The Growing China – Israel Conflict

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The ‘annexation deal’ which is referred as ‘deal of the century’ under which Israel is to annex West Bank of Palestine and for which Donald Trump is being heavily coerced to make ‘it possible’ in exchange of Jewish and Christian Zionists votes in America does now surely stands debunked as China, for the first time has so openly come into the support of the stateless Palestinians that it has warned Israel 1 on July 22, 2020, from any such misadventure. The Beijing envoy at UN Security Council in the same vein assured Palestinian people to always count on China’s support.  Thus, the idea to take forward the dream of Greater-Israel has to an extent come to a grinding halt.

The step of Beijing envoy was actually preceded by China President Xi Jinping making a phone call 2 to Palestinian President Mehmud Abbas on the evening of July 20, 2020, in which he expressed his solidarity with the people of Palestine fighting the spread of COVID-19 for which China had sent multiple batches of medical supplies and a medical team to Palestine to help Palestine refugees fighting the virus.  Mehmud Abbas thanked  China ‘for upholding fairness and justice on the Palestinian question, and for safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the Palestinian people. Facts have proven time and again that China is the most reliable friend of the Palestinian people’.  Mehmud Abbas assured full-support to China on its Hong Kong position and expressed to look forward to China playing a more important role in promoting a just settlement of the Palestinian question.  Did India engage to make even a namesake-move for the distressed Palestinians in some recent years?  No pun intended.

The UN Security Council meeting found Russia, another permanent member to echo the same positioning on Palestine , its envoy said that  “Russia is ready to undertake efforts in the interests of achieving a settlement within the internationally recognized parameters, UN resolutions, Madrid principles [and] the Arab Peace Initiative,” which provide for a Palestinian state within the pre-1967 parameters with east Jerusalem as its capital,” 3 cutting Israel to size, to which he accused of promoting a one-sided approach. The German representative also warned Israel of its ‘annexation’ plan as that would harm the relations of the Jewish state with European Union.  India, on its side, is making hay with Israel as defense minister Rajnath Singh called his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Gantz to apprise him about the conflicting situation arising with China-on July 24, 2020 . India is right now into a buying-spree of weaponry to counter China, as Israel, which during the past decades or so, has come out to be the most ardent supporter and supplier of weapons to India.  ‘ India is looking at sourcing from Israel the Firefly loitering ammunition, Spike anti-tank guided missiles, Spice guidance kits that can be mounted on standard bombs to convert them into smart weapons and an operational surface-to-air missile system. A 2017 order worth $2 billion for such advanced systems to take down hostile aircraft and missiles has not translated into deliveries yet,’ said a newspaper report 4.

China, in fact, has set the ball rolling and tends to equally engage with India and Israel and with US-with which it is engaged into a duel for the world supremacy from quite sometime- as fissures are all around, since the outbreak of COVID-19 for which both accuse each-other to be the reason for its spread. Both are into closing consulates as a tit-for-tat 5 as China is just trying to smart its way after it was disgraced on May 13, 2020, when US secretary of state Mike Pompeo warned Tel Aviv to shun any business-contract with Beijing and desist from making the communist nation becoming powerful 6 and very ironically, Chinese ambassador to Tel Aviv Du Wei, was found dead on May 17, 2020,  four-days after Pompeo’s visit, giving rise to ‘wolf-warriors’ theories particularly in an age of COVID-19, 7 . Israel killed the contract given to Chinese firm on March 26, 2020 8. China, definitely had to cut a sorry figure as it had publically expressed that it trusts its Jewish friends 9 , to match with Pompeo threats, but instead its contracts  got scrapped.

China in order to answer Israel in the same coin also bartered a 400 billion USD deal with Iran to send a strong message that China would stand with its partners in places they would need, as Iran has a history of support for the people of Palestine, and not surprisingly, this deal with China came on July 14, 2020 after India was paved out of it 10,  a move being considered as quite a debacle for India in diplomatic  parlance. What matters here is all Muslim nations are almost all silent or squeamish, on the Israel plan of ‘annexation’, with an exception of a very vocal Turkey, and only China apart from Russia have come out to solidly oppose it.  China, in fact, had got emboldened by the stance of Russia which had long denounced the ‘annexation’ plan as this is what Russian President Vladimir Putin who first conveyed it to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Sochi on September 12, 2019 11  . China has just joined Iran after Russia has rallied with Iran over the way Iran has been embroiled in a war in Syria, for around the last ten years, as ‘Defying America’  12 is what makes to the policy to Russia.

China’s all out war with Israel also comes from a cue that the present banking system stems its way from Jewish banking system which has prevailed over whole of Europe etc in the last one century,  but China is all set to replace it , as it is heading to devise and invent a new banking system for the times ahead. China and Russia are both working together to bring down the USD as a 15-page report published by Brookings.Edu is an eye-opener as to how China plans to revolutionise the digital-payments. ‘China’s new system is built on digital wallets, QR codes (two-dimensional bar codes), and runs through their own big tech firms: Alipay running through Alibaba (China’s version of Amazon) and WeChat Pay running through Tencent (China’s version of Facebook)’ 13 . It is no wonder that the doom for USD is already being announced as ‘Dollar is about to collapse’ said the headline of Russian TV 14. China as a part to thwart USD has already launched digital Yuan on April  13 2020 15 and South Korea, an American ally is well into it, as millions of Chinese tourists visit South Korea and are successfully making their digital-payments in South Korea. This China sees at its first external adoption of Yuan 16 .

As  battle-lines tend to become more harder between China and US in South China sea and with India in its Himalayan region, there is a report from World Economic Forum on July 20, 2020 17 which says that China  could overtake US as the world’s largest economy by 2024. How would India assimilate to the economic-burden, in case war comes, when it is so hard-pressed by millions of people rendered jobless in the wake of COVID-19, and more particularly, when our banking system is already showing signs of a crash-down as from 2.5 lac crore the NPA have increased to 10 lac crore 18 ! And, it is estimated that we are soon to join Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece Spain (PIIGS) or may be even go ahead of them. PIIGS are countries to have been worst hit by economic crisis.

The writer is a former UP State Information Commissioner. He is also a lawyer based in Lucknow.  























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