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I’ve come to realize that I don’t conform to ideas of any particular political party, religion, ideology and position in the way that others think the world or people should be or other positions should be. It is because I think and feel independently. Besides I was not indoctrinated by my parents or others. They let me be free. Yes, I would not be a part of any group that tried to pull me into their fold of thinking.

Nonetheless I do have friends. Most of them, but not all share my views. My views? They are that only comfort, compassion, sympathy, morality, matters of conscience, high standards, principles, ability to serve life to support others in their orientations is their belief systems count. They count as long as they are not destructive to others and do shove all life forward as best as can be done.

So I independently taught myself to read at age at age five. After reading portions of the Bible at age seven, I wrote my own Psalms since the Psalms are gorgeous in the Bible. I got interested in music at age ten, taught myself musical notation using my tiny child’s organ and music booklets after which I wrote a symphony by dividing up and coordinating different instrument groups. It was fun as is so much more like helping a leper’s colony half way around the world. In fact, I always did pretty much that which I wanted and would not be indoctrinated or controlled.

I mind not one whit if others prefer to to follow certain religions, belief systems, customs and traditions and/or political directions. I do mind, though, if they use those positions to harm or kill the lives of others. That is intolerable and unacceptable in the extreme.

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.




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