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The air is more polluted than what used to happen during the worst period of a natural disaster or December winter when Delhi would be choked in heavy toxic smog. This time the contamination is not natural as because of Covid 19, the birds have acquired their spaces and the sky is looking absolutely stunning while we can breathe now while walking around but the contamination and pollution is now artificially created by the political masters. Look at the TV channels and how shamelessly they have reduced an entire incident of a painful death of an film star into a ‘national issue’ spreading hatred and speaking the language of misogyny. A young girl who was live in partner of the dead star is being humiliated and harassed in public, her family is being under media gaze and reporters harassing her. There are three of India’s national agencies such as ED, CBI and also Narcotics and Drugs related bureau investigating her case. Some of the netas are now asking NIA to look into ‘foreign’ connection. It look Rhea Chakrawarty has been converted into India’s ‘villain no 1’. And through targeting her, the aim is to bring the Muslim angle from the back and then attack Maharashtra government as well as Congress Party to ensure a ‘massive’ victory for Nitish Kumar in Bihar during the next elections schedule with in three months from now.

We all know that Nitish government has miserably failed in Bihar in handling the Covid 19 crisis as well as the flood situation in Bihar remain critical. It is this media which has forgotten Rohith Vemula’s institutional murder or that of Dr Payal Tadavi or missing JNU student Najeeb Ahmed. In fact, none of them ever bothered to investigate these issues honestly and their only aim was to victimise the victims in these cases and create a conspiracy theories around them. In fact, all those who stood for the honest probe in these cases were hounded and termed as anti national. None of them ever bothered to seek CBI inquiry. None of them ever discussed the issues so much on their prime time as they are discussing Sushant Singh Rajput. Question is not that we do not want justice but who have given the media a right to declare a young woman who happened to be his girl friend, as criminal or terrorist ? Why is this woman being hounded so mercilessly and humiliated daily. Who is leaking these information and allowing these channels to go berserk on her. Why cant the investigating agencies allowed to do their work and file the chargesheet at the earliest. If she is involved in his murder then the court will decide but why media has created a situation where even a impartial judgement become impossible. Will it be the new trend to create frenzy that put enormous pressure on judiciary for a prejudging a thing. This is a very very dangerous thing and judiciary must take into account now that these masquerading journalists are nothing but have pure political agenda to derail justice. In the greater interest of sanity, protecting our lives and humanity, let the issue be decided by the court and let us stop probing ourselves. If the patrakars are ‘experts’ and found the criminal then we dont need to have our judicial system.

Day by day, our digital air is getting highly polluted and if that is not controlled in time, it will result in a much bigger social and political chaos in the country. The TV channels today have turned the biggest anti national and it is time for Editors Guild of India as well as our Supreme Court to act. You can not defend these hate mongers in the name of ‘Freedom of expression’. One is surprised, why the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting not issuing categorical guidelines to these channels related to their debates and news stories. What are we waiting for ?

There is a toxic advertisement in the air from yesterday. Some bhakt channel called as Sudarshan news is airing a full show about ‘jehadi capture’ of our civil services as the number of Muslims have grown to nearly 1 % more than last year in the civil services particularly in Indian Police Services. What is wrong if Muslims, who are equal citizens of India, have got no preferential treatment from our power structure, by dint of their hard work, get an opportunity in Indian civil services. Fact of the matter is that their number is far below in all the services as they have been denied opportunity on many occasions. Hence, if some of them got elected and joining civil services, then this is being challenged as ‘Jehadi capture’ of Indian institutions.

We are happy that IPS association has condemned it. Many veteran officers have also condemned it but mere condemnation is not going to resolve it. Each day, we are actually plunging into deep gorge of hatred which will take us nowhere. When the country need to move ahead healing the wounds of so many disasters both natural as well as artificial, these forces are using the time as the opportunity to divide the nation further. The Home Ministry and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting must act and cancel the licence of such channels spreading hate , dividing the country, creating an environment of fear and animosity while masquerading as media house. Can it be allowed ? Even if you are not a media house and purely a religious channel or entertainment channel, such filth and garbage in the name of news can not be allowed. Such hatred can not and should not go unchallenged.

I dont know whether our courts know about it or aware of it. I dont know why the Supreme Court cant take suo moto action against such filth. This is not the first time these people do. Please issue guidelines about these channels but it is not possible if the likes of Arnab Goswami gets ‘protection’ under ‘freedom of expression’. This is an absolute lie as his channel does not really believe in Freedom of Expression. Today, all of them have freedom to intimidate and annihilate.

You may not be killing people by guns but the fact is you are killing people through their character assassination. You create a mob psyche of hatred and disbelief. Your discussions are converting people into hate mongers and not having faith in the system as each one of them develop a ‘victim’ mindset. So, all those who enjoy fruits of power for centuries, are in the structure life long, do intimidate the marginalised in the villages, today are claiming victimhood. What can be the bigger lie than this that forces spreading hatred and terror are calling other as divisive.

There is nothing more as we have been writing and speaking about these issues for long. All these ‘warriors’ are working as per the agenda decided by their political bosses who are ‘funding’ them. They are working as per the script being written as per ‘election’ propaganda. None has time to discuss the issues that we face today whether the revival of economy after Corona, employment, hunger situation, floods in the country and incursion by Chinese troops in Ladakh. History of Indian media will be written along with the history of downfall of our democracy as Indian manustream media and its divisive, contaminated and toxic brahmanical agenda will be remembered for helping create a political legitimacy for those who have no faith in Democratic secular socialist republic of India.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social activist. Twitter @freetohumanity




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Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Vidya Bhushan Rawat is a social and human rights activist. He blogs at twitter @freetohumanity Email: [email protected]

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