Oppose US Moves To Drag India-China Conflict Into Its Indo-Pacific Strategy

Human Rights violation in Tibet  is a bogey. It is an alibi for interference by US. 

PM Modi had said, less than one year ago, that the  Mahabalipuram (Chennai) summit (Oct 11-12, 2019) had begun “a New Era of Cooperation between the two countries”.                     

He had famously said, about his summit with Xi Jinping:

“ We have decided that we would prudently manage our differences without letting them turn into disputes, that we would be sensitive to each other’s’ concerns, and that our relations strive towards world peace and stability.”

“The  two sides decided to designate 2020 as year of India-China Cultural and People-to-people Exchanges” and to deepen all-sided relations.

Thus 2020 apparently began accordingly. That was so even after corona pandemic commenced, in India too: India and China  had mutually cooperated on Covid; exchanged medicines and goods; ICMR imported lakhs of test kits; India even declined to call it Wuhan virus, despite US pressures. India even decided to allow 5G trials, much against US diktat.

Early May 2020 saw a couple of skirmishes – even bloody fist fights on May 5 near Pangong Tso,  like in Galwan valley – along LAC, but they were rather underplayed initially. Then manifested a sharp turn:

WHO’s World Health Assembly,  May 18-19  Meet, where India backed a  US-led Draft Resolution against China (on Covid-19)  marked  “a decisive shift in India’s stance towards China,”  it was observed.

After this WHO meet, it was recalled by an Australian : China has accurately called Australia acting as an attack dog of the US. And QUAD was activated against China, India joined. India is now thinking of  inviting Australia, for the first time, to Malabar Naval Exercises in which US and Japan were participants earlier. Thus they will be QUAD  Exercises, and will be taken as aimed at China.

India led by UPA and now NDA  have been pro-US, no doubt. Nothing new in it. But they did not take an anti-China belligerent position in recent past, carried on business with it like US itself did, as part of what they both claimed as multi-polarity and strategic autonomy : We are engaging with US, Russia, China etc. India joined SCO, and China-backed bank, AIIB despite US wrath.  Modi visited even Iran, the Red Rag for US, in May 2016 to sign MOUs for massive deals.

The latest shift is different from that policy; whether it is divergence or divorce from that policy of strategic autonomy is yet to be observed.See two developments  for instance:  

AIIB, a global Bank set up with China’s initiative, announced $ 750 million loan on June 17, on top of $500 M in May, to help India battle Covid impact, this despite India’s role in  WHO Meet May18.

Talks  at various levels in several rounds led to India China agreements on disengagement and de-escalation of troops, even being executed on the ground, despite jingoistic propaganda.

There is progress in talks. Clouding the efforts for peace, the hawks are playing up jingoism. They are aided and abetted in this by USA, and Dalai Lama and Tibet are pawns in this great game.

Dalai Lama Is At The Centre Of a New Great Game In Himalayas Between India China And Tibet, wrote Prof. Phunchok  Stobdan, former diplomat, himself a resident of  Ladakh, Senior Fellow IDSA,  and an expert on related affairs, and Foreign Policy. (theprint.com , 22 October,2019). In fact that was an extract of a book by him: The Great Game In the Buddhist Himalayas. ( Penguin Random House, 2019).

The Game authored by USA needs to be understood. Aksai Chin and Ladakh have been part of the hot spots. Amit Shah ominously declared, in August 2019, when Ladakh was separated from Kashmir, that India would get them back. Many experts believed it is one trigger for  the current face-off, unprecedented in 45 years.  Citing this face-off as an alibi, US recently shifted 25000 plus troops to India-Pacific. And it has been allowed to meddle in Arunachal Pradesh,

***                            **

US centre in disputed Tawang of Arunachal pradesh

theprint.in, 31 October, 2019 reported:

US Ambassador to India Kenneth Juster’s was invited as chief guest to Tawang Festival, in Arunachal in October 2019, said its Chief Minister Pema Khandu, an outcome of the envoy’s own written request to visit the border district, a part of “South Tibet” as China calls it. Dalai Lama also treated it as such until 2008 . 

The CM underplayed it but Alice Wells, the Trump administration’s Assistant Secretary of State in-charge of South Asia, tweeted Oct 30 : “.@USAmbIndia’s #Tawang visit highlights resolute U.S. support for Indian sovereignty and commitment to local partnerships.”

(It was not merely verbal)

US Embassy spokesperson said Juster and Khandu discussed “how the U.S. Mission to India can enhance its cooperation with the state”….The US has increased its activities in Arunachal and is working jointly with the state  on developing 70 smart villages…

The programme is being led by Prof. Solomon Darwin, executive director of the Garwood Centre for Corporate Innovation, who is known as the father of the smart village movement…The work also focuses on helping self-help groups in the state and finding an international market for their products.

These moves come at a time when US-China relations are strained. ..A similar visit to Arunachal Pradesh in 2016 by then-US ambassador to India Richard Verma had sparked a terse exchange with China.


That is how US strategy and Business are rolled into one, penetrate sensitive areas where no Indian is allowed to enter freely, facilitated by a comprador centre.

US had entered Arunachal Pradesh and adopted  scores of villages. US Ambassador got himself invited to Tawang, one main centre of India China dispute, amid China’s protests, last October. US investments are being invited in that sensitive area, where nobody is allowed to travel without a special permit. “The state has huge potential in the form of natural resources …and to become one of the most prosperous states in India”, said the CM Pema Khandu. (Arunachal Times, Oct 29, 2019)

All this has more strategic value, and US has its Indo-Pacific Strategy. This is the second time  a US envoy visits the sensitive areas; earlier it was in 2016 October. 

Let alone China, Dalai Lama did not recognize, until 2008, Arunachal Pradesh as part of India, i.e., for 50 years after his arrival in India. He said it is part of Tibet, itself a part of China. Now US envoy said his visit marks US backing for India’s sovereignty claims there, and provoked China.Taiwan even now does not recognize it, but India, at behests of US, is seeking to play Taiwan card also against China. This May 22, after LAC clashes, two BJP MPs were dispatched to greet new President of Taiwan,which India does not recognize officially, the first time ever.

All this shows how US is gripping India’s foreign policy, promoting the idea to abandon One China Policy,  and antagonizing China.      

***                        ***

Recent shifts in India’s China policy are part of a Great Game

The shift – rather the push for it – was not sudden, it has been in the works. Indian hawks have been pushing their agenda to draw India-China conflict into the Indo-Pacific Strategy of the American super power. Chennai summit happened in spite of them; in fact the summit was uncertain only a few days earlier.

Indian Hawks Join Hands With US Vultures Against China, was an article written just before June 15 night clash, and published  June 16, 2020. It was a marker of the shifts. In fact it was a part of a series on the subject by this writer.


The following were pointed out in that article :

–Bill to recognize TAR (Tibet) as an ‘independent country’ introduced in US House of Representatives on May 19, 2020.

–“There has been pressure on India by USA …to come down heavily on China… US pressure regarding Taiwan, Tibet…ThePrint, 13 May, 2020.

–World should give recognition to Taiwan and Tibet -Comment in wionews.com, May 20, 2020.

— “Join anti-China global platform… Revise ‘One China’ policy” –Seshadri Chari, former editor, Organizer, RSS voice, June 12.

— PM Modi “maintained India’s appeasement policy towards China,” alleged Brahma Chellany in an article June 10, 2020.

The above are some of the headlines in recent weeks, which are a pointer to what is working in the hawkish minds of Indian Establishment, as part of a campaign against China by US vultures. This alliance would only benefit merchants of death, the war industry.The above views are consolidated in a webinar on June 12, as reported briefly…

***                        ***

Dalai Lama 85  celebrations revealed it is all part of  US strategy

Dalai Lama turns 85 today…That was an article, Part-4 in this series published on July 6,2020. “ For 60 years, he served US imperialism, from Indian soil, playing havoc with India-China Relations”, it highlighted exposing the historical aspect.

Now in this Part-5, we go into HOW it is all dovetailed into US strategy, planning for decades ahead.

Dalai Lama 85 was an occasion hyped and exploited by both US and India for this purpose.The monk had served them for 61 years; and now they are planning for 50 more years to perpetuate turmoil in the region, to de-stabilize China, and to sabotage any chances of an Asian Century led by India and China. Thus they are seeking to rescue the hated imperialists, led by the war-monger US, who are facing an all round crisis, aggravated all the more by Covid-19.

US is in one of its worst phases of decline comparable to the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Given its crises, it has been seeking to shift its burden on to others’ shoulders – QUAD is one such instrument of outsourcing its hegemonism – and Trump represented that by his apparently Quixotic policies covered up by the high-sounding America First Policy. Trade wars, anti-China offensive on Covid-19, activation of QUAD, the NATO of the East, shifting of  some US troops to  the Indo-Pacific as part of a Strategy,  proposed QUAD naval exercises in Indian Ocean. All these marked the shift.

The  Strategic, global hegemonic, interests of US are being mixed up with President Trump’s narrow political goals of a re-election.

The same game is on in India mixing up the goals of regional hegemonism with political goals of the Sangh parivar. The so-called Opposition, more so the Congress, instead of opposing the dangerous moves deleterious to peace and development of India and its people, is playing one-upmanship in pushing jingoism.

The geo-strategic moves against China in Asia Pacific, renamed Indo-Pacific to rope in India, were unfolding in recent weeks.

There has been speculation, in imperialist camp, on post-Dalai Lama scenario. He was used as its pawn for 61 years, operating from a base India provided.

Tibetan  Newsdesk Phayul July 7 reported Dalai Lama 85 function. CTA President discussed Dalai Lama’s achievements in exile over the decades, noting the international awards and titles..

CTA Speaker Pema Jungney in his address gave an overview of the Tibetan struggle with a detailed account of the Dalai Lama’s political and spiritual background… He noted recent developments in the international geopolitics concerning Tibet including the Free Tibet Act 2020 introduced in the US House by Representative Scott Perry, Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China (IPAC) formed by the US, EU and Australia, and spoke of LAC incidents.

Congress vies with BJP to please US bosses

Congress party on July 6 Monday, while greeting Dalai Lama, used the occasion for its one-upmanship,  PTI reported, took a swipe at PM Modi, saying he may have had “compulsions for not doing so”. It is more to impress US bosses about their greater commitment to them, as displayed by UPA-1 and 2. Congress has been playing a more rabid hawk currently.   

“We waited for Hon’ble @PMOIndia to lead the nation in wishing HE the Dalai Lama a very Happy Birthday. Modi ji may have had his compulsions for not doing so. On behalf of the entire Nation, we wish HE @DalaiLama a long and healthy life. We are privileged for your blessings,” Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala tweeted.

It is not that official greetings at the level of PM etc are not conveyed. It is said they are being concealed. Instead Union Minister Kiren Rijiju, hailing from Arunachal, disputed by China, conveyed the greetings, thus rubbing the point.

US Thanks India For Hosting Dalai Lama Since 1959

US may greet or thank Dalai Lama for its own hegemonic politics. Dalai Lama may thank India for the asylum it provided. But curiously it is US that thanks India! 

dalai lama

Ambassador Kenneth I. Juster greeted Dalai Lama 85 (see photo above) formally on behalf of the US Government. US Delhi Embassy Press Release.

It is as if to confirm the roles of US, India and the Lama, discussed in these articles, came this news of thanks-giving:

“Happy 85th birthday to His Holiness @DalaiLama, who has inspired the world through his peace & kindness, and as a symbol of the struggle for Tibetans and their heritage. We thank India for hosting His Holiness and Tibetans in freedom since 1959 & wish His Holiness happiness,” the US State Department’s South and Central Asian Affairs (SCA) bureau tweeted on July 6.

The U.S. Ambassador to India said : it has been my privilege to work with you and your colleagues to advance the values that Americans and Tibetans share, and the ties between us… 

One wonders what values US an imperialist super power and a merchant of death can share with a Buddhist monk, unless both sides are co-conspirators, which they have been for over 60 years.   

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi also conveyed her greetings…Sadly, the aspirations of His Holiness and the Tibetan people remain unfulfilled …Ms Pelosi said.  She noted that the US Congress on a bipartisan basis has long spoken with one voice…

She mentioned Tibet Policy and Support Act…”The Senate must pass this bipartisan legislation and support the bond of friendship that has existed between the US States, the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people for decades,” Ms Pelosi said. She also mentioned Hong Kong, Uyghurs etc …

“May this next year bring His Holiness The Dalai Lama, the people of Tibet and all those working to advance freedom in China and around the world a future of peace, security and prosperity for all,” Ms Pelosi said.  ( Washington PTI, ndtv.com, July 07, 2020)

Sadly, the Tibetan aspirations remain unfulfilled for 50 years. But whose aspirations are represented by USA and CTA? America has been using Human Rights as a stick to beat its adversaries  with. 

***                           ***

Hypocrisy on Human Rights and Religious Rights : Unholy Alliance of US and India

US and India have been using Dalai Lama for decades to condemn and penalize China blaming it of suppression of Human and Religious Rights  in Tibet. They used the Dalai Lama 85 celebrations also.

It is like the Devil quoting scriptures. The bloodiest super power in mankind’s history that killed millions of civilians, bombed hospitals, and carried on a crusade against Muslims and Islamic countries, speaks of Human and Religious Rights and peace.

The double standards of US and India on human rights was exposed very recently, late in April 2020, just a few months before these celebrations. A US official body then censured India on Rights.  India rejected it all. And now in July, both join hands to condemn China, and use Dalai Lama-85. see details :

US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), a bipartisan US govt Commission, in its 2020 Report ( reported in April 2020) categorized India as a Country of Particular Concern (CPC). It was clubbed with Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan,Myanmar,North Korea and China  among others.

“India  took a sharp  downward  turn in 2019,” it said. It blamed the Centre for “ policies violating religious freedom across India,especially Muslims,” specified CAA-NRC, the Babri Masjid verdict (“culture of impunity”),the Sabarimala Review, falling Freedom of Press Index, lynching by cow-protectors etc.

The Vice Chancellor Faizan Mustafa of  NALSAR University of Law, in an  OpEd , Indian Express June 1,2020 commented on this issue.  He explained what is meant by “the sharp  downward  turn”. India is now called CPC… “they are countries where the government engages in or tolerates particularly severe violations of religious freedom.” That is the dubious distinction India led by Modi got from US, his natural ally.  Earlier India was called a Country of Special Concern (CSC).

The CAA “potentially exposes millions of Muslims to detention,deportation, and statelessness… when the Govt completes its NRC,”  it said. 

It mentioned Home Minister Amit Shah who said, in relation to CAA-NRC, “migrants are termites to be eradicated”

It  named the CM of UP for his vengeful comments ( “bullets, not  biryani”).

It mentioned many things and Government’s complicity.

UN Human Rights Council and various agencies of the USA and the West, including official bodies, many times criticized India for its violations of human rights,minority rights etc,in relation to Kashmir,communal violence, dalit and gender rights,custodial violence,hate crimes, AFSPA , JNU, and latest the Citizenship Act.

The Annual Report thus downgraded India to the lowest ranking as a “Country of Particular Concern”; it even recommended “ targeted sanctions on Indian Govt agencies and officials responsible for violations”   

India flatly refused to take cognizance of the Report, said it is “biased”; it is not new, said MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava, it only “reached new levels…We will treat it accordingly.”  

It was a 9-Member body, two of them, Trump nominees, they agreed with many points, but  dissented on recommendations. (BBC April 29,2020)

This is not the first time India led by Modi was censured by the USCIRF. The Report in 2015  spoke of “violent attacks” against minorities after 2014 Modi-led win by BJP etc.   ‘Hindutva groups announced plans to forcibly “re-convert” at least 4000 Christian families and 1000 Muslim families to Hinduism as part of  UP’s Ghar Wapsi (home coming) Program, it said.  (BBC May 1, 2015)

India rejected them saying they are internal issues of India, and others have no business to poke their nose. India had joined China in opposing such moves in various fora. 

Not only US blamed India. The UNHRC had submitted a Report to UN General Assembly in 2017 February.

The EU spoke of HR violations in India,latest: 

PM Modi on July 15  raised the issue of  the border standoff with China at the 15th India-European Union (EU) (virtual ) Summit, even as both sides lauded each other for sharing common universal values of “democracy, pluralism, inclusivity, respect for international institutions, multilateralism, freedom, transparency”.

PM Modi said India and the 27-nation bloc are “natural partners” even as both should “adopt a long-term strategic perspective”. But he met with no positive response…

But EU is not US. It was not impressed by Modi’s speeches: Neither on China nor on human rights.

Charles Michel, President, EU Council, said, “we support all the efforts in order to maintain a channel of dialogue, in order to find a peaceful solution.” 

Ursula Von der Leyen, President, EU  Commission said : while the EU shares “important” relationships with both India as well as with China…, “strong” trading relationships with both.. .and both are “very important” for Brussels in the fight against climate change…but with Delhi, Brussels shares “democracies and values”, while relationship with China is “complex”.

Apart from formal statements on sharing common values, they have not spared India: Vikas Swarup of MEA mentioned EU “reservations on human rights” in India, they cited Kashmir and CAA.

The Joint Statement (See www.mea.gov.in) of the 15th India-EU Summit (July 15, 2020) mentioned COVID-19 pandemic, and said “global cooperation and solidarity are essential”. Reaffirmed their commitment to the Paris Agreement from which Trump-led US began the process of withdrawal. It spoke of need to “seek synergies… cooperation on connectivity with third countries including in the Indo-Pacific region.

It nowhere mentioned, directly or indirectly, the Border face-off, or the very word China, implying EU, at least as a Group is not for an anti-China position. On the other hand, Trump-led US, is NOT leaving out even one occasion, and is blaming  China for everything.

( For more on this see theprint.in, 15 July, 2020. And PTI indianexpress.com July 14, 2020)

The Big Media in India, more so TV channels, is mainly hegemonist US voice, a jingoist voice, that has no regard for facts. They are votaries of Post-truth. Even when the PM and his Cabinet colleague VK Singh, a former Military Chief,  officially said , there was no intrusion, they harped on  aggression. The hawks are pressing the government into a war-like situation. Even after official statements spoke of successful talks, disengagement etc., they fan jingoism..against Pakistan and China.

indianexpress.com July 7, 2020  published an analysis by Shubhajit Roy. It helps to see how media distorts reality to promote jingoism :

A COMPARISON of two phone conversations between India and China 18 days apart,  June 17 and July 5,  shows a sharp dialling down of rhetoric on the border dispute

The first call, two days after the Galwan Valley clash on June 15, between External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi was frosty. However, on July 5, the conversation between National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and State Councillor Wang (his counterpart as Special Representative for the boundary talks) was conciliatory, both in tone and tenor…

July 5, 2020: The two Special Representatives (SRs)  agreed that both sides should take guidance from the consensus of the leaders that maintenance of peace and tranquillity in the India-China border areas was essential for the further development of our bilateral relations and that two sides should not allow differences to become disputes.


China’s Minister said:  We hope India can work with China to guide public opinion in the right direction, keep and advance bilateral exchanges and cooperation, and avoid amplifying the differences and complicating matters so as to jointly uphold the big picture of China-India relations.

                                      ***                                     ***

US playing havoc with India-China Relations, Dalai Lama has been a tool


The Big Media has been a source of misinformation and disinformation regarding Dalai Lama and Tibet, in the past and now too. Violation of Human Rights and Religious Rights in Tibet… they harp on falsehood. It is more as a handle to help US strategy than as genuine concern.


Reports of Dalai Lama’s birthday celebrations “across the world”  were pushed in the media, which as usual is blind to facts. And they cover up the sinister  politics, harmful to the interests of India and its people,  behind the political monk , with religious garb, exposed again through these reports, which we shall see now. Much is talked of his Buddhist and peaceful intentions, utterly false. How  manufacturing consent, for hegemonic interests,  goes on can be seen here.


Dalai Lama turns 85 today (July 6) and 60 years of that he served US imperialism, operating from Indian soil, playing havoc with India-China Relations.


This was the title of an article published July 6 in Countercurrents.org. US and the Lama  played and continues to play havoc with India-China Relations as can be anticipated, it said. Much is said  of about  his peace & kindness,  and the Nobel Prize. But note this:


Here is a Buddhist monk rewarded with the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize but who never condemned USA, and its Allies, who have been, over the decades, killing millions of civilians of several countries. Never condemned when tens of thousands of civilians were killed, admitted even by Home Minister Amit Shah in parliament in August 2010, in Kashmir by Indian armed forces. The same applies to thousands of poor peasants and adivasis killed or fighting for land, he never condemned; and when thousands of Rohingyas were killed by Myanmar and its Buddhists.(Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’d “Democracy” leader, is another Nobel Peace Awardee who was one with him in this.) The Buddhist monk was associated with armed guerrilla battles against China, both overtly and covertly. And perhaps he was rewarded with the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize for these contributions.


Tibet, Dalai Lama and USA, a detailed article by this author and published last year, by countercurrents.org, April 30, 2019, brought out much about him and his US-CIA links.

India hosted such a Dalai Lama, a fake monk, for 60 years at US behests. Hence the thanks by US to India.


Violation of human rights in Tibet ? It needs to be seen in a proper perspective. It is for Tibetans to strive for betterment, if any, without any interference by hegemonists, which only complicates the situation.                                                                  

                                ***                                               ***

Abolition of Slavery in Tibet can’t be called violation  of  human rights

Tibetans wonder why Abraham Lincoln is celebrated for abolishing slavery in US in 1862, but China is faulted for the same Reform a century later in 1959 .

 Wherever human rights are lacking, it is for the respective people to strive or fight for them. US has no business meddling everywhere.

Abolition of Slavery in Tibet led to better HDI as we can see below.

Tibetans who fled China in 1959 were basically the class of (relatively) wealthy slave-owners, and their retinue, in a most backward area.

Before  1959, as per the then law, slaves could be owned (like Oxen, and worked without pay), traded, beaten up or even killed at will by slave-owners.They lost their happy hunting ground in Tibet of  old China, and fled along with a few hundred staff. 95 percent Tibetans were slaves and serfs in old Tibet, ruled by the Lamas, and serfdom was abolished by Communist China, the PRC. Dalai Lama’s family for instance had owned over 15 slaves.

Despite Tibet being one of the most backward areas in the world, with a difficult terrain and inhospitable climate, after liberation they are comfortable, far developed by socialist China.

Out of an estimated 6.5 million Tibetan population, 6.3 million live within China.And they are better off, living  happily :  .

Today GDP per capita of  Tibet is around  $7000, compared to India’s 2200, and Maharashtra’s 2900, Gujarat’s 2800, the two being India’s toppers. 

Hospital Beds per 1000 population, of interest now in Covid times, in Tibet are 2.3, compared to India’s 0.53, US 2.77, China 4.05. India aspires to have 2 beds in coming few years. Comparative performances of US China and India in tackling Covid-19 can be related to this data.

Average Life Expectancy in Tibet was 35 then, now 70, equal or slightly better than that of developed Delhi and Gujarat. HDI score for Tibet (0.585) is comparable TO UP (0.596) and Bihar (0.585).  It has a double digit growth rate for 25 years in a row.

Tibet, with a Tibetan population of 6.3 million,  has over 1700 religious sites, 46000 resident monks and nuns; millions visit Lhasa to visit and worship Buddha. Norbulingka, UNESCO World Heritage Palace in Tibet completed a survey of  13700 ancient books a year ago.

Tibet has over 80 air routes and  2.7 million tourists, 50 % up over previous year; it  included 40000 foreigners, Jan to April (2018 May) report. Foreigners need a permit to visit remote areas and mountains.

Such development of a backward Tibet can not take place in an environment of oppression. 

***                  ***

Class nature of antiChina forces cultivated by the US

Whose aspirations are represented by USA and CTA?  The class nature of anti-China forces cultivated by the US needs to be understood. It is not a question of human rights or religious rights as projected by USA, the Devil that led an anti-Muslim Crusade , killed millions, stifled freedoms, violated privacy. It is imperialism serving its billionaires and part of a new Cold War that fuels its War Business.

The slave-owners class  fled with hundreds of kilograms of gold, as per contemporary accounts. Dalai Lama’s family had  “owned” more than 15 slaves. Taiwan is likewise the den of the old exploiting classes, compradors of imperialism, who fled China after liberation. They were represented by KMT trounced by PLA. US has been protecting them with a nuclear umbrella. 

Tibet being crushed by China is a myth. Tibetan population of 6.3 million  have autonomy, surely more than any state in India, including those in North-east  and in ST areas. Around two lakh Tibetans,around 3 percent of Tibetans, are outside China.In old Tibet, less than 5 percent were wealthy, lived as slave owners. It was they who fled China in 1959.

US and its servitors misrepresent Tibet as an oppressed and  closed society, which is false.

Elected leaders to various bodies in Tibet (TAR) comprise of 92 % ethnic Tibetans and minorities.

Tibet is well represented in NPC, China’s parliament. A Tibetan delegation of NPC , led by Nyima Cering, a leader of TAR, visited EU Parliament in Brussels,  in October 2019, and explained “the regional ethnic autonomy system” practised in TAR. They explained issues including language, culture, inheritance, ecological protection etc. They visited France and Netherlands too.

Earlier in 2017 June , a similar Tibetan NPC delegation visited Japan for five days, and interacted with their counterparts, officials as well as experts.  They explained how old Tibet with serfdom has been replaced, is being  transformed into an “open,civilized and wealthy place.”

A EU Delegation of Ambassadors had visited Tibet in 2017 June, and discussed religion, education, human rights etc. A similar visit to TAR in 2013  included EU Special Representative of Human Rights, Stavros Lambridinis. (EU website eeas.europa.eu)

 2019 March 6 had a media meet in Beijing, with 130 journalists, including from 48 overseas media outlets, for an open-door discussion of the Tibetan delegation to NPC (China parliament) meet.Questions on Tibet  travel, education, language were discussed. Several US officials, and foreign journalists were travelling and reporting  from Tibet at that time.

Hong Kong with about 87 billionaires, Israel with 128, Taiwan with 35 are similar enclaves of the rich. Each of them have strong lobbies in US, allied with imperialists. Their populations are less than half of population of Shanghai (2.7 crore) or Mumbai 2 crore plus. But they have so many billionaires. Comparable figures are: Japan 35, France 39. UK and Canada 45 each.

Hong Kong has its own share of elite classes, historically linked to Ango-American imperialism, and Japan. The huge GDP of Hong Kong of around  $50,000  per capita, compared to  41000 of UK and Japan, 43000 of Israel  shows it. It is around  $ 25000 for Taiwan, compared to China’s 10000 plus, Russia’s 11000 plus, Brazil’s 8800, and India’s 2200.

US and imperialism in general have  been fishing in troubled waters, banking mainly on these disgruntled classes to de-stabilize People’s China, PRC.

In Russia of 1917-24 period, it took the form of civil wars, backed by around 12 capitalist powers. In China these hostile forces are outside China. Those within China are mostly won over by a CPC policy of United Front, and by One Country-Two Systems Policy devised by Deng.    

CTA and US have been manipulating basically those outside China. Tibetans inside China  have little to do with the CTA or the monk, who has only a small  following in TAR of China.

According to CTA website, after the Lama fled Tibet in 1959, 80,000 Tibetans sought refuge in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Currently, the exiles are over 140,000, including around one lakh in India.

Wikipedia data:  Two lakh Tibetans live outside China: 1.2  lakh in India, the successors of those who fled Tibet in 1959; Then in other areas adjoining Tibet : 20 to 40 thousand in Nepal; 8000 in Pakistan; 5000 in Bhutan.

***                    ***


Here is a  “Buddhist” monk who ditched principles of both truth and non-violence:


He backed out of a 17 point agreement of 1951he signed with Mao-led China, (in point 12 of which he agreed to sever relations with imperialists and its agent KMT) ; met Mao (see photo ), acknowledged socialism as close to Buddha and became Vice President of China for a few years, after which he repudiated the same; was part of an armed insurgency, joined hands with the most aggressive superpower (USA) in that process, repudiated the 1951 Agreement , a condition laid down by US,  winked at its killing millions across the Globe. He was personification of falsehood in this process, and bluffed that he was only a religious person even while he presided over a political CTA as a Head of State of Tibet, for decades, and even today he continues it post-retirement from formal office.

Funded by the US, the West, India and NGOs, this  elaborate “Buddhist” monster is allowed to carry on from Indian soil for decades. Under Dalai Lama it went on for 60 years. The successor Sangay said a “sustainable Tibetan movement for the next 50 years would be a priority.” 

Dalai Lama failed to realize goals he said are good for Tibetans till now. China today is many times stronger than it was decades ago, and CTA can not succeed now as indicated by the “50 years”  slogan. Tibetans in the mainland China are on a path of progress, as admitted by the monk himself.

The “50 years”  slogan is a only means, an alibi, for US and its agents in India to fish in troubled waters, in South Asia, whose goal is to harass PRC. India should not be allowed to be drawn into this hegemonic strategy of US.

India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity violated by Dalai Lama and his CTA

That is what is happening when a Government-in-exile (CTA) is allowed to operate from Indian soil for decades. See why and how: 

India made lot of fuss on citizenship issue. But allows  A Parallel Govt., led by a US citizen, on Indian Soil.

How is a foreign citizen is allowed to dabble in anti-China politics in India, hoist their flag, and work with foreign powers?

The CTA  gets elected, has a President, leads a so-called Cabinet and Secretariat; Departments including Home, Finance, Education, Security, Education, Health, International Relations, Information and media, Religion and Culture; a parliament and judiciary; with  a Constitution of 1991 later revised.

Dalai Lama presided over it for decades, followed by his successors, the latest being Lobsang Sangay, a citizen of USA.

“In 2011, the “political leadership”, says the CTA website, was devolved by Dalai Lama ( who was till then “the Head of the State of Tibet” ) to a directly elected cabinet. It was announced the Lama retired, rather he was retired. 

It is a lie, uttered by the Lama, his camp and Indian state, to state that Dalai Lama was not engaged in politics, but was only a monk. Technically, its registration is otherwise.              

Dalai Lama did not agree that Tawang and Arunachal are part of India for 50 years after he arrived as a refugee; they run a Govt. in Exile(CTA) from Dharamshala; it continued after he was formally retired and his successor Sangay  hoisted a Tibet Flag in an area along LAC. 

Taiwan also does not recognize McMahon Line and thus Arunachal as part of India, even today.

Dalai Lama in 60 years failed to achieve anything tangible for Tibetans, but served the strategy of the US and its junior partners, and did all they could to strain India China relations. Thus the dream of Asian Century is aborted even while a crisis-ridden US is enabled to push its America First Policy.

tibetan flag

The Tibetan flag waves in the background as Lobsang Sangay, head of the Tibetan government-in-exile, gestures on the shore of Pang Gong lake. Photo courtesy: Central Tibetan Administration website

The CTA hoisted a Tibet flag in the areas along LAC that now witnessed a face-off with China. Tibet is part of China, and India accepts that officially for decades.

Is this to strengthen India’s sovereignty there?

It is a world created and sustained by US and West

Tibetans worldwide greet His Holiness the Dalai Lama on his 85th birthday, said a July 7 report from DHARAMSHALA,  Phayul Newsdesk. It quoted CTA President etc. Who is he?

“Lobsang Sangay, the Sikyong or the ‘president’ of the CTA Tibetan government-in-exile, is a creation of the US” wrote  M K Bhadrakumar, former Ambassador, and a specialist on related affairs, in an article. (October 15, 2019, Rediffnews)

Sangay(43), reportedly a US citizen, the political successor to the Dalai Lama, was sworn-in as PM of CTA in August 2011, reported PTI. (indiatvnews.com August 08, 2011).

Sangay(43), now heads this CTA. Born in Darjeeling, educated in Delhi, with higher studies and anti-China activities in the US for 16 years, a senior Fellow at the Harvard Law School, he is chosen by US to destabilise India China relations. Dalai Lama, formally retired or rather was retired,   is still a figurehead, says Wikipedia.

Sangay,  said he would strive to restore freedom for Tibetans and try and ensure the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet. Striking a more realistic note, he said laying a foundation for a stronger and sustainable Tibetan movement for the next 50 years would be a priority.

Besides pursuing law, he also organised conferences and seminars which were attended by several Chinese scholars during his 16-year stay in the US.

Two lakh Tibetans, three percent of all Tibetans, live outside China, including 1.2 lakh in India, and 50,000 more in sub-Himalayan zones in Nepal, Pakistan etc. 10, 000 in USA; around 8000 each in Canada and Switzerland; 2000 in Taiwan; 1000 in Australia. They are like Cuban emigrants working against Cuban socialism, backed and used by US. CTA claims to represent them.  

One can see that very few Tibetans  live in so-called Buddhist countries. Japan has 60 of them.  

“Worldwide” support from Tibetans for CTA is a tall and false claim, as seen from above data. In an  Interview of April 07, 2014, by thediplomat.com, CTA President Lobsang Sangay himself explained what constituted the world outside India :

(In India) except Sikkim, I have been to all the Tibetan settlements in India, all Tibetan schools, 90 percent of the monasteries and around 80 percent of old-age homes.

In North America and Europe, I’ve visited all major Tibetan communities except three or four places…The major challenge is the travelling …across the globe in five continents. It’s a grueling schedule every time—seven countries in 13 or 14 days in Europe and seven states in eight days in the U.S.

(Other reports mention Canada, Australia, Newzealand etc. Few from third world. )

The 2014 Interview exposes some facts:

CTA President discussed Dalai Lama’s achievements in exile over the decades, noting the international awards and titles he has received; Nobel Peace Prize in 1989, UN Earth Prize in 1991, US Congressional Gold Medal in 2007, the Templeton Prize in 2012 and first rank on the Watkins list of 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People in 2020.

Except Sikkim, I have been to all the Tibetan settlements in India, all Tibetan schools, 90 percent of the monasteries and around 80 percent of old-age homes. In North America and Europe, I’ve visited all major Tibetan communities except three or four places. I am still working hard and intend to continue doing so; the rest I leave to the collective karma of the Tibetan people.

One can notice little about so-called Buddhist countries  or awards from them in these details. That is the crux, he is one promoted and sustained by US and West, and maintained by India.

Religion is only a mask for his role serving USA for 60 years.

And this has been a major hurdle for India- China relations.

Ramakrishnan is a media person



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