Life’s primary need is to secure one’s offspring

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Our young ones are our primary social responsibilities; we must ensure the planet is able to support them in the best health and spirit by maintaining a bountiful life, which was our responsibility when we lived in small groups that were able to know every one’s character. However, it’s impossible to know the character of every one in a large crowd, this opens up opportunities for someone who can and likes to dominate and will be accepted to restore order. That eventually created civilisation as new technologies evolved to support and develop towns and then cities. Unfortunately, the few dominant ones are able to use that multitude to satisfy their crazes, whatever it may be.

That has degraded all people, but it’s the children that have had a devastating change from their primary nurtured status to a social resource that can be useful for those few who dominate society. Nevertheless, most individual parents still have their primary feeling for their offspring. That use of children by the few privileged varied according to societies’ technical and social state, but it’s always to satisfy a few who have a craving to dominate whatever they can by using the largest mob to satisfy their desires, which is justified by its grandeur.

Human societies must prioritise the wellbeing of its young; it should be our prime social duty as it’s for nearly all individuals within a family and other life forms. But life in civilisation is burned ruled by a few domineering ones while the rest are a valuable possession used according to that society’s technology and history, therefore, children are seen as a resource for the privileged few.

For life to persist, its primary need must be to prioritise the wellbeing of its young, as it was when we lived in small groups when we were able to know each other’s character, but as our population increased social control became chaotic and was taken over by a chief, who restored order. However, individuals lost control of their society having to obey their chief and carry out his wishes. Nevertheless, order was restored and population increased to form towns and cities, but its members lost control to elite and children lost their prime position to be a potential resource for the few who dominate. That was well before large groups, which created civilisation, a state controlled by very few domineering ones. The illusions propagated by historians of the controlling effect that civilisation has had on our behaviour has distorted and degraded humans behaviour to the level of the least sensitive individual who have taken control of societies. Civilisation’s prestige station as portrayed by historians has benefited the domineering ones at the expense of children’s future as their education is distorted to be compliant to the wishes of the dominant ones.

That high opinion of civilisation isn’t matched by the effect it has on nature, humanity and our offspring who have become a thing for the ruling clique, therefore they are trained to enhance that clique in whatever it’s required. The history of all civilisations demonstrates how callows that can be. Success for all living things is the wellbeing of its offspring; it ensures its continuation in the best possible way. Conversely Children in civilisation are seen as one of many resources for the ruling class, they are therefore indoctrinated in whatever way to suit their ruler’s wishes. There’s a vast difference between an adult’s duties to serve one’s offspring as it was living in small groups to a life as an asset within a crowd serving the few domineering privilege ones. So the effort spent on the young in civilisation is tune to maximise the needs of a few domineering one’s which now means a selective discerning education.

Therefore, the young are trained to service one’s current economy, which is boosted on its technological ability, so during pre-Christian era when that economy was based on slaves that training was a part of servicing the few powerful ones needs, which remained fairly static due to the convenience and accessibility of slaves during its land acquisition period. But there was a limiting growth factor when relying on ever numbers of slaves to maintain an economy that even had limited scope.

The end of slavery forced Europeans to use wind water and horse power but wood remain the favoured cooking and heating fuel if one could afford it, otherwise it was dirty smelly coal. But that coal launched the British and then humanity on a path of ever-increasing wealth until our planet is unable to maintain a liveable climate due to burning the result of millions of years of sunlight buried in the earth’s crust as fossil fuels. That frozen carbon has and will keep on increasing our planet’s temperature to an unlivable temperature if we keep using it for a little longer.

Contrary to our understanding, people’s life became dismal as it matches the needs of large populations, that role had a dramatic deterioration for children, from society’s primary responsibility in small bands to a property in civilisation.

We, as all living things can only maintain our species if we prioritise the needs of our children, and that includes creating the best environment for them. This’s life primary task. Originally that was also the aim of small bans of people’s prime concerns in their common aim of ensuring that their children have the best possible life. But as conditions allowed those bands to expand into hundreds of adults, it resulted in chaotic conditions and that gave the opportunity for a tiny few people to take control due to two aspects, one being the anonymity that that crowd gave and the need for order from the mob.

Gorge B. Silberbauer in the book “Hunter and Habitat in the Central Kalahari Desert ” describes the life of those people as he observed over a decade living very close but a little apart from them. He found them to be a very peaceful nonviolent intimate group of people that were living in barren areas up to the last century. They had a very cooperative lifestyle and that probably was the way all humans lived during the ice age. That life had an intimate relationship. The very able minimised their achievements as a bit of luck so the less able ones wouldn’t feel inferior as the cohesiveness of the group was paramount to enable a very cooperative lifestyle. People are basically the same now except that we must compete, which is getting more intense, therefore less caring for our competitors and children.

Unfortunately, that had disastrous consequences for children by nurturing them to be compliant to their elders who are submissive to their higher-ups, this has had a detrimental effect on society as children lost their prime position in society as they had in earlier small social groups to be a things that the elite in society can use to fulfil their desires in whatever that maybe. It has and has a continuing effect on social relationships for everyone as that period in one’s life will become one’s outlook as adults. It also affects parent’s nurturing abilities by isolating children in nuclear families and now an increasing number living in high rise apartments. Nevertheless, children are tough and grow up to be very compliant adults to do their masters biddings as we have done throughout civilisation. It’s a social full proof system that secures a dominant ruling class. Nevertheless, the ultimate exploitation wasn’t using children; it was burning fossil fuels to replace the previous use of horses, wind and water to augment human power, which still includes the young in many parts of the world. The lack of foresight by our leaders, the wealthy and many intellectuals should be obvious due to the hopeless situation our young ones are clearly facing a deprived benign future. There is no future for them and probably other life, unless we see another way of living that is in tune with our planet and its life.

So the education of children is increasingly competitive especially at a senior level, but probably sport has surpassed all other activities for their competitiveness and as that competition intensifies so does secrecy, which harbours dishonesty. And that distorts our vision of reality, which’s forcing us to continue the exploitation of nature to the bitter end.

Thereby the value of children’s wellbeing changed for society from been the primary concern to an asset. It also increased the importance of parent’s parenting abilities without the direct and constant support of an intimate social group, which had been mainly led by women. So children became a social asset to be used, instead being a personal and communal responsibility.

Lionel Anet is an independent writer



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