Through the panic, through the fear.
I felt you there, you were near.
Every message, every call.
Every time I hit a wall.

Every time the road would bend,
Every time it was the end.
I heard your voice through the noise.
I heard you say that I would rise.

Some drove by, left me to die.
Some jumped in and called me a lie.
Some laughed loudly at my hurt,
Some rubbed my face in the dirt.

Through it all, you held me tight.
Through it all, you helped me fight.

They won’t give up.
I won’t pretend.
They’ll ask for my worth,
I’ll say that you are my friend.

Every step I took, you walked along.
Every word you said is my redemption song.

J. Krishnamurthi is a wannabe entrepreneur, wannabe philosopher and a wannabe musician.




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