Humans Who Won’t Wear Protective Masks Are Selfish And Inconsiderate


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In the midst of the worldwide COVID Pandemic, responsible individuals and families are protecting themselves and each other by wearing protective masks so they won’t infect family members, friends or anyone else with whom they may come in contact.

But there also are many more individuals and whole families who don’t care a whit about protecting themselves, their families or anyone else for that matter. They don’t give a damn if they die but they’re just not prepared to ever wear a face mask, take the time and effort to cover their hands with protective rubber gloves or wash their hands numerous times each day.

It has come down to a political, cultural or fashion war clash of basic human nature and values between those who believe wearing a mask is part and parcel of a simple guaranteed societal health insurance policy to ensure their community, town, city, state, province or nation won’t ever again have to go back to another stay-at-home order, and the world can avoid yet another 1918-1919 fiasco, while those other humans simply don’t give it much thought one way or the other.

Those indifferent humans are commonly called Mask Refusers or Pandemic Deniers. They live in a fantasy world where they don’t believe the pandemic will ever touch them. Many believe that their God or their body’s own immune system will protect them through it all.

Yet one health authority after another in the world continues to plead to all of humanity to practice a few simple preventatives. But nothing seemingly ever penetrates the thick skulls of the Mask Deniers in spite of the fact that throughout Asia, and countries like New Zealand and Australia, the citizenry is encouraged to wear a protective face mask in all public spaces, which most willingly comply with in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus, regardless of whether or not they have any symptoms. They know full well that perfectly healthy individuals may appear so from all outside appearances but may already be asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic carriers already capable of spreading the COVID virus.

But countries like the Czech Republic finally have had to take the uncommonly step of mandating nose and mouth coverings in all public spaces. California State Governor Gavin Newsom, as well, also has had to mandate that every citizen will be required to wear a face mask in all public settings. While K.K. Cheng, a public health expert at the University of Birmingham in the U.K. plainly states, “It’s not to protect yourself. It’s to protect others around you against the virus droplets coming out of your respiratory tract. Whether people speak and breathe and sing, they don’t have to sneeze or cough. Those droplets are coming out regardless.”

Yet the on-going controversy To Wear Or Not to Wear a Mask! has unmasked, as it were, some political and cultural battle lines between the Mask Refusers and Mask Compliers. In British Columbia, Canada’s fashionable community of West Vancouver, touted to be the richest community in Canada, and one of the country’s most health-conscious aware populaces, its award-winning Whole Earth Health Store even offers its customers, free of charge, face masks and hand sanitizers for them to shop in relative safety with peace of mind. Still, on any given day, one will find sometimes 50% or more customers shopping unmasked because they intentionally decline to accept the free mask while preferring to touch. and potentially contaminate, all the surfaces and products in the store with uncovered hands, thereby threatening the health and welfare of every man, woman and child customer, not to mention the Whole Food staff themselves. The same thing is happening in commercial outlets throughout the North Shore as it is everywhere else in Canada and the world.

If one were to extrapolate the eventual dire results this could or will inevitably produce, not only everywhere on the North Shore and in Canada but throughout world, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to determine the eventual disastrous consequences.

Does such flagrant defiance represent some blatant form of human nature’s basic callousness or still deeper, more sinister, hidden cause or explanation?

Whatever the answer may be, the over-riding reality of the current global pandemic in Canada and the rest of the world is that Covid-19 might yet be a repeat of what happened during the Spanish Flu Pandemic that began in the Spring of 1918 until it finally disappeared in the Summer of 1919 and, in that one-and-a-half year span, killed some 50 million, or 2.5 to 5% of the world’s population; more than all the combined military personnel and innocent citizens killed in WWI, with the same severity as the Bubonic Plague or Black Death of the 1300’s, that during its own three year span killed some further 75 million human beings. Not a happy or pleasant thought!

Whether the world now is similarly facing a one, two, three or more years span of the current pandemic it doesn’t mean, as corporate and commercial businesses clamor to open back up, it mustn’t ever again be a return to the so-called normal it once knew but instead a new kind of permanent preventative normal that every human must now totally buy into. This new epic time we are in isn’t a time to start thinking about kicking back and pick up where the world left off.

So All You Mask Refusers! For God’s Sake if not for simple Pity’s Sake! Set a good example for all of Canada and the rest of the world. Wear a F***ing Mask for Fricking Sake! Wear PPE gloves and Wash Your Hands Repeatedly! Do Your Part To Protect All Us Canadians!

Irwin is a long-time resident of British Columbia’s North Shore, and a-one-time founding president of his resident’s community association back in the days when local citizens still had a more hands-on say and control of their official community plan (OCP) of the future. Email: [email protected]



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