Each war

Each boundary dispute

Multiplies human culture

By zero

It proclaims the helplessness

Of literature and spiritual thoughts

It answers the question why

Buddhists like Lao Tzu

Have forsaken the human world

And withdrawn into icy silence

There is no right or wrong side in War


There is no war like one for justice

Since war is the biggest injustice

The most harshest and cruellest move

Against the Universe itself!

(Ha…to the India of Buddha and the China of Lao-Tzu)


Written by V T Jayadevan on June 17th 2020. He is a poet who writes in Malayalam, based in Koyilandi near Calicut. A primary school teacher turned philosopher and farmer Jayadevan lives in his forest home, Solitude.

Translated by Anitha.S with the consent of the poet.




One Comment

  1. Jayadevan’s poesy as always amazes, deeply touches and enriches me.
    Thanks Anitha for trans-creating it in English. You have been true to
    the original although some of the flavour and rhythm of Malayalam can
    never be captured in English…In these times of many wars and
    conflicts, can we hope and pray Lao Tzu and Buddha, Gandhi and Martin
    Luther King will be heard and obeyed…