The old factional fight in the Empire

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The old game is again in that state: a formalized factional fight of the ruling classes in the US. It’s the presidential election there.

All dirty tricks available are in use in the intra-class fight as the masters follow the much pronounced, and unprincipled dictum: All is fair in […] war.

Ergo, the arena named election is overabundant with lies and counter-lies, slandering and character assassination, story of luscious look at daughter-like girl, disinformation, show of shoes, and that tool seemingly in use from eternity – moneybag.

The political system considered one of the most “advanced” and “democratic”, in essence, barbaric, full with manipulative acts, and dictatorial rule of the bourgeoisie, is also making the old noise: Russian “intervention”. A new noise has been added: Chinese “manipulation”.

The system’s propagandists forget the fact that comes out from their cries: If Moscow and Beijing can manipulate election in one of most advanced economies, one of the oldest political systems of the modern age, then these two actors can manipulate elections in all countries and win the world. Therefore, the foul cry means the political system has lost all of its vitalities.

Many on many occasions have discussed the decisive role of money in the election. It’s not a hidden fact. It’s an approved and accepted practice in the political system.

There are, moreover, acts of voter suppression. A few moves and measures to manipulate and disenfranchise citizens are being discussed by different circles in the Empire. A few of the tricks push many Third and Fourth World (TFW) countries behind the advanced “democracy”. The “advanced” political system is the frontrunner. However, a group of scholars dislikes mentioning these manipulations, dirty tricks, money power, voter suppression, disenfranchisements. They fall in love of the “free” election and “free democracy”.

Whatever goes in the election arena, what’ll happen on the international stage – a question to many. It’s a question in this time.

The basic character of the scene will not change. No faction can change respective basic positions in the international arena of competition. Because, no faction has the capacity to change the basic characteristic of the economy.

What’s the basic characteristic of the economy? It’s imperialist; its center of gravity has moved to the monopoly finance capital; war industry is one of its powers that determine its international position; it’s failing to address its domestic problems related to consumption including food, health, employment/reserve army of labor, education, debt, share in opportunity, people’s participation in the mainstream political process. The war industry and the monopoly finance capital have a role in these. The economy’s social scene is beyond imagination. It’s explosive. The violence and riots that are now dominating many cities in the country make many TFW countries laugh and say: “Social situation is not that bad in our yards.” Armed rightist militias have already marched in a number of cities. Armed violence has increased many folds in many cities, which the mainstream media have already reported. No faction of the ruling elites can ignore this reality, which will play a role in the state’s position in the external world.

At the same time, the most powerful “democracy” is on a downward path. For the Empire, the sun has begun its setting journey.

At the same time, competition in the international arena is increasing. The Empire is facing tough rivals, and failing in some areas. It’s not succeeding in pumping power to some of its surrogates.

The whole situation is making the Empire desperate. Desperation sometimes creates adventures. The Empire may engage with adventures.

Whatever faction of the ruling classes in the Empire takes hold of its political leadership in part through the coming presidential election can’t escape this reality. This reality of desperation and limitation will determine its relations with its rivals and allies, China, Russia, Germany and others. Countries like India will have to go through this reality, which will give these countries opportunity to bargain at times, and compulsion to comply with on other occasions.

This short article was prepared as an editorial comment of a weekly.

Farooque Chowdhury writes from Dhaka, Bangladesh.



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