Oh! These kisans!!!

farmers protest 2

These kisans are an ungracious lot.
What a bunch of ignorant fools!

We give them concessions.
They say they need rights.
We offer Ambani’s bazaar.
They prefer mandis.
We offer Adani warehouses.
They prefer MSP.
We pass bills without asking.
They pass resolutions that jolt us.
We praise Kisans are good for country.
They troll us in wedding songs.

We say your home is in villages.
They pitch tents in the capital.
We torpedo them with foul water.
They hit back with Gurvani.
We spray communal hatred.
They spout the unity of tractors.
We set up barbed wire barricades.
They throw them in the Jamuna.
We call them Khalistanis.
They call us Hindu fascists.
We let loose barking Kanganas.
They invite her to eat Makki ki roti.
We plan to call Jawans to beat them down.
They say they have a Jawan in each house.
We say your shit is all over the border.
They say best place to shit is your Parliament.

We say Jai Jawan.
They say Jai kisan.
We fight with batons, tear gas, lathi charges.
They fight with gehun, sarson, aloo, pyaaz.
Oh! These kisans, what a hindrance to modernity!
What an uncouth loud mouth crowd,
Such a spanner in the corruption wheel!

Ra Sh is a poet based out of Kerala



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