Why does Hate extend her reign? Why do divides raise ugly sides?

When will mankind unite?


Casteist fervour, abhorrence and race


Manmade borders that breaches create,

tolerance break, love annihilate, rancours breed


Marginalised, classified — we still remain

broken, fragmented with spite


When can love colour all our kind?


There is no North, no South

No East, no West — only the Universe


The Earth a blue-green dot

from outer space.


If Harmony finds no grace


there will be no hate, no love,

no country, no place, no caste,

— only a barren Earth

devoid of the human race


The world will end with not even a whimper.


Lalon sings with his ektara among the stars:


“What will be your Caste when you Die?


Where will be your home when Earth,

weary, worn with violations, violence and divides,

crumbles into dust with grief and neglect?


There is still Time

Time to love — love and heal as Onekind.”

Mitali Chakravarty is a writer and founding editor of Borderless Journal




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  1. Fine poem. Fine sentiment. Fine picture. Thank you!