Janhastakshep takes strong note of and unequivocally condemns the fascist state crackdown on farmers and the journalists factually reporting the movement and the state action.

Two independent journalists, Mandeep Punia and Dharmender Singh were detained by Delhi Police near Singhu border late night on 30th Jan, 2021. Punia is associated with Junputh and The Caravan while Singh works for Online News India. While Dharmender was released around 5 a.m., an FIR was lodged against Punia and he has been sent to jail after his bail was rejected in court.

It is to be noted that while most of the mainstream media was reporting the violence at Singhu on 29th January as a “clash” between farmers and “locals”, Punia’s last live reporting on his Facebook profile clearly showed the involvement of BJP members and Delhi Police in facilitating the state-sponsored violence on farmers that day. This is the real reason behind his arrest.

Janhastakshep supports the farmers’ revolutionary movement against the draconian farm laws introduced and passed by BJP dominated parliament on the behest of imperialist global capital through World Bank, which included in its GATS agenda the corporatization of education and agriculture in 1995 that was signed by India’s present government in 2015.

Our Demands:

  1. Repeal of the ant farmer laws

2 Immediate unconditional release of journalist, Mandeep Punia

  1. Revoke the suspension of internet services in the areas in the proximity of the movement venues.


Ish Mishra


Janhastakshep: A campaign against fascist Designs 



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