Changing stands of RSS: A Riddle

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RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat in a book release programme said that the DNA of Muslims and Hindus are one. The author of the book, is Dr. Khwaja Iftikar Ahmad titled ‘The Meeting of Minds :A bridging Initiative’ is a Muslim and he is part of the RSS created organisation, ‘Muslim Rashtriya Manch. ( Muslim National Front). In a way it was RSS function. Therefore, much need not to be read from its own function, but as the much fuss has been made by the media and there is lot of praising by many of this changed stance of the RSS, it is necessary to fathom the real intent of the RSS.

Will it really follow the spoken words?

What is its real interest and intent? Has not RSS, Brahmins, right from past generations changed their stand time to time?

RSS is the extension of the Arya Brahman ideology.

Dr. Ambedkar in his treatise ‘Riddles in Hinduism.’ has outlined how Brahmins have changed their stand and practices right from the Vedic period. In the introduction itself of this book he says,

‘The Brahmins have propagated the view that the Hindu civilisation is Sanatan, that is unchanging. In this book I have attempted to show that this view is not in accord with the facts and that Hindu society has changed from time to time.’ (Riddles in Hinduism, Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar : Writings and Speeches, vol. 4, Education Department, Government of Maharashtra, 1987).

There are 32 Riddles in the book in which he has exposed the changing position of Brahmins, including the Riddle of Rama and Krishna on which great hue and drum beating was done and copies of the book were burnt by Maratha Mahasangh and Hindu outfits.

Dr. Ambedkar exposed the changing stance of the Hindus and how they had promoted and demoted their Gods, scriptures.

Dr. Ambedkar says, ‘It will be noticed how the Brahmins have changed and chopped. There was a time when they worshipped Vedic Gods. Then came the time when they abandoned Vedic Gods and started worshipping non-Vedic Gods. Further he says,’ Not only the Brahmins abandoned their Vedic Gods but there are cases where they have become the worshipers of Muslim Pirs. (Introduction). It is axiomatic that when Ambedkar says, their religion is not Sanatan – eternal he hints at their eternal greed.

The recent statement of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat that DNA of Muslims and Hindus is same. is in keeping with their historical changing stances. As in the past they are behaving in the same attitude of making enemies the beneficiaries.

Right from the independence movement they were calling Muslims as enemies.

It is as clear as sunlight that almost all upper caste Hindu leaders were of the same views. V. D. Savarkar, Hindu Mahasabha leader was in forefront to spread enmity against Muslims. Ex. RSS Chief M. S. Golwalkar in his writings till his last sermons he described Muslims as enimies.

Now, we are hearing in the 21st century that RSS Chief says Muslims are having same DNA. Is this not taking topsy-turvy stand?

This stand is against their most revered Guru – Golwalkar because of his untiring efforts RSS became the force. He along with Hedgewar gave RSS strong foundation. None other than him gave theory of Hindu nation according to which RSS came to this dominant position.

During its second term BJP has enacted the laws against Muslims. They are teen Talaq and article 370 Kashmir, CAA, NRC. CAA was taking out their citizenship.

But now RSS chief is saying that DNA of Muslims and Hindus is the same, secondly, Mohan Bhagwat has also said that their citizenship will not end. What was its stand on the citizenship?

According to Golwalkar

‘the non-Hindu people in Hindustan must learn to respect and held in reverence Hindu religion, must entertain no idea but that of glorification of Hindu race and culture, in a word, they should they must cease to be foreigners or may stay in this country wholly subordinate to the Hindu Nation, claiming nothing, deserving no privileges far less preferential treatment, not even citizens rights. (We or our nationhood Defined, M. S. Golwalkar, 1939, p.47-48)

That means RSS has changed their its stand of calling Muslims as enemies. This change in their outlook of making enemy as brother is intriguing. Will this be their permanent stand?

Is RSS making the Guru irrelevant today?

If this happens and RSS defies Golwalkar that means RSS leaving its Hindu nation concept?

Now, BJP and RSS both are taking a stand that they were not against reservation. But, this lie is so obvious that no body will believe. Because, both BJP and RSS were against Mandal commission and it was they who had launched fierce agitation against Mandal commission which was declared by V. P. Singh in August 1990. L. K. Adwani launched Ram temple yatra obviously against Mandal decision and withdrawn the support to Janata Dal government dislodging it. At that time they and many more upper caste organisations were demanding reservation on economic criteria.

Now, the same outfits are talking of caste based reservations. BJP has introduced the Bill and passed it, with the support of opposition giving rights to the states for inclusion of castes.

Not only that Modi has inducted many OBC and S. C. ministers in the cabinet. This has followed by the statement of Mr. Hosbale, General Secretary of the RSS claiming that RSS was always in favour of reservation.

Are people blind or deaf that they did not see or hear the halla-gulla of anti agitations by these very organisations?

As I have pointed earlier, their ideological stand is not permanent, their greed is unchanging as statements of leaders are not to be followed all the time.

Golwalkar himself said in his book, ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ that we do not follow any book, any great personality all the time. Our aim is our guide. So the changed stand is not against their aim.

Their greed will remain. The changing stances are eye washes.

Nagesh Chaudhari is editor of Bahujan Sangharsh, a Marathi fortnightly and author of many books on social issues. His recently published book is, RSS, CASTE SYSTEM AND HINDU NATION


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