Our duty is to ensure that our young ones survive

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What does civilization stand for and what it has produced over its four to five thousand years of its existence. In Western Europe from the earliest civilised times those societies were supported by the labour of slaves until the Christian era. Yet we highly value the work of intellect whose lives were supported and nurtured by slaves before the end of the Roman Era. Islamic people’s economy had much to do with slavery of one form or other; women could function as slave to some men. Indian civilisation still has classes such as the untouchables but within that we had Mahatma Gandhi. From the earliest civilised time, slaves of one form or other were the bounty from successful armed conflicts to rob other social groups.

When a band number far exceeds its individual’s ability to know everyone’s character it will become dominated by the few who have little or no feelings for their fellows. Therefore, those few are able to involve that large band to gain whatever their craving might be. People are used to fulfil the needs of the few who have little to no feelings for their fellows so are able to use anyone for whatever it may be, such as to work on those massive pyramids, just to secure their master’s afterlife time. Such stupidity has been scattered throughout civilization and we have been nurtured to be impressed with it. There’s a host of even far worse destructive endeavours such as conflicts that lead to major slaughter of thousands escalating to many millions as our technology improves even the possibility of ending all life.

Civilised people have only destroyed nature according to their level of technology, which can be managed but under strain however, more likely be negative to satisfy a few who need to maximise their power over society by using nature.

During the Vietnam War, Australian, renowned for their fighting ferocity, had to be conscripted to join in the butchery. A few went to jail when they refused to participate in that slaughter. Due to civilisation the majority of a population are forced in one way or other to fight and die for the tiny few, to satisfy their need to dominate all. Also during WWI French soldiers refused to go over the top. They would only man the trenches, but after the military police had shot one out of each platoon, French soldiers did the honourable thing and fought. And so it has been throughout history. Most people need a little persuasion to fight.

Civilisation has been a total disaster. Or at least it will be if that system is maintained just a little longer. The sooner we get back to a fully social way of life the better our chance of surviving will be and the happier people can be.

Lionel Anet is a member of Sydney U3A University of the Third Age, of 20 years standing and now a life member



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