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Over 85 per cent of those who died of Covid-19 had some other underlying health condition and were very old. The risk from the virus to the young and healthy is not great, and vaccination of the whole population could set off other health crises, over 25 Swedish doctors have warned in a joint, open letter. In the age group of 0-19 years, one in five lakh have died from Covid-19 in Sweden, the letter writers point out. “Mass vaccination of a young and healthy population is not medically justified, but on the contrary is associated with some risks.”

The doctors point out that in 2009 about 60 per cent of the Swedish population was vaccinated against swine flu. At least 350 young adults and children later developed narcolepsy, a condition affecting the nerves that makes for poor ability to control sleep, as a result of the vaccine, Pandemrix, which contained new components not previously tested in this context. In later years, Sweden and Norway, that had substantial population vaccinated for flu, also suffered more severe influenza outbreaks than other countries. The doctors warn that in 2021 these mistakes are perhaps being repeated.

Taking note of the adverse events reported after vaccination, the doctors suggest that only those over 65 years old or otherwise vulnerable should be vaccinated. Previous infections with the common cold and T cell immunity could offer a defence, and there was no particular need for vaccination, the doctors state. “The level of immunity to Covid 19 in the population is therefore likely much greater than we have been able to measure so far.”

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Rosamma Thomas is a freelance journalist



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