Standing at 597 feet

And being declared the tallest statue

I felt I could feel pride and watch the beautiful things around

However, find it to be only a misfortune


As I watch miles and miles away from me

I can only see the suffering and pain around

The pain created by those

Who have only tried to build me for their furtherance


I can watch the long queues of ambulance waiting at the hospitals

The families struggling to get beds for their family members

The desperate calls for the oxygen cylinders

Which could infuse life into those struggling members


People standing in queues to get vaccinated

But only finding it to be falling short

The families of those deceased waiting to get the bodies

And the families struggling to get funeral performed of those deceased


I can see tension, stress, anxiety everywhere

Seeing this I only feel guilty

If they had invested on hospitals, ventilators, oxygen, beds

Perhaps I might have avoided seeing those suffering scenes


They did name me as the statue of unity

But through their acts have reduced me to statue of suffering

From this tall height built of me

I can only weep to the scenes happening around

T Navin works with an NGO as a Researcher




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