History reveals that our controlling class is irresponsible

Earth Ecocide

The dominant class writes our history from their own perspective, therefore its harsh brutal and dishonest, and that’s blame on our human nature to absolve our masters.

We are unaware of our entrapment in that harsh competitive society that’s bounded together by our compulsive socialness; we therefore see that setup as something of an asset as it still nurtures our economies; however, it’s degrading the planet’s ability to support its life. Especially with our overpopulation that’s stimulated by a competitiveness.  We can’t maintain our per capita use of the planet’s resources without continually diminishing them. Pre-fossil fuel era was only locally and temporally unsustainable; on the other hand, capitalism with its depend on economic and or population growth that can only be sustained by burning fossil fuels until “our” climate becomes too harsh for most living things. We own the planet because we think we do, and that allows us to use its renewable resources well beyond their renewability almost regardless of consequences for other life.

Capitalism was a logical outcome for western European feudalism when it allowed the serfs and artisans to supply the needs of those societies in the best and easiest way they could. That freedom and responsibility fostered a number of technical innovations, embracing whatever was useful from other civilization.      It allowed them to achieve a temporary but necessary “perpetual” built-in economic growth; it’s the way capitalism gave that necessary illusion of progress.

Nonetheless, we are on a treadmill that’s moving ever faster impelled on by a need to have and control more to satisfy a few dominant ones, by using people’s socialness to harness their intelligence, cooperativeness, and stamina to extract from the planet whatever is needed to fulfill the needs of the privilege  few.

Fossil fuel has increased our ability in manifolds of ways; it enabled us to support a vast growth in our population and a few to have an extravagant life style, in a world where most people are making do and many are in extreme poverty. The callousness of the wealthy is unforgivable but accepted as natural by them and as they dominate and their power, at present, can only be taken by those who are as egotistic as they are. It will lead to our offspring and life’s demise unless we understand why we do what we do.

Therefore, we need a savvy public and a few non specialized scientists who can assess society’s needs within nature’s ability to thrive. Humans are very social. We can’t live long in a solitary state without psychological damage. That need of company is not only for our mental health, it’s a practical need that enables us to cope with almost any situation due to our different interest and ability of compassion, physical and mental skills. The importance of a specific ability over another depends on the circumstance in our constantly changing world so we need the widest range of talents to cope with a largely unpredictable future.

The purpose of nearly everyone in civilized societies is to support the one to two percent of the population in luxury and attempt to fulfil whatever their desires maybe. Civilization has always indoctrinated its citizens to fulfill the wants of a dominant few; it’s the purpose of education and the information media, which now has largely supplanted religion. That education is in the main antisocial due to its specialized and intense competitiveness, which’s the governing mode of capitalism that has now lost some of its sustainability to satisfy the unjustifiable needs of its dominant controlling class.

Nevertheless, that dominant class is unaware of its dependence on a viable biosphere that’s presently stressed by an economic growth to satisfy that tiny minority who always want more. While the rest of the population are indoctrinated and manipulated to carry out the aspiration of those few, which is justified by spiritual or legal jargon according to societies’ technical ability. Early in Europe, slaves were the primary energy and work agent that could satisfy the few with their craving until the Roman Empire fell leaving a chaotic condition of the Christian church verses the feudal lords and their vassals all dependent on serfs who maintain the system and themselves the best way they could.

It was that freedom to support their lord and themselves the best way they could, that motivated the use of labor saving devices such as wind, water and animal power, all of which not only reduced the drudgery that slave endured, but released the mental constraint to innovate that slavery had on the intellectuals. It was that little bit of freedom that enable western society to dominate the planet by allowing its workforce to innovate and the incentive to do so.

That innovation became a necessity in England when forest were reserved to maintain its wind jammers ships, and that forced the lower class to burn coal instead of wood, which  eventually solved  an ever increasing energy need. It also released a few educated from their navel gazing to explain natural phenomenon, which puzzled them and demanded an explanation, which it shaped the laws of thermodynamic.

Although capitalist are in control of innovations that were created when a few of those individuals were originally in the middle or working class. However, after they attained their wealth and power from their innovation and establish themselves in a dominant position of power they in the main became conservative in their outlook or the concept is taken over by entrepreneurs.

Although there are many forms of civilization, they’re all control by very few domineering people and therefore the multitude is expected to fulfill their cravings. However, now that we are using fossil fuels to support and grow our economy, but unfortunately it’s also in the process of changing our climate from a behind one to one that would be eventually too hot to be livable as it’s becoming  self-energized. Although we know we must drastically reduce our total world carbon emission, and not just transfer it to the other parts of the planet, however and tragically, it’s the only way we can maintain that necessary growing economy, which unfortunately will sacrifice our children, and it’s the hopeless future we are leaving.

Many scientists have estimated that with present economic activities the world social systems will collapse well within this century resulting in mass starvation with untold violence and suffering probably followed by total desolation. It’s the future for today’s young. Unless we stop competing for supremacy, as all competitive activities are antisocial and a contradiction for us, and since we are the most social of any life forms because we have the body and therefore an intellectual ability to be so. Furthermore, except for sexual needs in many animals. All living things avoid competitive interactions as they wasted energy and can be fatal, nevertheless, one to two in a hundred of us lack feelings for others so with the anonymity in very large groups they can take and do take control, which can be welcome because as a social being we need order. But to have harmony we need to have unanimous decision on matters that affects the band. However this’s impossible in communities that are much larger than a hundred individuals, therefore, someone must take control to avoid chaotic conditions. However, it’s using our socialness that alloys those controlling few who lack feelings for others to dominate. We’re compulsively social and been so social one needs to be involve in a group of people we know to feel fulfilled, be relaxed and live as a part and within nature’s sustainability, and not on nature as we are doing now.

Competitive life must expand to give room for others to function and for it to appear as a viable way of living that dishonesty is hidden by its unsustainable frenetic activities.  We still must maximise the use of natural resources, which’s now unsustainable due to two factors the first is natures resources are finite while our demand are infinite. Our population is still increasing and so is our demand on nature, which’s far above “our” planet’s ability to provide that increasingly impossible growing demand on it. So it can’t last so something must go us or that way of life.


To survive, we need a harmonious and efficient life style to live as a part of nature instead of on nature.

During civilisation we have learned and understood so much, yet in any of its multiple modes, we have ignored our nature and adopt a way of life that satisfies the few sociopaths in control. They have dominated and controlled practically all of civilised life wasting human and the planets resources such as on spending vast resources to build pyramids, and other monuments to satisfy the insane needs of those powerful few who lac feelings for others. Nevertheless, compared to that vast waste to produce and supports large military units, with the evermore costly sophisticate hardware, which’s a drain on society and nature, let alone the slaughter when used and the unimaginable waste of people’s time as soldiers but infinitely worst when there used in combat.

The amount of resources squanders in that uncontrollable competitive insanity is hard to take in. Yet we are still unaware of civilisation’s destructive character and our highly educated ones are well and truly indoctrinated in its conjured up image of superiority.

In Australia we have many quiz shows on our TV they’re based on trivia. Facts for their own sake, it trivialized information that can be vital for our wellbeing       problems that’re affecting our ability to survive, it overwhelmingly concentrates on competitive sport, which’s a gross distortion of our cooperative nature,                  it’s to satisfy a tiny few whose needs are to dominate and use as many individuals they can to extract whatever they need to dominate whoever can increase their domain.

There’s a desperate need to increase and justify competitive activities and even pretend they are socially natural. The gross falseness is submerge by a universal consistent glamorisation of the dishonesty that‘s found in all competitive activities which starts very early in schools and increases in its rivalry as the child goes up a grade. But worst still is the deceptive education that we instil in our young one, which isn’t an over sight but essential indoctrination to maintain and intensify an extreme competitive in civilisation.

Civilisation is at least doubly dishonest. Firstly, it pretends to be a natural progression from a barbaric state of chaotic violence to an orderly community. This’s a gross distortion of its state and history. Secondly, it deceitfully blames human nature for the violence and the gross flagrant disparity in societies acquired resources. Civilised societies not only relates unfairly within itself, that’s between different strata of people but also subordinates the rest of life and whatever is on the planet as the prime use for itself. Relationships in all civilised societies are unfair, therefore they’re dishonest. Throughout civilised history there never has been or could be peace and harmony. On the contrary all civilised systems are exploitative of nature which includes human as it’s dominated by a few very powerful privilege individuals who  enforces it, maintaining that way of life is natural for a social been therefore its beyond criticism.  Our socialness has been used by a tiny minority to subjugate society to fulfil whatever their cravings happens to be. This’s the essence of civilisation; it’s the use and control of the largest number of people to satisfy the desires of a few individuals who have little to no feeling for other people or anything else.

Since the use of fossil fuels we have not only depleted them and produced an ever warmer planet but manage to over populate the planet to an unsustainable state. Present society use resources without considering their sustainability to satisfy the whims of our masters who recently introduced competitiveness as a system to extract more from our planet.

It’s using our cooperativeness, the essence of socialness to compete against all comers.

At present life is live as if the rest of this century will be the same as the past one was with a continual economic growth, but what most people don’t understand is greenhouse gases that has already been emitted have still nearly 20 years of warming and more is going in the atmosphere per day from our activities and the emissions from the effect of global warming.

Life’s prime concern is the welfare of its next generation. This is so for any living thing, plant or animal. But it’s only at best a secondary consideration for civilised societies, their prime concerns is control of whatever is seen as important to increase the ones in power. Therefore, parents are the prime and main nurturer as is the case for all mammals, but it’s overruled by society’s fundamental interest, which’s the domination of whatever is needed to satisfy the fewest in power,  control by whoever the few in charge want. If we don’t accept that, and maintain civilisation, we will be doomed and it will end life on earth.

To survive we need to realize that we must cooperate instead of competing and if we don’t do that on a world scale, today’s infants will suffer an agonizing life and an early death.

We are in a crisis not only for us humans but nearly all of life and we have little time to pull out of this dive to oblivion.

Lionel Anet is an independent writer



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