To all the uncaring people

Original image courtesy : Vikar Syed                                     

Would you mind rolling your eyeballs on people starving, dying in extreme conditions, in need of the things you can so easily afford to give them? I know, you won’t bother to do so, because you are born like that. Nothing shakes you, makes you think otherwise. You and your like ones are all that matter on this good planet. Rest doesn’t matter. Not in the least. Children begging through dried throats, those put forth fragile hands, those clothes full of dirt and holes, deserve your pushes followed by a few dozens of bitter words?! You spend lacks of rupees celeberating your child’s days, while the orphan living a few meters away from your home is dying for lack of food, love. You have rooms in your houses not used for centuries, while the destitute out there lives on streets. You cook meals of different varieties ending up pitching half of it in trashbin, while someone out there waits ages for some angel to give them food. How tragic!

Up there the Almighty would be ashamed of yourself for your mean thinking and vile acts. Don’t you dare tell me now we-have-two-legs-and-they-too-have-two-legs excuses to escape the onus on you. There are horrible stories all around to hear, but who am I speaking to, those who have cut thier ears and shut thier eyes long ago.

I wish you could see that young restless orphan who has no house to live in, none to get food from, whose pshychological centre has been damaged to the hilt. I wish you could could see the pain of that abandoned girl on road who has set huge ambitions, but not priviliged enough to reach them, whose each tear drop brings earthquakes in the place on which it has fallen. I wish some magic happens and bring back all your lost senses and you start loving each and every human being going through harships, encouraging  them. Don’t look down upon them. If they beg you for some little amount of money, you remember the conditions have made them do so. You contemplate no one wishes to beg.

I wish just like you take care of yourselves so well, you take care of those orphans, less-priviliged and abandoned children as well. I wish you be a human again. I wish!

Faizaan Bashir is a Kashmiri writer. Email: [email protected]



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