Be a Mask-Creature!!

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Have you heard the quote _ “Health is Wealth”? Recall it and it’s very high time to implement it now.

Aren’t we creatures wearing masks since ages? “Covering ourselves – our real face and showing the fabricated image to this world, at times we hide our emotions and reveal ourselves as being so cool humans on this planet”. Yes that is called INVISIBLE MASK which we have been wearing prolong and inborn in nature. Now it’s time for the REAL MASK. Against the Covid-19 surge, the Mask is the weapon for now.

We all are fighting this Pandemic affair our own way as far as possible. The frontier line workers are giving their day and night for this. Our tiny step to wear Mask before stepping out from our doorsteps will be a great contribution to them and to the whole mankind. Each and everyone can’t produce the vaccine to the virus and it is no wise in increasing the cases in numbers each day. As per the new regulations, the night curfew and other lockdown protocols are removed because of the huge slippage in the fiscal budgetary plan not to entertain novel coronavirus festivals and get a ballooned up record cases. This crucial hour is not to be a fond stupid-creature, but choose to be a Mask-Creature. The struggle to sustain life is an old ritual, practised and performed by our ancestors from ages to ages and always the only fittest survive. Not to forget Darwin’s Theory. Wearing the Mask we don’t kill Covid-19 but definitely one can prevent oneself and the entire people around him. This step taken by all sincerely, then throughout the province we can protect the whole human community with their little consciousness to wear MASK. (Remember life can’t cease to stop because of Covid-19 but be a little wiser to accept its pace and walk along wearing the MASK). Wear your Mask, that is mandatory and also influence others to wear their Mask.

☆Mask on your face is a shield that forms a tight seal around your nose or mouth; it filters out small airborne particles such as those transmitted by coughing or sneezing.

☆Mark that three-ply mask may help us block transmission of large-particle microorganisms from droplets, sprays, splatters, and splashes; and such masks reduce the likelihood of hand-to-face contact. It is worth it to own a three-ply layers mask because- 1. The outer layer repels water, blood, and other body fluids, 2. The middle layer filters certain pathogens and 3. The inner layer absorbs moisture and sweat from exhaled air.

Shahnaz Islam, Advocate, Gauhati High Court



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