People’s Policy for Post COVID-19 Times

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In the last six months the world has witnessed an unprecedented period of vulnerability and socio-economic insecurity and distress – India has been no exception to this casualty. In these extraordinary times, the centralised, undemocratic and non consultative manner in which the government has formulated and implemented policies have been damaging to India’s working people – further perpetuating an already worsening condition. Many orders, policies and ordinances having no bearing to the on-going pandemic have been passed. With state legislatures and Parliament adjourned sine die during the middle of the Budget session, far reaching change has been pushed through with almost no legislative oversight for almost six months.

Under such circumstances, Jan Sarokar, a collation of major people’s movements, social sector campaigns, networks of civil society organizations and individuals attempted to convene a Janta Parliament to discuss the status of various sectors in COVID times, the challenges being faced and the range of potential policy alternatives to overcome these challenges.

In this context here is a document drawn from the contribution of Jan Sarokar constituents and the discussions that took place either in or in connection with the Janta Parliament. This document attempts to capture the combined analysis and understanding of many people’s organisations and social movements on various issues affecting ordinary and marginalised citizens and suggests possible solutions, based on their engagements at the level of theory, practice and policy.

We request you to actively engage with this material, share it with others and urge you to take up these issues of crucial importance with your respective parties, constituents and parliamentary committees and to raise issues that deeply impact and affect ordinary citizens both within and outside parliament.

You can download the policy document HERE

PDF downlaod

For further information, please email us at [email protected]

The Jan Sarokar Secretariat




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