Newness In Dealing With Life’s Challenges

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Life has meaning when there is happiness. Everything that happens brings something new. The more the mind is tuned to see and appreciate this truth, happiness lasts, whatever the situation may be. The one who is constantly happy is able to creatively use all the resources in the right way and also makes others happy.

When we are able to maintain our internal state of happiness in all circumstances, we are able to enjoy the beauty of life. We are able to see the positive in each and everything and also only the goodness in everyone. We are never let down by situations, people or their reactions, but enjoy everything.

When we seek new ways of responding to life’s challenges unhappiness ends which in turn helps to fulfil one’s highest potential. All it needs is the determination to adopt a fresh awareness. Thus burdensome negative thoughts that drain out positive energy are set aside. The quality of life becomes better.

We experience happiness when there is newness in responding to situations. The potential energy of the mind is channelized in a positive way to experience fulfilment and satisfaction.

In this, a healthy intellect acts like a mother, always showing us a new path, in case of a bind. When internally one is strong, there is the natural ability to treat the mind with love and guide it towards the right direction. Such a healthy state of mind- which naturally enables the recognition and proper utilization of everything available- emanates from constant consciousness of one’s inner self as originally pure and positive “being”.

The more you become positive and transparent in your nature, the more would the people come close to you and feel comfortable with you. Cultivation of good qualities like love, humility, sweetness and contentment, when they become constantly and easily visible to you, will bring people closer to you. You will be seen as a shining mirror by others, in which they will see and realise their flaws easily and get inspired by you, to adopt virtues and good values as the key to true health and happiness.

(Adapted from THE SPEAKING TREE)

Ashok Sharma, HR Consultant, Trivandrum

 [email protected]




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