‘No More War, Never Again’: Pandemic Of Nazi Hatred-Story Of Artists

It is to pay tribute to the Artists and Painters who Lived through the Painful Horrendous span of Human History and raised their Heads above to protest and stop the rollout to Wars, Hatred and Holocaust. The occasion is Centenary Year of Modern Art being declared as ‘Degenerate Art’ by NAZIS.

It is the first half of 20th century, from 1890 to 1950 of German and European History which accounted for as the period of maximum turmoil and turbulent times in Human History of civilization. From 1890 to 1920 was marked by ascendance of mass movements ending with Workers Revolt followed by ‘cruel most’ and atrocious- hateful assassination of Karl Liebknecht and Flower of revolution Rosa Luxemburg.

1930 to 1945 was the most dreadful period in Human History ending with World War II and ending with the Holocaust, also known as the Shoah! It was genocide in which approximately 11 million people – including Jews, Roma, Disabled people, Homosexual men, Communists’, Trade Unionists, and Liberal Thinkers all were brutally murdered by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime and its collaborators. It stands out as incomparable and non repeatable criminal human Hatful disaster in human history. However the origins and roots of the Annihilation of ‘Mass movements’ of the oppressed, carried out by Nazi liquidators which is termed as Holocaust and ‘Final Solutions’ lies in Centuries of European or rather German- Austrian History.

However the regression to barbarism and primal mode of political rule was fully dominated by centralized ‘Large Capital’ with modern conditions of Production and was unimaginable. After 1919 Berlin Revolt of the proletariat and its suppression, the deep rooted forces of hatred raised their head, galloped manifold ways and made their strongest surface appearance particularly after 1929 economic depression. Like hurricane and storm it overthrew ‘Civilization’. The phenomena can be comprehended under the term ‘Return of the Repressed”.

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