Nationalist toolkit of BJP – Tools to achieving Hindu Rashtra

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· Make country opposition free – only one party rule to be established – if necessary buy out MPs, MLAs to create one party dominance

· Centralize power in hands of few in the ruling party – let the decisions concerning public issues be taken by a core and not necessarily through large public consultation

· Treat federalism as a threat to unity – start taking decisions even on matters that concern the states

· Strength of the state lies in obedience of people to authority – crush dissent which will come in any form

· Take away liberties of people – liberty is a threat to integrity


· Transfer the wealth and resources in the hands of a select few – the higher concentration of resources the better for the economy

· Sell away all public resources including profitable public sector units into the private hands – Send PSUs to coffins so that it gives way to private players – even within private hands favor the favorites

· Create policies for the rich but propagate that it is for the poor

· Propagate that even the poor performance on parameters of growth, inflation is only for the long term benefit of the economy

· Remain blind towards the poor while making policy decisions – e.g., migrant workers during lockdown decision, informal workers during demonetization decision


· Keep the society divided on the lines of religion, caste and gender – a permanent state of inequity should exist along these lines

· Create polarization of hindus and non-hindus – if non-hindus question government propagate they are jehadis, khalistanis or funded from rome

· Talk of Ambedkar but go against his ideas – work not towards annihilation of caste but revival of caste inequities – ignore violence against SC / ST through protecting the upper caste

· Propagate notion of ideal women not as one who makes choices to participate in economic activities, movements, politics, chooses partner but fits into the notion of ‘pavitra bharatiya nari’

· Make entry into choices of people – food they eat, clothes they wear, whom they move with, partners they choose


· Diversity in cultures is the enemy. One religion, one language, one culture should be the ideal norm. Hindu-Hindi-Hindustan represents the mainstream culture of India. Make everyone irrespective of their own religions, languages adopt to this mainstream culture.

· Propagate that Ram temple, Hindu festivals only form part of the national culture. Festivals of other religions, subaltern cultures among Dalits and adivasis, other ethnic or religious or regional minorities do not part of this mainstream.

· Country needs national heroes. It should inspire younger generations. Convert Gandhi, Subhas Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Patel into nominal symbols but propagate the ideas of Savarkar, Godse and Golwalkar among the people.

· Use the Social media, whaatsapp group, godi media to propagate the cultural visions of Hindutva.

· Education and scientific temper is the enemy to achievement of Hindutva. Gain control over academic bodies, educational institutions and build ideas such as cow science, benefits of cow urine and dung, astrology etc.

By An Indian Citizen



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