the VietNam Communists who then kicked them out lock stock and barrel as they fled like dogs with their tails between legs from the roof of the United States Embassy in Saigon in 1975.

The war-mongering psychopaths have kept out of East Asia since. However their thirst for blood could be held back for only so long.

They could only contain themselves till 1979 when they baited the USSR into a conflict within the newly established Democratic Republic of Afghanistan leaving that country in 40 years of despair and destruction which; then in turn, led to the commencement of their systematic destruction of West Asia; culminating with the complete and Epical Civilisational Annihilation of Iraq. The Syrian Arab Republic and the heroic Syrian Arab Army have temporarily stymied their blood lust through their un-ending determination to not allow the fabric of their complex and richly diverse society be destroyed.

Imperialism is now about to enter a decade long confrontation with the Peoples’ Republic of China which will set their recently foregone Colonies of South Asia on fire and destabilise a people that have just about had the knee taken off their neck.

Now, take a look at this picture below. It is from Page 178 of the USSR Reference Book published in November 1957. (5 years after EuroFag was showing the locals how to behave).

little girl

The little girl up at the board is probably no more than 10 years old and is the first generation born after the apocalyptic destruction of her homeland by the fascists. Her teacher is in her early 20s and lived through the Great War.

Do you not find this picture amazing and does it not give you hope within yourself. The Communists have always espoused Humanity as a single whole and have relentlessly strived to lift the spirit of Art and Education rather than death and destruction.

Does this picture also not make you sad. 63 years after this picture was taken there are girls of her age still kept illiterate almost as State Policy and remain unable to read and write the very language of their individual identity within South Asia; just one example of those languages being taught here to the youth of the Soviet Republic in 1957. (The teacher also had to be taught the language and the pedagogical skills required to teach it).

This is now the 75th Anniversary of the Great War Against Fascism, a heroic victory that involved the ultimate sacrifice of 21 million souls of the Soviet Union. It was this defeat of Fascism which enraged the Imperialists and started them on a killing rampage in Asia. 1 in 7 of the people of the USSR gave their lives for the rest of the world during the Great War. Of the instigators of this conflict from Britain it was 1 in 127 and 1 in 320 from the United States. My father played his part in the Great War as a Radio Operator with the Indian 8th Army in Benghazi and Tripoli in 1944 before the Palestinian Mandate (1945) and finally in Bahrain (1948), from where he eventually retired in 1995.

He was 18 years old in 1944 and regretted what he had to do till 1946 but it was a job and he volunteered as well. The War exposed the Euro HomeBoy in all his glory and my Father imbibed the principles of Communism in Bahrain in 1948, in fact that second image is from a book in his collection that he left for me. I eventually married the daughter of a Commie and that will be 25 years this July. (The longevity of the marriage has been her heroic effort to put up with me, I have never really ever changed). My son is 20 years old and the choice he makes is totally his to make, I just hope that it is based on facts and not myths.

EuroFags are racist to the core of their heartless soul, so the next time you hear them lecturing you about “Freedom and Democracy” and that famous; “Human Rights”; think of that first picture before you gush enthusiastically about Western Values and the European Imperialists notions of Right and Wrong.

Bear in mind also the famous poetic couplets that pins the foundation of Apartheid on which EuroFag rests his weary head:

“if you’r White; you’r Right,
if you’r Black; then Get Back”

and of course, the Dutch Reformed Church’s rallying call to Her faithful flock in South Africa:

“if God wanted them to be Human, He would not have made them Black”

The choice is yours to make. We all have bills to pay and debts to service. Our lives and that of our children are enmeshed and intertwined within the System. We play the game; we even contribute to it. Nothing wrong. It is only if we truly start to believe in it as the “White God’s Chosen Path” for the darker brethrens of humanity that things could go catastrophically wrong for you.

MS Gowalkar wrote a book called — Bunch of Thoughts. In his book he wrote that internal elements were a far greater threat than outside aggressors. He named them as 1) Muslims, 2) Christians and then guess who; 3) Communists.

This is an ideology that is rapidly permeating within the Indian Republic and ethno-religious variations on the theme are now deeply entrenched within the peripheral sovereign nations of erstwhile British Occupied India and primarily rabid within the 3 broken nations that constitute the central entity.

Just replace (1) and (2) with a religious identity of your choice and the central theme remains yours to apply at your leisure. Going down this road will logically lead to the first picture rather than anywhere near the notion being inspired in the second image.

Supratim Barman, MSc – Queen Mary – University of London. Kolkata, The Republic of India. I live between the two extreme edges of what was the British Empire, in the vast and important cities of Kolkata and London; with the midpoint being where I was born and where I grew up, Bahrain: observing and experiencing events in a time of great change.




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