What will the opposition with individual thinking do?

tejaswi yadav

          Will the parties like SP, BSP, HAM, AAP, LJD etc. be able to compete with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), which is run by the brain of the expert team of RSS?

Of course, currently there are left parties other than the BJP, which are governed by Politburo, that is, through collective thinking or the party’s guide line. But they could not bind the people politically with their thinking, due to which they are weak parties. There are many legitimate reasons for this weakness, which I have written in my articles. There is no need to repeat them here. Here I just want to talk about the individual thinking parties, who are dreaming of overthrowing the BJP.

There is no doubt that the parties which are in opposition today were in power yesterday. And the BJP which is in power today, was also in the opposition yesterday. But the point of consideration is that when the BJP was in opposition, it was still active, it was active day and night, its members and numerous organizations of RSS were continuously working on their agenda. They have a goal in front of them to make this country a Hindu Rashtra, how to build it, they also know that, they have the entire outline of the Hindu Rashtra and the entire program, on which they were running continuously. The result of that is that they succeeded in tying the people with their ideology and are in power today. Now they are active with more power than before. There is no doubt that their agenda is the agenda of the ruling class, so they know what will be the model of their state after coming to power? It has an expert of every field, who thinks like them. One to one consummate type of mind is in his team. The one who creates the idiom, who prepares the framework, the BJP government works under its purview. No BJP leader from bottom to top can speak a word other than that. Be it Prime Minister Modi, or Home Minister Amit Shah, and whether a BJP   Chief Minister of the state, it starts speaking and implementing it immediately. They are just the launchers of that plan; the RSS makes. Even the economic policies of the BJP are determined by the RSS. Today, if the BJP government is on the path of privatization, and laying a red carpet for corporate houses, then this model has been prepared by the RSS.

This is to say that the BJP is not a party of individual thinking. It is also not the personal property of anyone, just as Mayawati, Mulayam Singh, Lalu Yadav, Jeetan Ram Majhi, Chirag Paswan, Chandrashekhar Azad and Mamta Banerjee have their own political parties, in which they formulate strategies and take decisions on their own. They do not have experts in any field nor intellectuals. They do not mind whether they are giving tickets to the land mafia or to the goons, or to the person who doesn’t know anything. What they think is right, same is the principle and same is the policy. Among them is Mulayam Singh Yadav, who has been the owner of the Samajwadi Party, and today his son Akhilesh Yadav is the proprietor. Shivpal Yadav comes from his family, who has now formed his own party. All these people call themselves socialists, while the truth is that none of them knows the meaning of socialism. They to fight those who are not only Hindutvawadi, but also know the meaning of Hindutva; Those who are not only communal, but also play communalism well.

The RSS team has experts in every field, who have a very vicious mind. They reflect on the model of Hindu Rashtra with all seriousness, and devise a vicious plan one by one. If they are in the field of education, then their thinking goes on continuously about how to keep the Dalit-backward castes away from higher education, how to weaken the primary education of the poor and how to make the curriculum of universities Hindutvawadi. If they are economic experts, they will make vicious schemes of privatization, which aim to benefit capitalist houses and abolish labour-related laws. If he is a law expert, then in his vicious mind comes laws affecting secularism, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and right to equality. The anti-conversion law of the saffron government of Uttar Pradesh should be seen in this context. And the field of religion is the favourite area of the RSS. No religious organization in the world can compete with its vicious moves in this area.

Can political parties with personal thinking take on the RSS and BJP with such vicious experts? Do they have better thinking experts? Far from being experts, their top command is also not a leader with a better mind. SP chief Mulayam Singh Yadav is considered to be a socialist leader. When he was in power in Uttar Pradesh, he did not maintain any socialist thinking. It was his socialist thinking to call the poor women and distribute saris to them. After him, his son Akhilesh Yadav became the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. His socialist thinking extended to the distribution of laptops only. They do not have any socialist thinking or agenda till date. Far from socialist thinking, they also do not have socialist experts who make better socialist schemes, or make policies unlike BJP. His only electoral equation is nothing but polarization of Yadav caste and Muslim appeasement. And now he is waging a campaign to gratify the Brahmins as well, knowing that the Brahmins will not come with them. This is the situation of the BSP. Its founder Kanshi Ram hated the educated people, he did not even like to meet any intellectual, it was far from seeking advice from him. The same situation is with Mayawati. She has no expert in any field, although now she has come out in favour of the BJP, which she had to come, because the BSP was prepared by the RSS in a planned way to weaken the Congress. Kanshi Ram played this game very well. That objective was served, so the BSP is no more than an irrelevant party. This is also the situation of Chandrashekhar Azad. He entered politics with the declaration that he would fulfill Kanshi Ram’s dream. Kanshi Ram’s dream was to weaken the Congress and strengthen the BJP, which he had accomplished in his life. Now which dream will he fulfill? The politics of the heads of other individual parties is nothing but their own emancipation strategy.

The Mahagathbandhan played well in Bihar under Tejashwi Yadav. For the first time the question of employment became a political issue. The public got better polarized. But this was electoral polarization, not political polarization. Political polarization would have been made if continuous work had been done for it. Will they remain active for the next five years? The answer is: no. On the contrary, despite coming to power, people of BJP and RSS will still work continuously on their agenda. They will not be idle. They will work continuously with the team of experts in each field. Does the Mahagathbandhan or Tejashwi need to continue to work continuously for the next five years by preparing a model for a better governance? Undoubtedly BJP’s rule is anti-poor and anti-development. But this is not enough to say, but we also have to tell what our policies will be. We have to put before the public a model of alternative governance, which is practical and understandable to all.

Here the issue of Dr. Ambedkar’s party can be raised and it can be said that his decisions were also personal. How can individual parties be wrong then? The question is not wrong. But it is wrong to think that I am against individual’s parties. I oppose all the parties that their leaders have created from their inefficiency. First, they sought their liberation in other parties, when they did not get their objective there, they formed their own party. Currently, most parties are made in this way. There was a huge untouchable society in front of Dr. Ambedkar, which was deprived of all rights. It was a dumb society, that he taught to speak: It was the dead society, which he brought to life and had made it organized and struggling for its freedom and liberation. Which society is in front of today’s political heads? Can these leaders with individual thinking and  self-aggrandisement compete with Dr. Ambedkar?

Kanwal Bharati is a political commentator




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