Hate — impact on daily life

“Majorities are of two sorts: (1) communal majority and (2) political majority. A political majority is changeable in its class composition. A political majority grows. A communal majority is born. The admission to political majority is open. The door to communal majority is closed. The politics of political majority are free to all to make and unmake. The politics of communal majority are made by its own members born in it “

B R Ambedkar

Almost every day one or more news on humiliation or oppression of minorities is heard, especially muslims are at the receiving end most of the time. They are not even being allowed to eek out a living by continuing petty and small business.

Communal bangles

Bangle Seller Beaten in Indore

The communal tension is fast spreading in north India and many muslims are facing threats. A bangle selling muslim has been thrashed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh for selling bangles to hindu girls. (Indore’s Muslim Bangle seller Beaten Up by Mob Booked Under POSCO for ‘Molesting Minor’ by Vivek Trivedi updated August 23 2021, news18.com). The 25-year old Taslim alias Golu has not only been beaten by resident fanatics and an FIR was launched against him but also abusive slogans were chanted against muslim community. The hindu fanatics are using porn-based slogans with Hindu Gods. This is very filthy and uncomfortable even for hindu community to listen to. Society is being polarized specially in north and central India in such a way that minorities are facing severe obstacles in their daily routine work.

Beggars harassed

The harassment of muslims is continuing unabated even in non-BJP ruled states like Rajasthan. In Ajmer, muslim beggars were harassed and told to go to Pakistan and beg. (Muslim beggars beaten, asked to go to Pakistan, 4 arrested, published on August 24 2021, hindustantimes.com). Even a small boy was not spared. He was hit on the head and other beggar was slapped by the fanatics. Thus, violation of fundamental rights by the lumpen fanatics is going on without a hitch. Even if some people are arrested, they are being released on one pretext or the other.

Facing hardships

The atmosphere in many parts of India is becoming bleak by the day. Even Blind school in PM’s own constituency of Varanasi faced closure for not releasing funds to run the school. (Students of a school for the blind in Varanasi, agitate against institution’s closure of its senior school, by Akash Pandey, updated July 19 2021,en.goanconnection.com). The school – Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andh Vidyalaya is facing closure for nine to twelve class students. (Classes 9-12 closed: students say move to shut Varanasi school for visually impaired , written by Asad Rehman, August 27 2021, indianexpress.com). This shows the negligence and utter callousness of rulers towards disadvantaged people.

Bleak future

Thus, the future seems to be bleak for majority of the people in the country. Even advasis and dalits are being used for political and social purposes to create communal divide and after achieving their goal, the fanatics dump them without any care or sympathy. Only when all the suffering lot come together and agitate, they might be able to achieve something.

K Sheshu Babu is a frequent writer for Countercurrents


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