The circle of eternal flow
Through scented breeze and reminiscing nights
Through a thousand nascent dawns and seagulls’ ocean-defeating flights
The spirit’s eternal race to new
shells of myriad experience
The endless dance of blending love,
lust and and tears pay obeisance
To the stillness in endless motion
The supreme truth of life divine.
The slice of blue spheres
In the eyes- of famished boy
In the darkened alleys
of a blazon metrolife
Selling tricolours of dreams of freedom
For coins that tinkle notes of life
The painful truth of life divine.
The yearning of the dimming eyes
In alien beds of covid care
The moment’s mystery eternalized
In stranger farewells never realised
New normalcy novel pain
Insights hunger loss and gain
Universal helplessness
Silent supine bending frames
In prayers for grace and redemption
The supreme truth of life divine .

Dr Piku Chowdhury. Academician, poet, author of 9 books and over 60 articles, translator, editor, painter, mental health facilitator.

@Piku Chowdhury, August, 2020




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