Not my India


Why is it so difficult?

To be bold and fearless

In a world which is cruel and vicious

To speak against injustice

To seek fairness, equality and peace

To be aware of the governments games and tricks

To state the facts as it is.

To be an accomplice of the ‘anti-nationals’

To question the government and be rational

To never ask questions those are critical and logical

To assume that your government can do no wrong

To ignore the witness and proof right next to you

Because the damn government is always pious and true


Dear citizens, it is time to open our eyes

To hear the truth and see the white lies

To know we are being fooled over and over again

By the government who is inconsiderate of our pain

To call a matter ‘internal’ because of your hypo critic stand

While ignoring the right and plight of the farmers in their very land

To be shaken by Rihannas one tweet

As your pseudo-patriotism and hyper-nationalism falls to the pit

To justify rape, abuse and violence to advocate your stand

Meanwhile jokes, cartoons and people are all banned

Mann ki Baat, Thali Bajao, 9 baje 9 minute

All these gimmicks have played with our wit

What about the Migrant Workers, sir?

The answers are hesitant, unclear and blur.

Ram Mandir is the only truth in their eyes

They don’t care if the migrants, minorities and the humanity dies

There is a huge difference between ‘friends’ and ‘Mitron’

The former stands by you and the latter against anybody who barely disagrees with him

By the time I finish writing this, I may have an FIR or a one-way ticket to Pakistan

The gates of the jail opened or rape-threats against me

But dear bhakts, do let me be and consider this as a plea

The faccade of ‘acche din’ will end sooner than you know

However your undying ‘bhaktism’ may never end though

An official Tukde-Tukde gang member signing off for now

Hope to see you on the other side of logic, truth and common-sense.

*Taking a bow*

Moitrayee Das is a Guest faculty at FLAME University, Pune. She has completed her M.Phil- PhD from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She holds a Masters degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Mumbai. She has completed multiple Post-graduate Diploma and Certificate Courses from different institutes.




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