On the edge of annihilation,

a tiny virus rimmed

by an aging sun

draws on the sap

of bread earned by man


The conquistador of Nature,

the hunter, the seeker —

all have stopped

The seller sadly winds

his words in a lonely home


Television sets blare old shows

Man depressed into unrest

slowly crawls towards the rim

burning with pandemic flames

looking for sustenance


To live or die —

an Eternity in Life


Has mankind forgotten Lalon’s song?


Words that string together in harmony

Strains of Love, Tolerance, Kindness


Lalon now sings of Change,

looking beyond the common grave —


A Change which will sing of the Glory of Life

the Wonders of the Universe tied

to the rice, the chapati of mankind

basic needs addressed


A Crescendo will tide humankind towards a New Time


 Mitali Chakravarty is a writer and the editor of Borderless Journal




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