Protest in Patiala on the issue of Pandemic

BKU(Ugrahan) leader addressing 3 days conference in Patiala

For 3 continuous days under the tutelage of the Bharatiya Kisan Union(Ugrahan) farmers demanding adequate arrangements for health facilities for the people related to the Corona epidemic, lit the spark of resistance at it’s optimum magnitude. The venue literally resembled the convocation of a huge army battalion making the impact f a Tsunami.It was a spectacle for anyone to witness the sheer intensity and discipline  of the participants ,who set an example to the whole country. One of the most symbolic protests in the country embarrassing the ruling party by exposing the sheer naked nature of the govt. policies. The speakers at the very root touched upon how the rulers in the state and centre gave complete patronage to the corporate to loot the people and used the pretext of the pandemic to tighten the noose on all people’s burning struggles. In no uncertain terms they illustrated how the govt virtually gave no adequate relief to the masses Few agitations could create such tremor in the camp of the rulers, shaking them to the ground. The hearts of the participants blazed like coal in a furnace. They bided with the integrity of soldiers all wearing masks and being de-sanitized. Heroically the farmers thwarted all attempts of the administration to curb or obstruct the event in the name of preventing spread of pandemic.

Dharna was conducted by giving an alternative reply to the government’s arguments to postpone the protest due to the fear of Corona. In view of the danger of Corona, all necessary arrangements like wearing mask, physical distance; medical facilities etc were made by the organization itself.

To sharpen the blind loot of indigenous foreign empire corporates, central government has brought three black agriculture laws, electricity bill 2020 and Parali ordinance, except cancellation of all crops guaranteed on MSP Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) to emphasize the demands of effective resistance of Corona epidemic with the aim of further strengthening the nationwide struggle regarding key demands like legislation and implementation of public distribution system for all poor people in Puda ground from tomorrow The three-day protest started in Patiala and ended on 30th May.

Giving this information, the General Secretary of the organization Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan said that the Punjab government, which has failed badly in making necessary arrangements to deal with the Corona epidemic, also demands that all major private hospitals be taken under government control and Complete arrangements should be made for necessary beds, ventilators and oxygen cylinders etc. New recruitment should be made immediately to fill the place of  medical staff. Prevention vaccine should be provided free to all people. Free tests should be arranged in every city, town, and village. The required budget for all the arrangements should be collected immediately and for this heavy tax should be collected on landlords including corporate houses from big capitalists. People should be awakened through the e Comprehensive Educational Campaign in villages to take precautions and the use of force like beating, chasing, arrests or curfew, should immediately stop. Instead of forcing the vaccine, the suspicion awareness campaign should be renewed by the health law. Despite the extensive conversation with Cabinet Minister Shri Sadhu Singh Dharamsot on May 27, the government has not yet given a satisfactory response to these demands They demanded  10-10 lakhs compensation to the heirs of farmers and labourers who were martyred during the protest against the center, the demand for permanent government jobs to the and  immediate relief to the victims.

He said that among the keynote speakers addressing today’s protests were Janak Singh Bhutal, Jagtar Singh Kalajhar, Manjit Singh Nial, Jaswinder Singh Bras, Manjit singh Gharachon, Harpal Singh Pedhani, Randeep Singh Bhure, Gurpreet Singh Badbar, Gurpreets Kaur Bras, Mandeep Kaur Barn, Bhupinder Kaur Kheri were included.

He called the allegations of spreading corona on farmers involved in permanent fronts by the Central Government completely unreasonable and blamed the both governments themselves for the prevention of the epidemic.

They strongly demanded that the central government open the mouth of government treasury with strong political intention to save the countrymen from the Corona epidemic. For this, imperial corporate households should be banned who are given billions of concessions given this year and collect fat taxes. The blind earnings of landlords and interest eaters should also be brought under the orbit of taxes. Blind income for private businesses and big companies by passing black agriculture laws, passing labour codes, selling government institutions, bringing new anti-people education policy, government ventures and treasury to fight the epidemic Creating a golden opportunity, pushing small businessmen out of retail business and taking over empire companies should be abandoned. The imperial corporate model that was stolen in farming and animal farming due to the birth of viruses like Corona should be cancelled and the footsteps of agricultural trade companies should be banned. Liberals, privatisation and imperial sharing Bhiyali’s policies should be revoked, who cut government responsibility and accountability in the health sector. Self-reliant development model should be implemented in every region free from imperial loot and loot.

Democratic  organisations strongly supported the protest by Plus Forum President Amolak Singh, former TSU President Vijaydev and Prof. Paramjit Singh Madevi. Other farmer speakers included Ajaib Singh Lakhewal, Darshan Singh Shadihari, Karnail Singh Lang, Komal Banga, Davinder Kaur Hardaspur. People’s Art Patiala team played the folk-friendly play ′′ Jinakhi Jinakh Jivi Hai ′′ under the direction of Satpal Banga. Bahal Singh Dhindsa performed the responsibility of stage secretary very well.

Leaders of the union said the state and the Centre had failed to check the spread of Covid-19. “We will soon plan a mass agitation in Patiala again and if need be, will gherao the residence of the Chief Minister,” a farm leader said.

BKU Ugrahan general secretary Sukhdev Singh Kokrikalan said: “We are fed up with fake promises of the state government when it comes to loan waiver. Even the central government has only done lip service and is adamant on the three farm laws, which are against the farming community.”

Earlier on 184th day of Delhi Morcha at Tikri border a programme was staged. The responsibility of the stage was taken by the youth. From today’s stage, Gurbhej Singh Rohiwala said that farmers have achieved many victories during this struggle. Cases against people opposing by the Haryana government have been cancelled due to this struggle. This struggle crystallised the farmers agitation to its boiling point,, which is an achievement. This struggle is a struggle for the farmers of the country to rise above al caste and religion. This struggle has eradicated the boundaries of the states and enabled the farmers of the country to unite ,to confront the rulers in their very backyard.

Yuvraj Singh Ghurani Kalan said that the attack of black agriculture laws is the strategy of the rulers. Labor laws have been amended to facilitate profit of large corporate households to loot their labour to ruin sanati laborers the same time agriculture laws have been brought into the country. On that occasion new education policy 2020 has been brought to destroy the backbone of Indian education not only in India but in other backward countries similar laws are being implemented in the name of economic reforms

Bittu Malan said that the country’s government is running on the same lines as the British colonialists under which all the public institutions of the country are being sold to domestic foreign corporate households. Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman presented a sample year 2021 budget. Presented after announcing converting banks into private banks.

Davinder Singh Ramgadh invited the youth to come forward to strengthen the front.

Revolutionary choreography was presented by the team of Azad Theater Phagwara from today’s stage. Harman Tallewal, Hardev Singh Sangrur, Preet Moga and farmer leader Haryana Jagvir Singh Jhajjar addressed from today’s stage.

On May 28th  at Tikri border Bharti Kisan Union (Ekta Ugraha) staged a conference  at Tikri border near Pakora Chowk in Delhi to cancel the anti-agricultural black laws by Bathinda district Vice President Basant Singh Kothaguru On the martyrdom day of Charan Vohra, two minutes of silence was done by paying tribute. He recalled the sacrifice of Bhagwati Charan Vohra, saying that the manifesto written by the organization of the Yuvaan Bharat Sabha on 6 April 1928 fits today’s circumstances. Bhagat Singh, Rajguru Sukhdev, Chandrashekhar Azad, Shiv Verma, Yashpal and Bhagwati Charan Vohra said that if you talk about the liberation of people then you will need to know the enemies inside and outside of your country.

After this, the women sisters took the action of stage operations. State leader Harinder Kaur Bindu touched upon the communal fascism of the BJP. Illustrating how they were dividing the people on issues of caste and race. She summed up that the intelligent leadership of the farmers struggle launched a counter blow to the designs of the saffron fascists..

Patiala 3 day conference with participants all sanitised and wearing masks.

Paramjit Kaur Samura, Gurmel Kaur Kothaguru and Harmeet Kaur Kaleke said that the political elements who opposed the front had tried to make the farmers of Punjab and Haryana clash on the water issue. However the people of Haryana did not flinch the slightest,have clearly said that we will deal with the issue of water ourselves but today our food burki is being snatched from our mouth. They said the fight was too big. Some opportunistic politicians are also trying to foil the struggle, but are eating out of their mouths. We will rise from Delhi’s borders only after cancelling the laws. He said today states like Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan have awakened and assumed that whoever the ruling rulers are they are all robbers. BJP’s Modi government is going to snatch food from the mouth of the people and give it to a handful of corporate families. Opportunist BJP government is selling the country’s public institutions at the price of money to corporate households by calling them losers. Kiranjit Kaur Hareri, Rajwinder Kaur Haredi and Kamaljeet Kaur Harei said that oppressive governments always lose and struggling people always win.

Harsh Thakor is  a political commentator or freelance Journalist who has toured India ,particularly Punjab and written articles on democratic blogs like ‘Ottos War Room’ and ‘Democracy and Class Struggle.’ and ‘Frontier weekly’ on a range of topics.

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