Youth Leading The Struggle Against Farm Laws

It is most encouraging witnessing the youth emerging at the forefront of the agitation against farm bills, displaying the intensity of coal fire in a furnace. In recent days they have illuminated the flame of resistance to a crescendo to crystallise a sustained movement. Youth club shave been set up and cultural programmes performed to galvanise the youth and integrate them with the farmers struggle. Women comrades have too ignited the spark of liberation at optimum level. A most illustrative effort was undertaken to portray the contribution of Banda Bahadur Singh on June 9th.A set of rallies or conferences were staged challenging the economic neo-fascist policies of the Modi led govt at the very heart. Most qualitative speeches were made and gatherings held reflecting the spirit of an organised army battalion. Speakers at the very backbone exposed the conspiracy of the BJP govt in shattering the unity of the farmers. and how it gave patronage to any project or goal of the corporate. Pertinent that the BJP govt elevated the Minumum support price and how the ruling party in Punjab was attempting to break the unity between the famers and agricultural labourers. Accent was placed on relating the present grievances with the social system as a whole and how the Modi Regime has virtually strangulated the oppressed masses as never before in India’s history. The recent protests where copies of the black laws have been burned also have great qualitative significance embarrassing the rulers in their very backyard.

Manpreet Singh Singhwala
Manpreet Singh Singhwala

On June 11th Youth leader Manpreet Singh Singhwala played the role of stage secretary at  Gadri Bibi Gulab Kaur Nagar at Tikri Border within the ongoing movement at the borders around Delhi to cancel anti-people black laws Fulfilled it. Addressing the gathering in the Pandal, State Secretary Shingara Singh Mann said the effect of these three agricultural laws has started to appear as the central government has increased the MSP rate on 22 crops over the past several years. Government procurement of many crops was also done. In the last days, the central government has declared MSP rate on 14 crops and has deprived the purchase of 8 genes from MSP. In this also, the guarantee of only two crops is wheat, paddy and that too has been implemented only in two states Punjab and Haryana. In other states of India, crops are being bought at the price of crops. This is why private traders buy crops from other states at cheap prices and bring them to Punjab and Haryana and sell them at full rates.

Farmer leader strongly condemned the central government for setting MSP price of 14 crops reduced from 22 crop and told the government to buy government by setting the minimum support price of total crops in India Be guaranteed.

The farmer leader said that as it is the season of paddy harvesting in Punjab, the political parties of Punjab are taking resolution by both parties through their cells on the rate of paddy plantation among labourers and farmers. Labour and farmer organizations will not tolerate the breaking of mutual unity at any cost. Both parties should sit together to solve the issue.

Mohit Sidhani, a young leader of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta (Ugrahan) from Haryana, addressing the youth, said, ′′ We need to get into the field of peaceful struggle by taking guidance from the revolutionary warriors till date on the philosophy of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Young leaders Yuvraj Singh Ghudhani and Master Gagandeep Singh Chajli said that the Modi government is trying to impose a new model of agriculture through these laws in the name of economic reforms. These models have been implemented by corporate households in many countries around the world, the greatest example of which Mexico with the United States has destroyed agriculture. The laborers out there are no one finding an alternative solution and people are dying of starvation. Krishna Channa (Barnala) and Jaskaran Singh Mansa also addressed from the stage.

Due to the pressure of a peaceful front to cancel the black laws against agriculture, the BJP government initiated mutual talks.. These words were expressed by State President Joginder Singh Ugrahan at Tikri Border on June 10th from the ongoing stage of Bibi Gulab Kaur Nagar of Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta (Ugrahan). He said many participants are feeling that it has been eight and a half months since the farmer’s ghol is running till now. Modi govt has remained silent but under BJP leadership with the farmer’s movement on an upswing in Delhi borders disruption has begun with UP Chief Minister Adityanath Yogi’s rebellion and RSS opposition. The President gave an example of Punjab’s BJP leadership, saying that BJP leaders Anil Joshi and Manohar Lal advised Modi if they did not solve the issue by sitting with farmers on agricultural laws, then the upcoming 2022 legislation People will not allow them to  enter the villages and cities of Punjab in the Lok Sabha elections. He said that the pressure on the BJP is due to the struggle of unity among farmers and labourers. This is a political move to break the unity with the votes given by farmers on paddy harvesting. Appealed to the farmers to take care of their unity and find a joint solution by both parties.

Senior Vice President of District Bathinda Women Wing Paramjit Kaur Kotra said that the Bharatiya Kisan Union has achieved a lot while working in Ekta (Ugrahan) and women are getting a lot of respect as the stage over the past few months running one day a week is reserved for women. Even today the stage was operated by the woman. Our history shows that no struggle can be won without women’s involvement. In the past years, in the case of land acquiring, whether it is Dhola Channa or Gobindpura’s land slide, women have contributed a lot in these struggles. In the same way, women are giving great support in the front on Delhi bruhs to cancel these three black agricultural laws and shouting slogans ′′ Sisters come together with brothers, win the war together.

Neelam Singhani, a young leader of the Indian Farmer Union Ekta (Ugrahan) from Haryana, said that today we are busy combating the oppressive governments of India to cancel the black agricultural laws. The government is deploying police machinery and military forces impose deadly policies on people by threatening them. However when the period of loot and oppression accelerates, the unarmed people are mentally prepared to confront the oppressor governments as we also shout ‘ gal pag jay jay tired people, don’t stop bomb guns ‘ Ultimately, the people who struggle will win. Sukhpal Kaur Sangrur, Kulwinder Kaur Barnala, Paramjit Kaur Dirba and Paramjit kaur Sangroor also addressed from today’s stage.

Press Statement: – Singara Singh Mann State Secretary

Shingara Singh Mann, State Secretary of the Bharti Kisan Union (Ekta Ugraha), issued a press statement condemning the implementation of new labor laws by the Modi government, saying that three black laws farmer s’ lands are corporate These laws are being enforced by imperial companies to speed up the loot of working people and shut down the voice against it. They demanded that these four labor codes be cancelled. From the stage of Gadri Bibi Gulab Kaur Nagar of the Morcha at Tikri Border today, District Sangrur President Amrik Singh Gandhuan said that the battle of the three black laws is a battle of lands and the battle of the lands demands for the head. Our history shows that from the land struggle of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur to today, there have been great sacrifices. Regarding today’s situation, he said that in 2011, Akali leader of Amritsar Veer Singh Lopoke fought to stop the forceful occupation of the lands of poor abused farmers and give farmers the rights to own lands. (Ekta Ugraha) leader Shaheed Sadhu Singh Takhtupura murdered by the goons of Bir Singh Lopoke shows that the ruling parties are always forcing the working people. This needs to be answered with patience and patience.

Bathinda district leader Basant Singh Kothaguru said that the looter ruling classes have created a political, economic, social, cultural assault to accelerate the loot of the people. If we talk about economic attack, in 1962, the loot of farmers was sharpened by corporate families under the name of green revolution. Major problem of unemployment and looting of working people was intensified by handing over public institutions to corporate houses. The land eclipse act brought in 2014 by the BJP government to settle 7 sanati cities under India The total amount was divided into three parts. According to this anti-people decision, the three black laws that destroyed agriculture brought on June 5 have been a matter of death for people. The people of India who have been fighting continuously for the last 8 months have reached the borders of Delhi from  Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand .This indicates the people of India are  fed up with the mentality  of the ruling class ,like in  of Punjab and Haryana, and Uttar Pradeshi. Nikka Ramgadh played the role of stage operation and Principal Sheila Dikshat Haryana, Jaswant Singh Tolawal, Kuldeep Singh Amritsar, Krishna Channa, Palwinder Singh Raipur, Gurudev Singh Gajumajra and Balwinder Kaur Pandher also addressed.

District Bathinda leader Basant Singh Kotha Guru joined Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta (Ugrahan) from the stage of Gadri Bibi Gulab Kaur Nagar near Pakora Chowk near Pakora Chownk at Tikri Border to cancel anti-agriculture black laws On the invitation of Haryana Vidhan Sabha Speaker Gyan Chand’s house in Panchkula city in Haryana, farmers burned copies of black laws , condemning the lathicharge on them, said the United Farmers Morcha in the last days Tohana MLA Divinder Babli was protested by farmers on arrival in the city after the invitation of BJP leaders to peaceful protest in public places, the MLA abused the farmers and handcuffed them. Haryana police arrested by filing cases against farmers against which Haryana farmers have surrounded Tohana police station.

On June 7, Haryana’s entire farmer organizations were invited to surround all police stations in Haryana. Given which was given the strongest support by   the Bharatiya Kisan  Union Ekta (Ugraha). He said that BJP leaders are trying to divert the agitation everywhere so that people become violent and the farmer s’ movement can be forced to stand. Appealed to the farmers that understanding this move of BJP, by keeping Shanghars peaceful, the Jabar BJP government should not be given any chance to force them.

Mansa district leader Joginder Singh Dayalpura mentioned an incident that happened in village Fafde Bhaika, said that former BJP minister Vijay Sampla tried to enter the village after the death of a youth of a labour family in police custody. The people did not allow him to enter the village by blocking  all the roads. The honest leadership of the farmer leaders foiled  all the plans of BJP to create mutual bridge between farmers and labourers. From today’s stage, Bathinda district leader Jagsir Singh Jhumba, Fazilka district president Satpal Singh, Muktsar district general secretary Gurbhagat Singh Bhaliana also addressed.

On June 5th,a  Protest was organised by Bharatiya Kisan Union (Ekta Ugrahan) in Bahadurgarh city as a protest on completion of one year of anti-agricultural black laws as ordinance. Copies of black laws burnt at office Bahadurgarh. Addressing a gathering on stage at Gadri Gulab Kaur Nagar as daily at the Tikri border later, State President Joginder Singh Ugraha said Modi Schumat will reintroduce  black laws as per the instructions of World Trade Organization, International Currency Fund and Sansar Bank This is the link of imperialist l policies being implemented under the name of new economic reforms. He said that after 1947, public institutions built to serve the people are paved the way to become corporate households. The implementation of these new black laws would also put food security at risk, he said. Millions of people will suffer from unavailability of grains through the public distribution system.

State Secretary Shingara Singh Mann said that the ongoing struggle to revoke the new laws brought under anti-people policies is an ongoing struggle that is elevating by passing through different stages. He said that there is a need to speed up action against BJP leaders and corporate households in the states as well as keeping the Delhi fronts consolidated. They demanded the release of farmers arrested in the branch and warned the Khattar government to retreat from forcing farmers to vacate. On this occasion, Navsharan Kaur, daughter of democratic rights activist and Punjabi’s renowned playwright Gursharan Singh also addressed and supported the farmer s’ struggle. She said that the issues of democratic rights in the country should also be addressed in the struggle against agricultural laws. The Modi government’s attack on democratic rights is part and parcel of the anti-people economic policies. The struggle for them also becomes a shared concern for all the working people. In today’s action program, chief leaders of all districts except state leaders Harinder Kaur Bindu, Jaswinder Singh Longowal, Roop Singh Channa were included.

The ongoing farmer s’ struggle is a big yes-pro-yes phenomenon in the society and gives enough basis to work in this direction. Farmer leadership and activists could do a lot to help farm labourers get organised on issues like the end of public distribution system, eradication of employment in fields and marketing structure, but some Except one farmer organizations, a large part of the organizations have not put up any countable efforts in this direction. Still efforts should be made in this direction. That’s why this farmer’s struggle can have an effective role in caste divisions and injury to tuberculosis and it can be stronger and wider.

In Kotkapura (Faridkot) on June 5th copies of black law were burnt in front of the house of BJP Punjab General Secretary Sunita Garg at Kotakpura on the invitation of United Farmer Morcha. Address by Shaheed Randhawa of Punjab Students Union


Another very significant declaration was that of the PunjabK het Mazdoor Union on how the rulers were plotting to break the unity between the farmers and agricultural labourers in the season of paddy cultivating. The leaders pledged for the agricultural labourers not to get tempted by slogans raised against land peasantry.

Punjab Khet Labour Union invited labourers to stand against the indifferent orders of Panchayats in the matter of paddy laving rates. The leaders declared in a statement the need to confront the boycotting of dalit agricultural labourers by upper castes in work in a sustained manner in panchayats .They also advised the dalit community of agricultural labourers not to be antagonistic to demands of the landed peasantry.

– ‘The unfortunate and strong condemnation of boycotting or imposing heavy fines on the labourers asking for more rates than the votes given by the panchayats regarding the rate of paddy lavai in some villages. ‘

Punjab Farm Labour Union strongly condemns such actions. Union State President Zora Singh Nasrali and General Secretary Laxman Singh Sevewala said in a statement that such resolution will become a means to deepen caste divisions by tearing down the class sharing of farmers. He said that this politics of distribution among farmers and labourers fits perfectly with the Modi government and the opportunistic robber forces apart from the owners of big landslides. Labour leaders said that Jagiru Chaudhary and  the panchayats, are responsible for the poor and recession of the farmers, by covering the local foreign corporate households and pro-landlord policies, by awarding no reasonable increase in the rates of daily wage for  paddy work by the farm labourers. They are doing bad things to break the purpose of demand. He said that the majority cases of increase in the work rate by the labourers does not cause any special loss to the poor and small land farmers.

But the ruling classes are using the common farmers against the farm labourers by giving support to the casteist chaudhary.

A survey conducted by BKU Ekta Ugraha a few years ago in three villages said that 17 percent of farmers have been discharged from the land due to the government’s labour farmer s’ miserable policies and a large majority owns small lands who have labour rates. Increase in this doesn’t cause any particular economic loss.

But the landlords and other business owners also present themselves in the burqa of farmers whose fields are not associated with labourers and poor farmers but with class enmity. In fact, due to the force of their economic and political impact, the panchayats are also occupied by these Jagiru Chaudhary’s and on this force they implement the panchayat resolution against the labourers. On the other hand, it is Jagiru Chaudhary who has taken the work of MNREGA and plots of five Marla, including many monitoring government schemes, to prevent the labourers from taking advantage of the panchayat resolutions. And the third part of the panchayat  demands are  cheaper prices. The means breaking the legal right of laborers / Dalits on contracts are also the main tool of Jagiru Chaudhary and their representative panchayats.

Labour leaders said that the labourers need to stand together first to stop the bullying done by panchayat votes in order to choke the demand for a reasonable increase in labour rates / paddy rates. But while doing so, the working class should never forget that a large portion of farming surrounds their classmates. So labourers should guide their protest against Jagiru Chaudharyan, who put caste divisions on labourers.

The labour leaders strongly suggested the labourers that they should avoid making statements against the entire farming community of Punjab, based on the votes in some villages. He said that at present, the farmer s’ movement against agricultural laws has drawn the attention of the whole world and various sections including farm labourers are being strongly supporting the movement, so through such votes, the labourers are distributing distribution among farmers. Farmer organisations should take active intervention to prevent panchayats and answers which can bring better results. He said that farmer organizations need to pay immediate attention to this issue.

We need to understand and be careful otherwise we will be killed…

Delhi protest on resolution against farm labourers

The resolution being made against farm labourers is not a farmer’s job in the front of the Delhi protest. Rather, many sections of them have made serious efforts to make farm workers part of the struggle. In these votes, the villagers are Jagiru Chaudhary Mohri who connects the common farmers with them on the force of caste weapons. But also there is another side of these situations which sometimes the well-wishers of the farmer labour movement are unable to extinguish and immediately start giving fatwa that on one side there is struggle in Delhi and on the other hand such behaviour towards farm labourers Being captured. It should be understood that no anti-government struggle brings all consciousness to the class conflicts in itself. Caste division in villages is a reality and when the owner does not become a means of awareness against caste division-discrimination to save his lands. This land ownership is the one who is deeply molested with higher caste and social status. So in the farmer s’ struggle, along with the layers of the poor and between farmers, the winter farmers are also lending a supportive shoulder because they are also feeling threat to their lands. So the battle to save the land cannot be a means to snatch the higher caste pride in itself. In order to communicate such consciousness, the farmer leadership has to be very cautious and make serious efforts, the joint demands and joint struggle with the movement of farm labourers. For this, it has to be a long grind. Most of all, in the poor and middle agriculture, the realization has to be awakened that if you want to save the land and complete the land, then this is possible only by joining the farm labourers. That’s the need that can ultimately hurt the racial tactics / finances.

The ongoing farmer s’ struggle is a big yes-pro-yes phenomenon in the society and gives enough basis to work in this direction. Farmer leadership and activists could do a lot to help farm labourers get organised on issues like the end of public distribution system, eradication of employment in fields and marketing structure, but some Except one farmer organizations, a large part of the organizations have not put up any countable efforts in this direction. Still efforts should be made in this direction. That’s why this farmer’s struggle can have an effective role in caste divisions and injury to tuberculosis and it can be stronger and wider.


Warriors who took away land from lands and distributed it among farmers to lead the armed farmer rebellion and to fight against the atrocities of Mughal Rajshahi

Celebrate the martyrdom day of Banda Singh Bahadur

Banda Bhadur Singh
BKU(Ugrahan) poster upholding Martyrdom day of Banda Bhadur Singh

Let’s pledge to build a huge militant farmer movement to protect lands from empire companies and indigenous corporates and to take the rights of lands from landlords!!

By Taking inspiration from the struggle under the leadership of Banda Singh Bahadur, let us rise above the divisions of castes, let us bring the poor and poor farmers in the leading pages of the farmer movement. Let’s share the struggles with the farm labourers more.

In the ongoing farmer s’ struggle, let’s take inspiration from this Shanamati Sangrami legacy, let’s deepen the spirit of fighting for rights and making fearless sacrifices.

Pay tribute on 9th June at the farmer’s fronts in Delhi Tikri Border and Punjab.

Meeting commemorating Banda Bhadur Singh on June 7th

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist.Toured India,particularly Punjab .Written on Mass movements ,,Massline,Maoism on blogs like Democracy and Class Struggle and frontierweekly .An avid cricket lover too who has posted writings on blogs like Pakpassion Indian Cricket Fans and

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