Democracy In The Grips Of A Trumpian struggle Between Heaven & Hell, Good & Evil

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On the eve of his defeat as President of the United States, Donald Trump chose not to utter so much as a word at the 2020’s 11th Hour of the 11th day of the 11th month Remembrance Day wreath-laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier monument in the Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia.

To this writer, Trump’s odd countenance during that brief passing ceremony seemed more one of sulking, brooding fury and rage rather than thoughtful reverence and reflective solemnity for what many American patriots consider to be one of the United State’s most sacred ceremonies, in one of its most sacred of places, that lies at the very heart and essence of the nation’s earliest origins. Especially among all those American warriors and heroes who, since its very birth, continue to deeply believe in, and are prepared to defend to the death, their original God-given right of Providence’s Manifest Destiny to forever expand and dominate, at whatever and whoever’s cost, America’s geo-political dominance in the world, A philosophy and ideology that Trump, himself, in the spirit of Andrew Jackson’s singularly-unique brand of Democracy, re-coined during his term in office as a fundamental right and purpose of the American government’s policies, to always mean America First.

In retrospect, it now seems as no mere coincidence that one of Trump’s first actions as the nation’s new President and Commander-in-Chief, was to remove all the portraits of other perhaps more heroic and worthy presidential figures, who for years had hung in the Oval Office of the White House, and instead solely positioned directly behind his desk the portrait of Andrew Jackson. To a few students of American history this simple symbolic act taken served as a much feared and dreaded portent of what was about to come.

Watching Trump standing there, his hand stiffly reaching out to touch the wreath, one couldn’t wonder if Trump, was thinking about something entirely different, like how to foment a coup against the temerity of Joe Biden for heroically daring to steal his evangelically-prophesized imperious right to re-election for another four years, rather than project towards his hand instead on that wreath tender thoughts about all those unknown soldiers lying before him who gave their lives for their country who weren’t heroes at all but, as Trump once disparagingly spoke of those WWI war dead at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France, or the 1,800 Marines who died in the WWI Battle of Belleau Wood, as “losers” and “suckers” for getting killed. Or again, when he visited the Arlington Cemetery with his White House Chief of Staff, General John Kelly, to pay his respects at the gravesite of General Kelly’s son who died in battle in Afghanistan in 2018, and puzzlingly asked the General, “I don’t get it? What was in it for them?”

But it now must be grating and infuriating to Trump that he already no longer is reverentially referred to by many dissenting Americans as “Mr. President”, who prefer instead to more fittingly call him by his former moniker “The Donald”, amply earned during his old show-biz, playboy, entrepreneurial days, as the ruthless judge in the TV series the Apprentice; an American reality show, that ran from 2004 to 2017, where ‘The Donald’ was one of the judges who took great relish in ruthlessly grilling contestants before barking at them his  famous one liner, “You’re Fired!”, which ‘The Donald’ always seemed to take great glee in often using during his nightmarish term of office in the White House.

As “The Donald” lingered momentarily at that Arlington Memorial, like so many American presidents before him had done, to honour the minions of fallen lost souls of the past whose identities remain forever lost or unknown, it seemed as if Trump, rather than out of respect for the souls of so many unknown ones, swallowed up by the maelstrom of the world’s seemingly endless, mindless battles and wars of the past, was instead invoking all the powers of heaven or hell, good and evil, to come to his aid in that desperate moment of his greatest need.

At that same moment all over America, Trump’s Christian tele-evangelist spiritual advisors, mentors and supporters, like Paula White, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson and slews of other lesser known ones, were all coming to Trump’s aid to try to reverse his stunningly-shocking defeat in the ballot-counting aftermath of the election. Speaking in tongues or through whatever powers they could draw upon for divine intervention, they sought to conjure up the powers of biblical prophecy that declare, “Whoever is not with us is against us, and whomsoever does not gather with us will be scattered….and the devil who has deceived them will be thrown into the lake of fire and sulfur”.

These forces continue to work behind the scenes in the shadows, providing whatever spiritual affirmations on Trump’s behalf in his current hour of darkness and somehow help restore his lost presidential powers to their previous greatness. Seeing The Donald fixedly staring at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier as his hand momentarily hovered over the wreath seemed to convey a dark, eerie, ominous, forebodingness for America’s future for so many different reasons.

America and even Democracy, in that moment, seemed to be precariously tetter-tottering, suspended somewhere in-between a Trumpian-made Heaven or Hell of Good & Evil as the whole world stood paused holding its breath, wondering in anticipation of the scary unknown of what Trump’s army of hardcore followers, many who still remain, after four years, woefully tone-deaf dumb and blind to his ideology and true character – who now make up some 71 Million voters, spanning everything from radical, right-wing Christian evangelists and heavily-armed patriotic citizen militia’s to white supremacists, with 88 million more ordinary disgruntled folk and sycophants who daily sit on Twitter, with 23 million more on Instagram, 31 million on Facebook and tens of millions more on You Tube; all hanging on Trump’s every word as if he was the way, the truth and the light, uttered from some new Mein Kampf, prepared to spring into action at a moment’s notice to revive whatever his and their trounced delusional re-election hopes and megalomaniacal fantasies of empire rule.

The question in these delicate times of America’s hoped for peaceful transfer of power at this most volatile, tinder-dry stage in American politics, is WHAT WILL BE the ultimate reaction of Trump’s rabid followers, either already deeply embedded within the dark state of the elite as well as the nation’s local police and sheriff departments, National Guard units and active duty military units, from the top to the bottom of the chain of command? What will they all ultimately decide to do when the next command is uttered to them by their strong man, fascist leader beyond his original order to “Stand Down & Stand By.”

It’s that scary “Stand By” by the former Republican President, ever since he made it in his last debate with now President-Elect Joe Biden, that has kept everyone awake long into the night, in tenterhooks, perched on the edge of their beds, ever since Trump uttered those words to the world, as though he already knew something the rest of us didn’t yet know but could nevertheless sense in our guts could possibly happen in the immediate or not too distant future outcome of the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election and how Trump would ultimately react to Biden’s Presidency.


As if this apprehensive moment in American history and the fate of the survival of American Democracy couldn’t now be more in question, than it ever has been before, there is, in the background of all this uncertainty, the bizarre question of how much Trump himself, in these crucial moments, now is being influenced, or perhaps totally under the influence, of television evangelists like: Paula White, speaking in tongues; Kenneth Copeland, delivering hysterical, maniacal laughter from the pulpit; while uneasy messages of dread were delivered by Pat Robertson with the look and sound of a ghostly spectre making dire announcements and spiritual predictions from beyond of what the Fates have in store for America in the future..

Paula White, also known as Paula Michelle White-Cain, is one of Trump’s most respected spiritual advisors who in the early beginnings of her ministry once had the support of Black America. An American from Mississippi, White is a preacher, author, televangelist and exponent of ‘prosperity theology’. Her Paula White Ministries presents ‘Life Network for Women TV’, a lifestyle video network that advises women’s empowerment and inspires each women’s unique expression of modern biblical femininity.

White also is a proponent of the Holy Mavericks book of teachings that provides a view of contemporary evangelicalism that emphasizes the importance of “supply-side theological thinking” in understanding current shifts in American religion. It reveals how the Christian world hosts a culture of celebrity, religious branding and publicity, as well as reaffirms that religion must always be in conversation with the larger society in which it is embedded, and that it is imperative to understand who those religious suppliers are and how they are able to change with the time who will outlast those who are not. It preaches a prosperity theology that God will reward believers with material wealth so long as they donate generously to the right religious causes.

Paula White also was one of the first people Trump spoke to following his victorious 2016 Presidential Election and then again during the 2020 Election’s recount of ballots during and after Trump’s defeat. During those controversial ballot-counting legal actions, Paula White delivered what was perhaps one of White’s most bizarre prayer services to date when she sought to speak in tongues to call angelic reinforcements at her command from the continents of Africa and South America to wrest the election away from Biden and give it to Trump. Watch:

White’s bizarre speaking in tongues prayer service immediately drew widespread disdain from many Black, Brown, White and indigenous Native American voters who continue to desperately need such real things as:: better ‘Medicare for All” health care legislation to cope with the Covid Pandemic; more institutional relief from rampant police racism and violence, and; a much higher level of economic prosperity than is now offered to them by the Trump government’s administration. Especially since it was the voters in Black American who, in large part, were responsible for securing Biden’s closely-called election.

Black political commentators and talk show hosts were quick to respond with disdain and incredulity when they heard Paula White’s bizarre repetitive preaching in tongues response to Biden’s victory. Weighing in with much joyful ridicule, Black America continues to contemptuously make light of such Republican Christian televangelism spiritual mumbo-jumbo. One site in particular is Roland Martin’s Unfiltered Daily Digital Show on you Roland and his guest’s commentary have much to say about Pastor Paula White’s attempt to call upon the angels from Africa and South America to intercede on Trump’s behalf. (Watch:}.

Then there are Black comediennes, like Shuler King on Breakfast Club, who has his own take on Paula White daring to call upon Africa’s angels to come to Trump’s rescue. King humorously quipping, “Africa has a lot of angels, tall ones, short ones, big ones, small ones, but I’m personally going to tell them all to “Stand Down & Stand By”, because what is going on in America’s 2020 election is none of their business.” ( Watch:

Kenneth Copeland, a Billionaire televangelist who is another one of Trump’s spiritual advisors, appeared to be having a nervous breakdown when he heard about the election results in Biden’s favor and  went before his congregation, maniacally-hysterically laughing, howling and crying  for 40 seconds at a time (Watch: https//

90 year-old Televangelist Pat Robertson, who founded the Christian Broadcast Network and for years has been a host of the 700 Club, said before the Nov 3rd election that God told him Donald Trump will prevail “without question”. Robertson said back then that the election will be followed by an era of horrible civil disobedience, with at least two assassination attempts on Trump’s life along with a war waged by Muslim Nations against Israel that will end only when God intervenes, followed by apocalyptic events that have not been seen on Earth since Biblical Times, the “End Times” to be preceded by five years of peace before the coming of an horrific asteroid.

Before the Nov 3rd election, while giving a sermon at his Texas Cowboy Club of Corsicana, the Christian evangelist pastor, Paul Derek Rogers, also cautioned his congregation when he reminded them, “Remember, you’re not voting for Democrats or Republicans, you’re voting for good or evil, one or the other” While Robert Jeffries, a mega church paster and also one of Trump’s White House faith advisors, issued condemnations for any fellow evangelical Christian who might consider voting for Biden, suggesting to them that they were heeded for Hell. Jeffries went on to say, “The only evangelists who vote for Biden are those who sold their souls to the devil and have accepted the Democrats barbaric position on abortion.”


Barbara Res, a one-time top executive in the Trump Organization, once in charge of construction. worries that “Trump can’t deal with losing the election. The nature of being a loser is something he can’t possibly conceive or believe. I think he’s so angry that in spite of all the plans he set up to guarantee him a win he’s in shock that he didn’t win. Res added, “If all else fails, he will burn down the house.”

That comment by Res about the possibility of Trump burning down the house, caused this one to recall yet another horrific moment in time when Germany’s historic Reichstag Parliament in Berlin was supposedly set afire by Communists in 1933, when Hitler and the Nazi used the fire as a pivot moment to seize power and begin the creation of Nazi Germany.


Trump, in truth, stole the U.S. Presidency in 2016 from Hillary Clinton, in the same way Trump now is accusing Biden of doing, with similar illegal mail-in ballots or Electoral College sleight-of-hand skullduggery, even though Clinton received three million more popular votes than Trump, Yet when Rudy Giuliana, the former mayor of New York City, came upon the 2016 election scene, Giuliani would end up becoming Trump’s personal legal counsel in the White House and ‘partner-in-crime’ when, only two short years later, both would be  investigated for grossly violating lobby laws and corporate profiteering concerning the infamous Trump-Ukraine Scandal. That scandal would lead to Trump’s 2019 impeachment by the U.S. House of Representatives on two counts for his abuse of presidential powers and obstruction of Congress. At the same time, William Webster, a former FBI Director, CIA Director and federal judge, commenting on Giuliana’s own personal hand in the sordid affair, wrote, “Rudy Giuliana, because of his activities concerning Ukraine, at a minimum, failed the smell test of propriety.”

Yet back on that election night in 2016, when Rudy Giuliana called Trump’s election, “One of the greatest victories for the people of America since Andrew Jackson”, Giuliana’s declaration immediately sent shock waves of fear and apprehension through many students of American history who know all too well who and what Andrew Jackson was as a man and a president, called the 2nd most racist president of all time, and what Jacksonian Democracy came to mean for White colonial slave owners, when the whole of the American South and Southeast frontier territories were at once opened up for cotton plantations and an entire evil political and debased social system predicated upon the heinous slavery of captive and transported Black Africans and the dispossession of the ancient territories of indigenous Native peoples and what was about to be born anew in the New World.

Students of American history also at once knew back then by the comparisons Giuliani was making between these two presidents what all would eventually transpire in terms of eventual other civil wars caused by the continued rape of the natural world and environmental destruction that Trump’s New World would further create by opening up America’s national forests and national parks for resource development and resource extraction. They knew, too, how Trump’s concept of ‘America First’ would indeed lead to yet another modern form of Jacksonian Democracy.

To begin with, Trump, like Jackson, were both admired as populist hero’s who fearlessly challenged the political establishment of their day; Jackson a symbols of America’s perpetual Manifest Destiny expansionism and Trump a symbol of that same expansion coined by the declaration of America First. Jackson’s legacy still remains at the core of 21st century American philosophy and life, rebranding by Trump in his own fashion.


Following the election of Donald Trump in 2016 the prophetic handwriting already was writ large on the walls of the Oval Office of the White House, for all to plainly see if only they were alert enough, what was about to unfold in the next four years and beyond.

America’s future was unmistakeably clear once Trump chose to redecorate that historic Oval Office space, where so many good and evil things have been consecrated over much time and history, when Trump decided to remove all the historic portraits of famous American politicians and visionaries, that have hung on those wall for so long, and replaced them all with the portrait of but one lone figure who forever after would hover over his every word, action and deed, guiding his every thought. That troubling figure and troubled spirit none other than Andrew Jackson himself.

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Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who, for decades, has sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by excessive mega-development and host of related environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples.  Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (, a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that has led to numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul



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