Jhootan…an event of examining the conscience of India !

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Let me start with a real life incident of a Woman in the contemporay India.She has a habit of excessive reading from history,political science,literature and all that subjects that help her in evolution to a ‘true human being’.With the emergent field of Dalit studies she has started to read about ‘Dalit paradigms’ and learning about the  instances helped her analyse the ‘principled dogma’ of Caste and how it still has it’s firm grip on Society of India.This new ‘enlightenment’ was in deference to the historical pedagogical understanding of Enlightenment in India of early 19th Century.Now with Ambedkar and his writings as her guiding light she could decipher the truth and symbolics that are inherent in the modus-operandi of Society as its base as Caste ,with very nuanced and cryptic way of operation.This girl when came across Ompraksh Valmiki’s Jhoothan wrote a letter to me that shall be forever itched in my heart and mind !

The transcript is illustrated below,

My Dear Nikhila,

                           I am writing to you after a long time and the reason is also very pressing.you had always talked about Dalit Assertion and searching for mukti via Education.Recent years have been the same for me ,I  had the opportunity to study in elitist institutions which were themselves a Ghetto of Caste with Brahmanical Patriarchy at its zenith but more on that in next letter.The reason for writing today is about the book ‘Jhoothan’ by Omprakash Valmiki.I for the first time had access to Hindi Dalit Literature and it proved to be such a learning experience that can’t be fully put in words dear !

      Nikhila,the author has done a commendable job and here I shall discuss the passion for  Education and questioning the mythologies that the Author has resorted to.Firstly,the zeal for Education.I have experienced the emphasis on education by my Mother and Father which they tell me shall help in reclaiming the dignity and shall impart me a perspective that shall help me in long run.They still aren’t aware of my mission of Annihilation Caste,which draws it’s ideological orientation via the scriptures from Vedas,Shrutis,Smrities,Shastras along with their commentaries by regulating the power relations in the society by seclusion of women from education and thus deterrence to ignition of  cognitive faculties that help in pragmatic analysis of the sytemic oppression.Also the same agents try to keep women inferior to male and thus institute the dictum of ‘ infestation of imitation’ that Dr.Ambedkar always  talked of.TheAuthor’s quest and struggle for Education is really motivating even today where instances like Khairlanji,Badaun are a normal that impose the ‘multifaceted patriarchy’ on the Dalit Women.

              Nikhila,now speaking about the questioning of mythologies and it’s corresponding narratives I always was very confused about Gandhi’s emphasis on RamRajya where patriarchy being at its zenith along with Varna,Caste traits as it’s blossoming buds ! But here when the author questions his teacher about the Episode of Dronacharya who has been shown as ‘poor brahmin’ as has been imposed on India via a homogeneous Pedagogical system and Literature at large ,the Author questions about the plight of Dalits who have to bear more exploitative inhuman humiliation than Dronacharya and why they weren’t included in popular discourses ,is really a thing that should lead all the citizens of India to examine about his stand on the same.Is India a homogenous country? What about the multilayered exploitation as a result of ‘Graded Inequality’ instituted by Caste system which too is principled by keeping it’s ‘stigmatisation’ as fulcrum and changing its operations via continued evolutions as per the prevalent conditions ?

       Nikhila,I am really indebted to you as I always negated the persistence of caste but today with the renewed readings of Dr.Ambedkar and a developing paradigm to look Literature from that frame of reference (self -taught as there are very few teachers who disown their Societal Locations and are mortal examples of de-gender,de-caste and de-class beings).This understanding when applied along with a essence of ‘Jhootan’ lead me to thinking that are we really a Nation ? Or are we a ‘Republic of Amnesia’ ? I really want to discuss more about ‘Jhoothan’ but it shall be apt to discuss in person as ‘ Big Boss’ is watching !



The letter above highlights the very vital questions that ‘Jhoothan’ had raised about the Dalit Assertion,Modules for emancipation,Education as Liberty and the imposition of homogenous culture on heterogeneous marginalised ! I hope ‘Jhoothan’ shall help in decoding various hidden moralities of society that are shameful,bane and tragic for a country that speaks of Ram Rajya and help in analysis of self , annihilation of dogmatic self and instituting ‘Manuski’ which Dr.Ambedkar repeatedly spoke of !

Nikhil Sanjay-Rekha Adsule has completed his B.E(Electrical) and pursued Masters in Law from TISS, Mumbai.He has Masters in History too along with NET(JRF) and SET.He is currently pursuing another Masters in Women and Gender Studies.He is recipient of prestigious Dr. Ambedkar National Dignity Award-2019.He dreams of creating a BEGUMPURA of Genderless,Casteless and Classless India.




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