Nazi Ascendance Of Wilhelm Frick And Joseph Goebbels



Following the NURENBURG Rally of Reichsparteitag ( REICH PARTY) was held in 1923 and what followed was imitation of Mussolini’s March in 1921 and seizure of power in Italy, named Munich Putsch of 1923. History is a made and number of times forgotten. We are reminded of two modern Historians – E.P. Thompson and Carl E. Schorske and their methodologies to recapture and recollect the History which appears to be forgotten and buried down into past. There is need to recapture the condensation & Condescension in History.

One of the unforgettable and outstanding Event in the History of Civilization has been the Munich Putsch, 1923. The Failed Insurrection and explosive & Swift flare up of a Historical Process unfolding at unimaginable Speed. It led to mushrooming of NAZI state in matter of One decade! Its natural horrendous outcome and culmination was the Holocaust which marked the darkest period in Human History, attempt towards Destruction of Human Civilization built over thousands of Years.  Our intention is to trace the Historical roots of these Phenomena which flashed at lightning stroke in History. 

It is NOT Adolf Hitler alone but two other NAZI Leaders who paved the way for NAZI March to holocaust and of Human repression in span of just Ten Years. The two Culprits are WILHELM Frick in charge of ‘Ministry of Interiors’ -Home Affairs and Joseph Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda,  who could invoke and evoke facilitation of mushrooming of  Archival Anti Semitism.

Tracing the Roles of WILHELM Frick & Joseph Goebbels (IMAGE TWO)


Despite being an Official in the Police Administration at Munich and being convicted as  co-conspirator in Hitler’s Munich, BEER HALL, putsch in 1923, he maneuvered to avoid imprisonment and still MANAGED to get elected to Reichstag in May 1924 and emerged to lead Nazis in Reichstag  in 1928.

In 1930-31 he was appointed as Minister of Interior of Thuringia (A free state in Central Germany) & was recognized as expert of German domestic Politics. Soon he enjoyed a long spell AS Minister of Interiors, from 1933 to 1943, of Germany and steered through the passages for ugliest, devastating laws and legislations to demolish Civil Liberties of Jews, of Trade Unions, Negros  and the Blackest Nuremburg laws in September 1935.  

As such, Frick & Goebbels, both could transform it into unparallel Hatred of Non- Aryans, Jews- Africans and working classes. The Socio- Political Forms of Ultra Nationalism & Patriotism formed Integrated Single Point Agenda. Both were pawns and Agents of Adolf Hitler, Frick WILHELMs working from the top to strangulate Civil Society, Democratic forms, smash the resistance and inject division. On the other hand Joseph Goebbels ripped and dug into deepest levels of Pre-History, to un-fathom, provoke the archaic, animalizing instinctive foundations of Pan- German psychic roots of Civil Society through his Propaganda.  In Sigmund Freud’s terminology it can be identified as ‘Return of the Repressed”.

WILHELM Frick’s ascendance begins with his role in Munich Putsch,1923, AS A Police Official by providing confidential Information for the March on BEER HALL and by holding protective hand to National Socialist party and Hitler throughout , even for providing  Adolf Hitler German nationality! Even after getting convicted as collaborator in the Putsch he could get elected and became the member of the Reichstag on 4th May 1924. His subversive activities not only continued but intensified multiple times since then. 


Frick’s  sole aim was to destroy the parliamentary system and quell all voices of descent from any and all quarters by riding on the streams of Anti Semitic outbreaks of gang attacks, mass agitations and protests.   


Agitations against Jews formed the main thrust of National Socialist Propaganda, from 1921 till 1933. The front running activists and leaders of the party launched campaigns in speeches, Pamphleteering, NEWS Paper Articles. The inflammatory campaigns targeted JEWS, Jewish leaders of other Parties, Trade Union Leaders with physical violence, boycotts.  American Jewish committee reports, “At least 50 Synagogues ( Temples with Greek Architecture) were subjected vandalism and 128 Jewish Cemeteries were subjected to desecrations between 1923 to 1933!” In 1931 street attack and beaten up crowd returning from Synagogues in Berlin on Jewish New Year September 1931 left number persons severely injured.  Berl;in has been the political centre of all activites.

At Nuremburg Congress in 1927, WILHELM Frick proposed that NAZI Party should adopt strategy of infiltrating into Parliament and use it’s Platform and privileges to finally end it,  abolish it and establish Anti Jewish Dictatorship. During Nurenburg Trial documents were produced which , “The document also reported that Frick stated in a speech in 1929 at Pyrite that this fateful struggle would first be taken up with the ballot, but that this could not continue indefinitely, for history had taught that in a battle “blood must be had and iron broken.” As early as 1929, according to this same report, Frick announced that a Special Peoples’ Court would be created, in which the enemies of the Nazi Party would be called to account for their political acts”.  It only demonstrates that this Far Reaching Plan was hatched, from ‘within the State Apparatus” even IMMEDIATELY after the Failure of the Insurrection!



One, repressive hate campaign carried out was the Book Burning Campaign at the behest of the Student Union (DST). NAZI BOOK BURNING was a well orchestral  Hate  campaign conducted by the German Student Union.  It had multifold intensions to  ceremonially Burn the Books in NAZI GERMANY and Austria in 1930.  The intension in launching vicious campaign was to provoke the masses to ‘De Intellectualize’ masses  by getting rid of the Scientific, Sociological, Psychological and Historical Research oriented , books and literature. The Books and literature promoting modernism and liberate the thought and mental processes entrenched into Parochial modes of psychic and intellectual grooming were identified targeted for burning, stamped as ‘Subversive or as representing ideologies Purity of Aryan Race and opposed to NAZISM!” These included books written by Jewish, Pacifists, Liberals, Anarchists, Communists, Socialists and others. These Books were Blacklisted and were  the targets of Burning across Germany and Austria in 1930S. The intension to evoke Anti intellectualism acquiured massive success.  WILHELM Frick led the aggressive campaign in Educational institutions. Naturally the first target was Karl Marx, followed by Marxist literature of  Karl Kautsky,  Bebel, Bernstein, Preuss,Space and – Scientist Albert Einstein, father of Psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, Dramatist Bertrand Brecht, Doblin, Kaiser, the Mann Brothers, Bebel, Zweig, Ossietzky, Remarque, Schnitzler,  Barlach, Bergengruen, Broach, Hoffmann Sthal, Kastner, Kasack, Kesten, Kraus, Lasker-Schiler, Unruh, Werfel, writer and playwright- Zuckmayer, and Satirist/  Journalist Tucholsky et.

It was heinous thrust to reorganize the prevalent Education System in the Framework of NAZI Ideology. On the Day of Berlin Book burning Students Union was the front end face of Dr. Wilhelm Frick, the Germany’s minister of the interior, who was lecturing the German school administrators on changes to be introduced in the educational system. He made it mandatory for Administration to instruct the students, to get well versed with “everything concerning the fatherland and German history-with special emphasis on the last twenty years” and to study the  “race science, heredity and genealogy”



WILHELM Frick’s attack on Modern Art & Expressionist paintings AND Cleansing Operations of Modern Art by Joseph Goebbels in 1937..

Hartsfield’s Montage painting ‘The Human Bug’  & its publisher AIZ, Kurt Tocholsky identified   WILHELM Frick as Human Bug who was engaged in neutralization of  Opponents and paved the way for Holocaust.

Hitler’s support emboldened  WILHELM Frick’ to ruthlessly carry out the aggression.  In 1930 he became the Minister of Culture & Education and on 5th April 1930, unfurreled campaign against ‘NEGRO CULTURE FOR GERMAN FOLKLORE’ – to uphold ‘German national Tradition” . He passed an order to remove Seventy Expressionist paintings’ from ‘Weimer Schloss-Museum’ in 1930!

It was Wolfgang Willrich’s Book “Die Säuberung des Kunsttempels” (The Cleansing of the Temple of Art), inspired Joseph Goebbels. The Book provided him the blueprint for the selection of artworks which would be taken from museums and galleries for the 1937 ‘Degenerate Art Exhibition’. The Book proposed purging of Society ‘Unhealthful men and women. Listing them, name by name. It named them as Jews who are “shit and non-representational artists”.



 On 2nd May 1933, Trade unions were abolished and their leaders were arrested, their funds confiscated and strikes declared illegal. Workers lost the right to negotiate wage increases and improvements in working conditions. It was made mandatory for all  workers to join the German Labour Front (DAF ) and in which all the Trade Unions were merged. Wage levels were decided by DAF!

Regarding the Destruction of the Workers’ Mass Movements in Nazi Germany Gunter W. Remmling, provides detailed Account.  The merging of Trade Unions into DAF involved, (1) Workers to provide, in the official Record books to keep track of their employment history. (2) Strikes were banned and anyone who did attempt strike action would be sent to a concentration camp. At this early point they were newly created as prisons to keep political opponents in, with a view to re-educating them in the Nazi way of thinking. (3) The first concentration camp was opened at Dachau in March 1933.

On March 9, Wilhelm Frick, minister of the interior, declared in a speech that “Communists and their “red allies” from the SPD must be taught “productive work” in the concentration camps. On March 15, the Reich Cabinet echoed the minister when its members recommended – Radical Perspectives of punishing the Communists  with special brutality”

On July 11, Reich Minister Frick officially declared the completion of the “German revolution” and proclaimed: “The National Socialist German Workers’ party has herewith become the sole carrier of the state.” On July 14, a law was passed which declared that the NSDAP was the only political party in Germany, making all attempts to maintain or form other political parties a crime subject to severe punishment. The law concerning the Unity of Party and State of December 1, 1933, completely and irrevocably handed the state over to Hitler’s National Socialist party”.


On 24th march 1933 Frick drafted the Law which provided Reich Cabinet the power to Legislate by Decree and which marked the end of Parliamentary Government in Germany. Administration of these laws was placed in the hands of Frick. WILHELM Frick’s Anti Semitic Agenda and Destruction of ‘Parliamentary Republican’  Set up.- made Inroads in to disqualification of Jews from all Walks of Life

This was followed on 15th  September 1935, when Nuremberg Laws were upgraded. By Mr. WILHELM Frick which excluded Jews and Negros and deprived them in steps from Citizenship and from their civil rights.. These derogative, divisive Laws legalized the Persecution of Jews. Frick worked throughout to smash resistance of all opponents of Aryan Race, Acting as the head of all German police forces and primary controller of German concentration camps. Drafting of his Nuremburg Laws in September 1935 has been regarded as the most horrendous crime in the history of the Human Race. It was the most regressive Journey purposefully planned to destroy thousands of years progress of Human Civilization and reverse it to ‘Primal Times.

Each measure was preceded by campaign to evoke and facilitate the smoke of Anti Semitism residing in the unconscious of masses and turn it into a supportive mass movement for the laws being enforced.


 The image above displays ‘Word to Word”,  scope of the Nuremburg laws. The laws were enacted  as  Citizenship Law in order to Safeguard of German Blood and German Honor and Reich Citizen Law stripped German Jews of their German citizenship. The laws facilitated  persecution of JEWS in Germany and finally paved the way for Holocaust..

Frick introduced the Yellow Star as a sign of stigmatization of the Jews). Jews throughout Nazi-occupied Europe were forced to wear a badge in the form of a Yellow Star as a means of identification. Frick was the main conspirator who transformed these programs into political action. He understood and implemented the criminal purposes of Acts, understood discrimination. Yellow batches facilitated Segregation for Annihilation by Nazis. The Nazis made it mandatory for Jews to wear the yellow Star of David not only in the Concentration camps but throughout most of occupied Europe. The Yellow Badges ‘Jews Star’ were ordered to wear forced from Medieval and early periods of modern civilization  were introduced in 1935. We can trace the Origins of such discriminative treatment in “-Primary Perspective of WILHELM Frick 1933 ” where he spells out “ We must a have the courage again to grade our people according to genetic value”



Till above we were more concerned with the Administrative Strangulations carried out by WILHELM Frick. It is mandatory now to probe into the Phenomenological concerns and Role played by Joseph Goebbels in facilitating the Nazi outbreak rising from the GROUND!

The NAZI movement flourished on the lies sown and promoted by German Nationalist Leader, General “Der Infanterie’ and Politician’  Erich Ludendorff’s (German General, politician and military theorist ) phrase, “Stab in the Back”after signing of Verselis Treaty and after crushing of the November German Revolution –1918-19, led by Rosa Luxemburg and Carl Liebknecht of Spartacus Group (KPD), gained momentum! Hindeburg termed it as Jewish Conspiracy. The propaganda led to arousal of the  ‘Tightly Held and repressed instinctual forces in the Unconscious’ and the associated Myths & Legends. The Propaganda stimulated and awakened the ‘collective ‘Oedipus Phantasies’, prejudices, biases, and communal contents and providing them with the political revengeful expressions from 1920 onwards. The partially shared Phantasies by large sections of population were translated into ‘Social action’ of hatred.


Return of the Repressed’ has BEEN SIGMUND FREUD’S PSYCHOGENETIC characterization of Hysteria as Phenomena, particularly the ‘Mass Hysteria’. It is also termed as Epidemic of Hysteria. I have explored Freudian concept “The Return of the Repressed’ in Symptomatic sense and as Historical Flare up behavioral Process. The repressed elements deeply embedded in the ‘Unconscious’ tend to reappear  as Conscious Behavior.  Instead of Sublimation the instinctual articulation is ‘aggressive and directed against’Other”

We can illustrate with Joseph Goebbels’s Phantasies to demonstrate how deep rooted Phantasies were operating in NAZI mind.  In one of his Psychoanalytic Article on Genocide, Richard A. Koenigsberg spells out Joseph Goebels’s’s Oedipal Phantasy, and hatred of Father he quotes Goebbels who equated Jews in the image of a brutal father, “Are the Jews human?” and he  in the following manner; “If somebody hits your mother in the face with a whip, are you going to say, thank you? Is he human? He is not, he is a beast. How many worse things has the Jew done to our mother Germany and is still doing.”

German Propaganda Archives quotes Goebbel’s Psychotic Phantasy of 16th November 1941 Essay as – “The Jews are Guilty”, in which he says, “Every Jew is our enemy in this historic struggle, whether he vegetates in a Polish ghetto or carries on his parasitic existence in Berlin or Hamburg or blows the trumpets of war in New York or Washington. All Jews by virtue of their birth and their race are part of an international conspiracy against National Socialist Germany. They want its defeat and annihilation, and do all in their power to bring it about.”


Myths, Symbols drenched into Anti-Semitism, Aryan Superiority from middle ages, ‘Repressed’ under the March of Civilization and Capitalism’ began to return and reappear’! The tremendous force of  ‘Re-appearance’  of the Oedipal Revengeful Myths from within the German Psyche was further facilitated by Propaganda steered by Joseph Goebbels with Adolf Hitler’s blessing. Its rocketing speed from 1923 to 1935 is portrayed in the Time Line above. WILHELM Frick as in Control of Interior Ministry  tightened up its noose around Freedom of Civil Society and Joseph Goebbels who played the role of revoking and facilitating the Upward rising Springs of hatred played the Synchronizing role!  The instinctual Oedipal Forces were directed against the Authority of Weimer Republic, the Working class – Proletarian Organizations, Jewish Community and Science, Art & Literature !   The timeline swiftly exploded into ‘Holocaust and ruins of Civilization!


Ancient Mythological stories like invasion of Germanic Land by huge Roman Army (First Century) with aggressive design to conquer,  experienced the repulsive resistance during Night hours from Sub origin Aryans (Ghost warriors), who succeeded in inflicting worst defeat on the invading Roman Army gained ground. Such stories became the prime movers of Hateful social actions and perverting social relations.

HISTORIAN, Baird, Jay W’s, “The Mythical World of Nazi War Propaganda”, explores the core of Nazi Propaganda and Joseph Goebbels’s role wherein he says, “Nazi ideology and in turn Goebbels’s propaganda embraced a veritable mythical solar system. At the center was the primary myth of Aryan man’s racial struggle against the “international Jewish conspiracy,” and a descending mythical hierarchy ranged from the Fuhrer cult to the nobility of the warrior’s death, from “Jewish Bolshevik sub humans”.

Baird has focused on how Nazi’s could en cash on the Jew stereotype and could make ‘Unashamed’ use of Christian Anti Semitism Prejudice to target Jewish community which epitomized the urban, industrial, money-centered civilization and the ‘Plutocrats’. NAZIS and Goebbels thus could fuse this most regressive prejudice with the revolt and resentment of an urban, against modern man’s industrial, money-centered civilization. By servicing the top Capitalists of Germany by strangulation of Trade Union movement Nazi propaganda could camouflage anti Jewish triad as struggle against Capitalism and for National Socialism! ..


The identification of Germany with the mother and the Jew with the sadistic father seems to have been common amongst NAZIS. Excerpts of Goebbels’s Interview reply to a question makes it explicit,” Are the Jews human?” in the following manner; “If somebody hits your mother in the face with a whip, are you going to say, thank you? Is he human? He is not, he is a beast. How many worse things has the Jew done to our mother Germany and is still doing.”. Here the  unconscious identification of Jew in the Image of  Barbaric Father is obvious and deserves animal treatment.

JOSEPH GOEBBELS’S has been considered as historically the profoundest and reputed prolific liar.  Forceful Repetition of communicated lies, inversion of facts was the core of his Propaganda. He was the master creator of Illusions, embedding the Lies in popular beliefs, legends and myths converting them into Gross distortion, exploding its dimensions in breadth and height and increasing its impact on mass psychology was strategic to his propaganda! Essence of his Propaganda lies in ‘repression of truth’ and was prime weapon for Joseph Goebbels when he said, ”Truth is the mortal enemy of lie and truth is the greatest enemy of the State


It is the flaring and proliferation of spread of Anti Semitic, Anti Jewish Myths began from 1917. NAZI BRAND OF ANTI- SEMITISM began crossing the class barriers and Identification with Fuehrer due to Jewish image of money centred bourgeoisie!  The massive storage of Hate generative Myths was ignited by the NAZI Propagnda and gave upward thrust to the Instinctial forces directed against Jews. Ritual murder of Simon of trent. The most naked use of it on the front page of most popular issue of ‘DER STRUERMER, meaning, “The Attacker” sparked widespread violence against JEWS with a Front Page Cover NEWS & Article-titled,” “Jewish Murder Plan against Gentile Humanity Revealed”.



Goebbels attained reputation as being the master Orator and Political Propagandist. He was Editor and In charge of Newspaper, , Der Angriff (The Assault) from 1927 until 1935, His pronounced MOTO in running the NEWSPAPER camouflaged the Hateful Fanatic, anti- semantic intentions as,  “For the oppressed, against the exploiters.” In 1928, Goebbels was also elected to parliament (Reichstag) representing the Nazi Party from Berlin. Several of such propaganda communications from Newspapers had been vitiating the social political atmosphere as Hate campaign against JEWS.

The Book, Goebbels And Der Angriff  provides statistical details as well as Political Analysis  of impact of Goebbels Propaganda Techniques. The 184 Paged Book covers NSDAP history since 1920 with conclusions on ‘The System” which liquidated resistance, right from ‘November criminals’ till liquidation of JEWISH & Marxist Resistance. He provides details of how by Der Angriff imitated or derived the propaganda techniques from  KPD and SPD methods!.  Among these was using / flitching literature published by working class parties in their Magazines, Papers etc. for years.


.  Goebbels made use of few Proletarian to falsify and demonstrate “Nazism’s affinity for causes affecting Berlin’s working classes”.  A quote from Book can throw light on the style of Goebbels’s Propaganda, “These stories graphically portrayed life in the proletarian districts of the German capital and suggested a cure for the ills that plagued the city’s streets. The serials often recounted the conversion of the main character to National Socialism, indicating the path the reader should take to secure Germany’s redemption.4 Among the serials to appear in the first year of Der Angriff’s publication was “Hans Sturm’s [Storm’s] Awakening” by Otto Baugert. It is the story of a mechanic who becomes a Nazi after attending a rally in Berlin. (Goebbels And Der Angriff Russel Lemmons Jacksonville State University)

Nazi propaganda and schooling paved the way for enrollment of younger population from the areas where Anti Semite voters were strongly supporting Anti Semite Political Parties. Entrenched in 1890-1900 . Here Goebbels and indoctrination through NAZI schooling polices paid astonishing results for NAZIS.

In 1930’s the depths of the Great  Depression and the poor German youth was torn between adherence to ties with Unemployed Communist Father and Fascinayion towards NAZI aggressive movement. Films like STORM TROOPRS BRAND-1933) and Our Flags Lead Us Forward  illustrates this ambilalance. in the waning  days of the crumbling Weimar Republic, a poor Berlin youth is  torn between loyalty to his unemployed Communist father and his ever-growing fascination  to the Hitler Youth movement.

Subsequently  the Film,  Jud Süß or “Süss the Jew”)[1] launched in 1940 regarded as worst Anti Semitic Film ever produced in Human History, the historical drama propaganda Film, made at the behest of Joseph Goebbels and was aimed  to counter Anti Nazi British film ‘Jew Suss’- on ‘Joseph Suss Oppenheimer’ who  was a Jewish financier–  executed in Stuttgart in 1738,  made in 1934. Jew Süss was a 1934 British historical ‘Romantic Drama,film based on Bertrand Brecht’s collaborator Lion Feuchtwanger’s s 1925 novel, Jud Süß.. The central climax is the Rape of daughter by the Duke,(Karl Alexander-Duke of Wurttemberg-1720-33) and Revenge by her Father! In Goebbels promoted Film, Suss is the seducer of Aryan Females, who hatched conspiracy. ‘The Anti Semitic Propaganda Film proved to be the All time ugliest one, termed as inglorious Black Buster viewed by millions and millions.



Goebbels as Minister of Propaganda and Public Enlightenment had complete legal control over the content of German newspapers, magazines, books, music, films, stage plays, radio programs and fine arts. He censored all opposition & Resistance to Hitler. He stirred up hatred against the JEWISH community. From 1927 till End of the WWII single handedly developed the Propaganda. His distinctive focus is visible in the field of number of Hateful and Promoting Films. (Made 27 Films from 1927 to 1939 & 32 Films during War Period for Propaganda”. As youngest Minister, indispensible to the Regime he enforced Editors Law on  October 4, 1933, to keep Registers of “racially pure” editors and journalists, and exclude Jews and those married to Jews from the profession. Those who failed to follow the instructions were sent to ‘Concentration Camps”. Such has been the historical reputation of ‘Goebbels” who paved the way for Holocaust at the end and finally committed suicide along with his Family Members before beginning of Nuremburg Trials.

The Nuremberg Trial was conducted by a joint United States-British-French-Soviet military tribunal, with each nation was represented by two Judges. WILHELM Frick’s count Number four was the most heinous which stated, “- CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY including murder, extermination, enslavement, persecution on political or racial grounds, involuntary deportment, and inhumane acts against civilian populations”.

Regarding Joseph Goebbels, the Holocaust Encyclopedia concludes, that in 1943 march, Goebbels had acknowledged that “We are already so enmeshed above all in the Jewish Question and there is no escape for us”.” Instead Goebbels and his wife Magda arranged to poison their six children. They then committed suicide on May 1, 1945. Nazi control of public information ended with Goebbels’ suicide and the collapse of the regime in May 1945”..

Interpretation of Historical Phenomena like rise of  NAZISM founded on Freudian Model of  ‘Return of the Repressed’ we believe has potential to  addresses to concerns expressed by Carl Schorske,  namely need to integrate  ‘instinctual and emotional’ aspects in the Historical Analysis of NAZISM!

Anil Pundlik Gokhale is an Engineer by profession. As a non regular writer on political literature I have always been attempting to integrate Psychology and Marxism. I have recently published books ‘Condensation And Condescension In Dreams And History: Essay – From Sigmund Freud To E P Thompson’ by Author House London. Psychoanalysis & A- Historical Story of GENGHIS KHAN, Author House- London.



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