Build a nationwide anti-fascist democratic movement as a true tribute to Fr Stan Swamy

Stan Swamy 2

The present rulers of the country and state institutions have imprisoned Fr. Stan Swamy for a crime he did not commit, and killed him without being given proper treatment in time and without bail, to prove their allegiance to fascist corporate capitalism. He fought for the democratic rights of thousands of tribal in Jharkhand who were imprisoned under black laws by demanding for all such under trial prisoners to be released on a personal bond, and the conduct of a speedy trial. He had also demanded the appointment of a judicial commission to investigate the reasons for delays in the trial process. He campaigned against several anti-people policies of the government, and laws enacted in violation of the Constitution. His relentless struggle against fascist onslaughts is of paramount importance. His struggle has the power to inspire, kindle and mobilize the spirit of democracy among the people.

The central government under BJP is eroding the constitutionally declared rights and freedoms of the people. Against this, whoever rises to defend the democratic rights of the people and to build the people’s movements, the state under BJP is chasing and biting them. In fact, all the parties in power in the states, especially the BJP-led central government, are brutally undermining democratic and civil rights.

Observing this, some of our friends believe that the rule of our country is still the same as the British rule, that foreign imperialist-feudal dictatorship continues to this day, and therefore there are no shades of democracy in the rule of the country.The fact is that the reign of the English and the kings of the day ended in 1947. In that place the rich class of our country – the capitalist class came into power. This is the ‘democratic’ rule of the rich. This is the rule of Tata, Birla, Adani, and Ambani’s. Modi and Shah are only puppets of Adani and Ambani’s. Under this regime the Capitalists are getting all kinds of rights and freedoms to exploit the country; Wage slavery, poverty and Dictatorship are only available gifts to the working people and the poor, regardless of caste or religion. So it is a dictatorship rule of the rich, Capitalists, corporates. Democratic rights and civil liberties are the enemies of these ruling classes, which defies and challenges them.

It was for this reason that Father Stan Swamy, a humanist, democrat and dedicated social activist, became an enemy of this Corporate state under BJP and became numb in their eye. His struggle was not a struggle for his selfish gainbut for preservation and extension of democratic rights of the people. The absolute faith he displayed in the rights of the people was a great extraordinary democratic trait.

Everyone must recognize the fact that his struggle is for the rights and freedom of the oppressed and an important part of the people’s movement against fascist rule. He continued his struggle even in captivity. Despite hundreds of attempts by the rulers, they failed to break his faith in democracy as long as he could breathe. His uncompromising struggles against political tyranny, social inequality and discrimination, his fighting spirit and hard work will keep his memories alive as a beacon of democracy for long in the minds of the people.

The struggles for the protection and expansion of democratic rights in a capitalist country are all part of the working people struggle. So wherever democratic rights are attacked, organizations of the oppressed and exploited must be at the forefront of mobilizing the masses against fascist attacks and organizing democratic movements as part of the anti-capitalist socialist movement. Only these movements for the protection of democratic rights, the ideological conflict that continues in that process and the campaign can only raise the democratic consciousness and values among the people. Through organizing powerful mass democratic movements against the fascist rule only can build the public consciousness, the cohesive force of the people, necessary for radical change in society.

Fr. Stan Swami! People loves you and march up to the end to carry the flag you held to the establishment of secularism, democracy and socialism.

Battini Rao, President, Progressive organization of People (POP), Andhra Pradesh



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