global warming earth

A masquerade of ugly traits
Chasing citizens of ordinary values,
A parade of dirty linens
Messing up the environment,
Heaps of confusion
Troubling the land.

Politics, the pillar of karma
Canonizing, canalizing, cabalistic too
Beams of fetish columns
Streams of radiation
Rays of fraudulent hopes.

Politics, dirty, stinking, inhumane
Bearing stamps of hardship
Bits and bits of flesh
Pounding bones and skulls,
Severing skeletons and frames.

Politics of jungles
Lions roaring and devouring
Careless, carefree, mean, heartless, wicked
Shameless, mannerless, cultureless
Greed, selfishness, pride, hate, bigotry
Lust, lies, dishonesty, distrust, ungodliness.

Charades of barbarism
Champions of war,
Insights and instigations of hate
Waywardness and total crackdown
Complete control, complexity
Power tussle, puzzle of mystery.


Wondrous game of high magnitude
Amazing draft of concrete confusion
Bewilderment of wonderment,
Overhauling the human race.

See, religion is speeding
On a flight of light
Advancing in amazement
Chasing humanity far away.

Religion, religiosity
Bondage of unfathomable force
Grip of incomprehensible might
Tunnel of abysmal depth.

Blind, blinded, blindfold, blindfolded
Dark light of darkness
Thick clouds of poisonous smoke,
Choking the world.


Business of few
Gain of a handful
Maze of complicated plan,
Trade by barter.

Weapons and ammunitions
Experiments and launchings
Technical lies and diplomatic deceits
Political competitions and religious manoeuvres.

Wars, warring women and children
Wars, killing soldiers
Wars, destroying nations
Wars, wiping generations
Wars, feeding the rich.

The subterfuge, the camouflage, the sabotage
Green snake on a green grass
Red carpets, green chambers, white houses
Pinnacles and miracles,
Diamond heads, golden chests, silver knights
Gems of rareness, fleets of blue blood
Diminishing the unborn.

Global warming
Climate change
Wearing out men,
Changing women
Bruising children
Burning mankind.

Ngozi Olivia Osuoha is a Nigerian poet/writer/thinker, a graduate of Estate Management with experience in banking and broadcasting. She has authored 22 poetry books, and featured in over 70 international anthologies, she has also published over 250 poems in over 25 countries, and some of her poems have been translated into and published in Spanish, Polish, Farsi, Arabic, Macedonian, Khloe, Russian, Romanian, and other languages. Some of her poems have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best Of The Net Awards.



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