It is overwhelming to assimilate what is really going on around us, from personal to socio-political to global. No one truly knows all sides of a story. The underlying story in global media seems to be of doom, from climate catastrophe to rising fascism to financialization of every aspect of our life.

As Michael Parenti said “Dirty truth is that many people find fascism to be not particularly horrible”. Today greatest challenge facing humanity is nothing else than to be human.

Mysteries of life have not ended and we are not ready to go into silos just yet. Take something as fundamental as water, a base for all life yet so little is known about it. How it absorbs energy, transforms and has self-momentum. Yet we are already moving in to a gamified world, where our performance will be marked on a dashboard. Based on our performances we will be able to unlock tokens which will be our currency. This scenario may seem far off and maybe sound stuff of sci-fi films. But with all indications it is coming, digital IDs, social scores and mediated lives. This is all happening in real time and is awaiting filling of infrastructure gaps and social acceptance.

Social acceptance is far bigger challenge than the infrastructure gap, which is going to get filled sooner than later. With collapse of domestic politics, economies and climate emergency we are all driven to edge, where any solution given that can help us out will be accepted with open arms.

As we settle in the quantum world the science & technology is so far removed from what is happening on the ground that it is virtually invisible to majority of us, till it is manifested in a form that is so far removed from what we seek as humans. I am not for a second against science or in to any new age cults, but all in for education that helps build an understanding, curiosity and commonsense to parse what is for us and against us.

This journey from human to transhumanism goes through every aspect of our lives. Some may argue that we were always the way we are now and only the scale and degree has changed. Some may blame population others education but few blame greed and arrogance. New findings in how trees in a forest help each other, completely turns the theory of survival of the fittest upside down.

New global green movement proposes alternate energy sources and materials, without highlighting its true impact. The answers are not simple and perhaps there is no one answer. Yet solutions which suits global conglomerates is what are proposed as answers to our problems. Answer is not a Reset, which relies heavily on technology and surveillance. Where we are all dashboards and on given pathways and any deviation from the pathway would be considered offence.

But what is truly shocking is to see the erosion of our everyday life as we know it, though it has been so since the invention of television, which boxed us in to our respective homes. Virtually killing the sense of community overnight. What is truly under attack is the common connection we have with each other, wherein the goal is to make each and every connection of ours with each other mediated, quantifiable, monetized and controlled.

With incoming digital grid which will cover every nook and cranny of the world, it will be hard to live outside the grid and maybe outlawed too. I am in no way saying that we should get rid of digital advances and move to rural life of our ancient selves. But instead proposing that this incoming advances and changes must be scrutinized, verified and not taken in with a blind fold.

But the curious thing with power of marketing is that even a disaster is made desirable. Let us not become our own avatars on a screen and not allow financialization of every aspect of our life. Take financialization of nature as an example, which is now openly proposed as our last hope, since people only understand language of money; let nature be measured, quantified and monetized.

Only hope in these rather dark times left with individuals is to pursue one’s own goal and in process work with like-minded individuals to form a bond, which advocates and stand for humanism.

The odds are against us, but we are not alone. Be a human, join hands, build a community and spread love.

Chandan is an artist and a writer.



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