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Mr Ram Kishan Yadav or Ramdev is a product of grand Hindutva package that work through raising ‘cultural’ issues. He reached Indian houses and outside through Yoga. As we wait for miracles in India, Ramdev came as a ‘miracle’ man. All those who dont want to put their bodies to trouble felt that Ramdev’s miracles are boon for them. The business started once he became a brand. The powerful lobbies entered in and his Patanjali started producing ‘Ayurvedic’ things. He was one of the promoters of ‘India against corruption’ along with other Babas like Sri Sri Ravishankar, who seems to have vanished and ceded his space to another spokesperson of Hindutva called ‘Satguru’ whose story of violating the land law in Coimbatore has been known to all. Ramdev’s empire at Hardwar has also lots of ifs and buts but Narendra Modi’s government was extraordinarily soft towards him. Patanjali was non profitable trust earning huge profit through income tax exemptions which is a difficult task for other NGOs and organisations to get these days. Slowly, he started entering into our newsrooms by sponsoring programmes. Today, Ramdev’s Patanjali is sponsor of large number of news programmes of all the major channels.

Ramdev fixed into RSS scheme of things very well by raising false ‘sense’ of ‘pride’ and using the same narratives as the Sangh Parivar has indulged in terming all those who differ with them as anti national. Nobody is questioning when Ram Kishan Yadav teach Yoga to people. It it good that we should learn it and keep fit but the problem starts when Ram Kishan Yadav venture in every issue and make those comments which, if made by any other person, would have landed him/her in jail.

He launched Coronil product in the presence of two Union Minister, Mr Harsh Vardhan and Mr Nitin Gadkari, claiming that the product is approved by World Health Organisation. It was absolutely shameful thing to have made these claims in front of Union Health Minister which was rejected by World Health Organisation immediately. But neither Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan nor Ram Kishan Yadav felt apologetic about it. In any other country, government would have faced serious crisis of promoting such fake products but then in India these fake ideas are the ‘trump’ card of Sangh parivar.

Just a few days back Ram Kishan Yadav made two absolutely insensitive remarks which should have forced the government to act against him. His first remark was against the people who were gasping for Oxygen. Ram Kishan said that there is enough Oxygen in the air and we need not worry about it. It is useless for people dying of Oxygen. He exact word are : Marte hain aise hi. Arey, bhagwaan ne muft mein oxygen de rakhi hai. (People say) oxygen ki kami pad rahi hai…bhagwaan ne saara bramhmand bhar rakha hai oxyegn se…le toh le. Bahar cylinder dhoondh rahe hain, tu apne bheetar 2 cylinder laga rakhe hain…”cylinder kam pad gaye”.

Ram Kishan Yadav is ‘promoting’ ‘positivity’ as the government want him to and that is why he has spread so much hatred and negativity. There was no reaction from BJP, RSS or government of India though social media was enraged at this cruel and barbaric remarks. Now Ram Kishan Yadav has made much bigger and outrageous remark against the medical fraternity. He mocked at the modern science and said that so many thousands doctors have died due to Corona Virus so when the doctors are unable to ‘protect’ themselves how will they protect others.’ He claimed he was a bigger doctor.

Over 747 doctors have died till date due to Covid 19. Thousands of health workers worked day in and night to protect us. Many of them died. Ram Kishan Yadav mocked at them insensitively. It is the same man who after a few days of fast against ‘corruption’ in 2011, got unconscious and had to be admitted to Swami Rama hospital in Rishikesh. His chelas did not take him to Patanjali hospital for his treatment.

A couple of days back, Patanjali’s head of dairy business Sunil Bansal passed away from Covid 19 complications. He was being treated in a modern hospital. It is another matter that Patanjali’s Ayurvedic hospital is of no use for their own leaders who speak against modern medicines.

Ram Kishan Yadav has apologised but look at the health minister of India who behaved like a troll when wrote to former Prime Minister Dr Man Mohan Singh and here writing ‘polite’ letter to a man who should be prosecuted for his insensitive remarks as well as putting lives of people in danger though his diversionary tactics and irresponsible behaviour.

Patanjali and Ram Kishan Yadav has been the biggest propagandist of the Hindutva and hence the government will not take any action against him. He will continue to lead, speak whatever he wish and enjoy the full patronage. The legitimacy granted to Ram Kishan Yadav is a threat to our rationality and critical inquiry. His utterings can create atmosphere of mistrust against the whole fight against Covid 19 for which modern medical system is the only answer and need to be protected.

Indian Medical Association has sent a notice to Ram Kishan as well as to the government of India but it seems that the powerful ministers have rained in and as the he has ‘withdrawn’ the statement, it is time to think whether any criminal can get away with such act. Will IMA stop with such farcical ‘withdrawal’ of Ram Kishan ? Let us hope the medical fraternity will speak up against such foolish and dangerous statement by these religious thugs who have blessings of those in power. If such people are not stopped from making these kind of dangerous statement they may put lives of people in serious trouble. In the fight against Covid, we will need to educate our people and develop scientific thinking and spirit of inquiry.



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