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There is something weird fact about pandemic or world catastrophe: it always and invariably benefits the Crony capitalists the most. Incidentally this time the pandemic has been named to sound like Crona, as if it were the male counterpart of Crony.

Remember the pandemic Y2K of 1999? Yeah, everywhere there was a propagated fear; let come 1st January 2000, all computers will crash. All Bank accounts will be frozen. No flights will take place. All railways signals will crash. Trains will collide. The ocean will come on the land and there will be Armageddon on the earth due to Y2K.  The sun of 1st January 2000 rose as usual. NOTHING abnormal occurred. The fear of Y2K vanished in thin air but by then billions of dollars had exchanged pockets.

Then came 9/11. The cameramen were ready for the events of the future. And lo! two planes came flying and the crewmen filmed the scene perfectly when the planes crashed into the twin towers of the World Trade Center. The Almighty Bush declared the War!! Usama-bin-laden was designated the Chief of Terrorists of the world. Surprise! The Chief Terrorist didn’t know the basic rule of war: one enemy at one time! The innocent Chief chose to destroy, only that building where capitalists of the whole world were operating!! Thus taking panga with all the “enemies” in one shot. Anyhow the US troops occupied oil fields of Al-Kayada, oh Afghanistan. The war continued until the oil tanks of the US were brimmed to the top.

Then breaking news broke: Saddam Hussain is making chemical bombs of mass destruction. The “masses of the world” prayed and the almighty formed a “peace force”. Saddam’s Iraq was attacked and occupied by the forces of “friends of peace”. Saddam and his sons were finished and so were the cities and the oil of Iraq. Not even a single packet of chemical even for making washing soda was captured from Iraq. Oil was captured and carried by the invaders.

Then came the 26/11. The terrorists sailed to Mumbai port with duly certified terrorist certificate from Pak kept securely in their pockets. The TVs telecast live their attack on a hotel. But one of the terrorists walked a few miles away where ATS Chief was waiting in a car. The terrorist went unchecked to the IG and in Rajanikant style spitted a bullet from point blank range which pierced his skull. The terrorist died in the encounter of the hotel. One of our Hon’ble Saint cum MPs revealed recently that Hemant Sir died due to the Saint’s curse. It is a matter of debate; whether it is question of science or of philosophy that a curse and a bullet are synonym or cronies. The Cronies’ TRP soared thru the sky and so the number of the subscribers.

Then came 2012. One old chap namely Anna descended from the heaven. From top to toe, he wore well-pressed spotless white khadi dress like any other Gandhian. Surprise again! The cameramen of India also sensed the future event. They had already occupied the Ramlila ground, where the new Avatara was programmed to descend. They started telecasting him live. How many times he yawned or changed sides while sleeping was telecast live. Thank gosh! His bathroom and toilet were spared. 2G, Coal, Rail and …. what not scams were projected live. Then one day, Modi announced every Indian shall get 15 lac, if the black-money so amassed is brought back. The innocent people were hoping the occurrence of the Rajanikant istyle miracle that Anna & Co would fly in the air and land at the Swiss Bank; break its vault and bring black-money of all these ghotalas back and distribute equally to all the TV viewers!!

Kiran, Arvind, Vinod, VKS, Ramdev etc. occupied the stage below the Anna’s. Their propaganda brought down the Govt of Sardar Manmohan Singh who, I believe, was the most learned Prime Minister of India till date. Came 2014 elections! Modi occupied PMship. Arvind became CM, Vinod Kiran became Governors, VK became Minister, Ramdev became billionaire. TV anchors are sailing in the sea of Dollars, singing corals of Modi, though much bigger scams are coming out. And Anna? His task accomplished! He got the country rid of an honest, intelligent and sober PM.

And the Aam Aadmi? Bob Dylan rightly sang their miseries; Only a pawn in their game!! The Pawns had to erase the joke of Jan Lokpal from their memories. They know the bitter truth that bread earned from the corrupt crony corporates is more necessary for survival than Anna or his Lokpal.

Then arose the sun of 2020. It brought with it Corona. The first case was reported from China. Gradually it spread to other countries also. The WHO declared it pandemic but it could not deter Modi-Trump duo to gather millions in the streets and a stadium of Ahmedabad. They gave jadu-ki-jaffi to each other at the stage. If the duo was not affected by the Corona, how could the spectators be?

Gradually, the whole world press started yelling: Corona! Corona!! News were aired that the Heads of some countries were also infected but only the middle class aam aadmi died. And died most undignified death! The media houses, thru their intense propaganda created such a fear psychosis and panic in the common man that the son refused to cremate his parents!! And in the deafening ruckus of Corona, our 56″ almighty sold off this or that national asset.

I am neither a medical professional nor a Covid expert. But somewhere in my mind an intuitive alarm rings up now and then; Is this Corona fear also a “staged program” like the ones mentioned above. Why only the Crony corporates are benefiting from the Corona? In response, a few more questions crop up in support of my intuition!

  1. Why the highest number of deaths occurred in America where the Govt is bound by law to provide financial help to its citizen so that none dies of starvation? Why not in India, where the Rulers are blatantly shameless who care not even issuing condolence message for the tiny tots who walked hundred miles to death? Are the poor of India more immune than the Americans?
  2. And why the workers of India alone are uprooted? Why did Modi not allow any time to the workers to reach their home? I don’t think he is so insane that he didn’t know that without receiving rent, no landlord will allow the workers to use their house. No factory owner will pay for “no-work” to the labourers. Crores of workers vacated their rented houses and walked to their homeland in UP/ Bihar. And shockingly UP Bihar CMs promulgated notifications that its workers shall not demand minimum wages nor demand fixed working hours nor overtime. Though Yogi withdrew the notification after a case was filed in the High Court, the loud and clear message has been given to the crony capitalists that the atma of the notification is operative, de facto. The starving workers will work for 16 hours for mere food.
  3. The Rs. 20 lac crore package of Modi includes privatization of strategic arena of Defence and Space also. Will the privatization of Defence, railways, airways, space, natural resources and …. slow down the spread of Corona? Don’t know why does a question crop up in my mind; Is it a malicious design of the crony capitalists to plunder the wealth of India under the name of Corona? Who is killing us the more: corona or crony capitalists? Why Modi imposed lockdown when there were 150 cases and why did he withdrew it when the figure touched 1,50,000? ACP Pradyuman’s sayeth ‘kuchh tau gadbad hai!!
  4. Why did Corona attack the middle class the most and why did it spare the richest and the poorest. Might be the poorest died unreported!
  5. Why the term “Social” distancing was applied for “physical” distancing? Social distance is maintained by a high caste fellow against a low caste person. A sacred Brahman will not partake food with a Bhangi though he might be his boss. This is social distancing; a distance maintained by (dirty) mind.

The omnipotent, omniscient, omni-kind PM Modi doled out Rs. 20 lac crore to 135 crore Indians. The package was so enormous that his FM had to spend five days on TV screen to describe who to get what. But the duffers like me could not understand as to what I or my neighbour will get. Everyone was more than satisfied; no problem if I didn’t get anything but my neighbour too is no better!! Modi hai tau kuchh bhi mumkin hai!

I was just doing simple calculations, how much I might have got? 20.90 lac crore divided by 135 crore = 15,481. 15 thousand? I rechecked, it should be 15 lac!! My friend remarked, as we got 15 lac in first spell, we will get 15 thousand also.

Centuries ago, Saint Kabir revealed one remarkable truth: Kabira baat agham ki, kahe so jane na! Jane so kahe na!! In simple terms it means: I Kabir tell you the fact that whosoever knows the secret (of God), does not disclose it. And whosoever claims to disclose the secret to you, does not know it.

This is also true about the Corona; those who know who made it, for what purpose they made it, do not disclose the truth. The act of blaming China for its creation in the UNO is simply another act of putting a veil over the truth. If China had made the virus to cause havoc against its rivals like USA and India, why Trump-Modi ignored the early warnings in Ahmedabad and Washington? Why Trump is not wearing mask even going in public and why Modi is not removing it even while addressing his subjects from his germ-proof studio? Why the news of PM of Canada, UK or ….. found positive went viral on media? And why the media has maintained the dead’s silence as to what treatment they got and when did they recover and rejoin their duties?

Madam FM continued for 5 days, and the poor workers continued their journey on foot to their homes. FM sat, spoke and ate from an AC studio. HMV anchors yelled as to the quantum of money the aam adami will have to receive. Thus burying deep down their solemn oath of journalism alongwith their decades ago died conscience. They unsuccessfully tried to put veils on the most inhuman deaths of tiny tots, infants and adolescents walking down thousands of kilometers to reach their homes. Lakh laantaan!!

Simply ignoring these five-days episodes, the laity of India is rolling on the roads, hoping to reach home safe from PM’s CM’s policemen. He knows and believes; he will get nothing and nothing from this 20 lac crore. Vinods, Kirans Ramdevs Arvinds Arnabs Sudhirs Shahs …….. are there to gallop. Instead let’s walk a few more steps towards the home.

Remember 1970s’ Superstar Rajesh Khanna? “Yeh duniya ek stage hai! Hum sub us ke hath ki kathputliyan hain. Jese chahe vo hamen nachata hai…ha! ha! ha!” This world is a stage. We all are puppets in His hand. And we have to dance to His tunes.

Some wise men say that He is not a Being but an idea. Yeah, an idea like Crony Capitalism that is making the whole world dance to its tunes!!  Or perhaps He is there in every Head of Govt. And They are making the whole world dance to the fear of Corona 9/11 or Saddam’s bombs. Kabira baat agham ki………….

Kuldip Kumar is a writer



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