Worthless Degree &  Jobless Graduates

engineering students

In India Engineering as a career has attracted alot of students in a big way & large number of aspirants who burn the midnight oil in order to crack the exam. These aspirant’s dream themselves as an engineer earning a decent package. Every year lakhs of students appear in the entrance examination for institution’s like “IIT” but only few of them manage to clear it. Those students who are unable to  fulfill their dreams either they start preparation for second year or they knock the doors of private colleges. But after dedicating crucial time do they really become skilled Engineers ? Or their engineering skills are limited to their certificates. The question arises today because of shocking result survey carried by Aspirant minds that only 7% of engineering graduates are employed. What is wrong with Indian Engineers ?  The lack of skills from graduate engineers leads to unemployment . Engineering is one of the good profession to be chosen but nowadays but  people seem it contemptible because of rarely availability of engineers. In India there are more than 4000+ colleges which are enrolling 2.9 million students. Around 1.5 million engineers are released every year but most of them don’t have skills required to be employed. After all engineering graduates are widely numerical and analytical.

Why Engineers don’t get  jobs?

After getting B-tech no engineer is capable to do work without at least 6 month or one year training. This is burden for companies that is why they put fresher’s aside . India which is producing 1.5 lakhs per year , the rate is increasing to previous year unemployment. Technology is changing drastically but syllabus of colleges is not changing. How can engineer compete with the people with 10 year old syllabus? If market demands practical skills then why engineering colleges still focus on theories ? Engineering student’s are moving towards big cities for their training but companies are taking advantage of their unemployment by cheating with them .

Due to unemployment you can find engineering graduates working as a private teacher, bank employees or lecturer in the same college or university were he studied. In an ugliest scenario you can find them as a peon. In India student is considered to make the three mistakes in life. “ first they are very good in studies , second they are good in math’s , and third they choose engineering “ Engineering has just become a mugging up theories and vomiting it upon the examination paper and with these theoretical studies specially for Civil engineering there is no point judging engineering graduate. Companies expect technical skills and education system teaches thesis. By end of engineering we find that we have wasted both time & money just to get the degree which has no use . Recently in J&k the govt has abolished SELF-HELP groups leaves thousand of engineers jobless. Over 4500 engineer’s both from degree & diploma holders have been working under SHG’s . Instead of generating jobs the J&k govt is taking them away.

The govt should take the steps in order to save the future of engineers by decreasing the number of intake capacity of engineers by doing this limited can study engineering so that it can regain its fame. The syllabus should be updated and exams for engineering should be tough . The govt should announce new schemes and release posts. The students who want to pursue engineering degree should face entrance exam even in private colleges so that only qualitive student’s get admission. Due to failure of govt engineering graduates are choosing non engineering careers. Normally a country should be proud to have many fresh engineers but considering truth behind this is quite shameful that they keep producing engineers who are unfit for employment.

Gowharr Fayaz Bhat hails from  Lalpora LOLAB & he is a engineering student.

He can be reached at :  Gowharrfayaz070@gmail.com



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