Jewish Nation-State & Occupied Palestine Are Humanity’s Black Holes

Israel right here behind the wall
Israel’s 700 Kilometre Wall, 85% of which Falls Within the Illegally Occupied West Bank, Divides the Jewish Nation-State from Occupied Palestine

The experience is a jarring one to stare for even a moment at the scene of the Jewish Nation-State & Occupied Palestinian Territories inextricably joined together; as if one were viewing through a telescope not at one of the universe’s distant galactic black holes, but rather peering back into the black void that exists here, on one of Planet Earth’s own harshest, most tragic scenes of humanity’s hostile no man’s lands; forever separated by a monolithic, unyielding, cold concrete wall – seemingly stretching into infinity. That ‘Wall of Apartheid’, as some call it, hopelessly dividing two races, two cultures, two religions, two opposite ways of life, two clashing ways of being – each trapped on either side of the wall; mutual prisoners of one another, as it were, perpetually locked into one another’s orbit, light years apart in more ways than one, in a bizarre death spiral until that fateful day when some fatal collision must, inexorably, occur.

Until that calamitous ‘Final Day of Reckoning’ arrives, the constant, intolerable human terror daily heaped upon the Palestinian people by the Jewish Nation-State, and the horrid conditions under which they are forced to live, would be considered an outrage by any other government in the world that even remotely considered itself to be a real democracy; instead of the illusionary one Israel pretends itself to be rather than the violent, authoritarian, fascist state it, in fact, is in reality. Such conditions wouldn’t be tolerated for an instant in any other true democracy.

For Palestinians, places like Gaza have long since simply become as if virtual brutal concentration camps; while still others in the West Bank constantly find themselves either: branded as ‘terrorists’; perpetually rousted’ and turned into homeless-stateless refugees, or; literally forced to share their dwellings with hostile Jewish occupier-settlers.

Ever since, this surreal human reality has seemingly created its own fatal, congenital birth defect in human affairs that can be traced back to the world’s collective self-guilt originally felt for ever allowing the Nazi’s attempted extermination of the Jews before and during WWII

The then infant United Nations, at the time of its own birth in 1948, felt that same sense of collective self-guilt, not necessarily for the victims among the colored races who also were summarily dispatched out of hand by the Nazi’s, but more specifically for those among the Jewish White Race who were forever lost.

At that point, the UN. gave extraordinarily-special considerations of relocation to the Holocaust survivors and millions of displaced Jews by extending to them certain unchallengeable rights of occupation under the protective cover of international law; but that the world would then go on to summarily deny, and continues to deny to this day, to indigenous Palestinians, and countless others trapped in the same no man’s lands, without the same assured protections under international law and the right to return to their own original native homelands.

That poisonous bad seed, planted in Palestine, back in 1948, in the collective birthplace-heart of human society, quickly spread around the globe like cancer that created a unfeeling, uncaring climate in a world that since has turned its back by continuing to condone so many violations of indigenous human rights and crimes against humanity committed by other authoritarian, fascist, rogue governments; especially throughout the Middle East in troubled areas like Afghanistan; where other power-mad rulers ever since have continued to commit their own vile acts against so many unfortunate native populations, many among even their own dispossessed, indigenous peoples and their own inherent right to exist and flourish as they would see fit.

The truth is that this cancerous spread of humanity’s inhumanity, that especially continues to fester in places like Occupied Palestine, has become the source of a big political lie in the world to itself. A lie that has served as a major causal factor in this cancerous spread within the human soul that continues to expose the phoney truths that lie behind so much of the world society’s notion of itself as a series of ’evolving democracies’, in whatever primitive stages of development and evolution, rather than the same age-old ruthless, authoritarian, savage ones they are.


Ever since those end-of-world-war-days, the bizarre, surreal charade that has become an integral part of Israel and Occupied Palestine’s evolution, with fundamentalist Jewish occupier-colonist-settlers and evangelical Christians from all points on the globe, constantly being sucked into this cosmic vortex to await the prophesied moment when they believe they will be raptured up into their God’s presence.

Meanwhile, the indigenous Palestinian inhabitants continue to be forced to live in their own makeshift Hell; violently evicted from their last traditional strongholds by IDF forces and colonizing-terrorist settlers, regularly committing, at will, widespread, indiscriminate murder, mayhem and terrorism condoned by the Jewish Nation-State and corporate, non-indigenous world who repeatedly abandons, whenever it so suit’s them, whatever protections or assurances were ever given to them for their own health and welfare.

The sad fact is that no matter how many times Israeli Jews attempt to assuage their consciences by defining, redefining or then redefining yet again what the term antisemitism means to those who would use the term to criticize Israel’s constant mistreatment of indigenous Palestinian peoples, the same central question remains unanswered.

Whatever the definition is that ever will be arrived at by the Jewish Nation-State, it will forever remain inadequate and incorrect so long as that definition avoids stating the obvious bottom line. Namely, that Palestinians simply deserve, and must absolutely have, the same equal right as Jewish citizens of Israel to exist and flourish, either within the Jewish Nation-State or their own Palestinian Nation-State; which they now don’t have and never will so long as they remain dispossessed of their native homelands and remain subject to, and are constantly subjected by: military occupation, eviction, dispossession and denied the right of return to exist and flourish within either their own place of choice within either Occupied Palestine or the Jewish Nation-State. These rights must be as non-negotiable as they are to all Jewish occupier-settlers.


An excellent exercise in consciousness-raising to take on a regular basis is to briefly scan, on any given day or week, the latest news, as recounted on a truth-telling news site, such as If Americans, that regularly exposes exactly who some of the Jewish Nation-State’s most ardent right-wing American partisans are, who, for decades, have greatly influenced American and world policies, public perception, and the constant spin they’ve given on the American government’s policies towards Israel and its perceived enemies.

Astute readers of history will immediately recognize the names of a host of well-known right-wing American spin doctors regularly highlighted, by If Americans, like: Victoria Nuland, Richard Perle, David Frum, Dennis Ross, William Kristol, Tony Blinken, and numerous other AIPAC lobbyists who have heavily influenced every American President, their administration and America’s foreign policy since long before even the early days of the Bush regime’s, the Clinton’s, Barack Obama, Donald Trump and now Joe Biden.

To gain some further sense of what average daily life continues to be like for Palestinians in Occupied Palestinian Territories under the Israeli Jack Boot, with the constant assistance of their equally culpable American collaborators, one can gain a quick snapshot image of what life typically is like on any given day or week by just doing a random search on, say, August 18th 2021, and taking note of such headlines as: “Israeli Soldiers Demolish a Barn and Abduct its owner near Tulkarena’; “Israeli Soldiers Abduct Seven Palestinians, including Siblings, in Tubes, Qalqilia and Ramallah”; “Israeli Soldiers Storm Many Homes in Hebron and Bethlehem & Abduct One Palestinian”; Israeli Soldiers Abduct Another Palestinian Near Nablus”; “Al Haq News Condemns the Killing of Four Palestinian Youth during Jenin Raid”, or; “Murder of Menacing Palestinian Water Technician; The Shadow Wars on the West Bank”.

Were these same or similar banner headlines ever to appear in the corporate mainstream press on any single given day in America about what also is happening to Black Americans or Native Americans imagine the violent brouhaha that would immediately erupt across the land if not the world.


Such an ugly scene, is one of those timeless human black holes, like so many similar ones everywhere on the planet, where the constant pull of such an indescribably powerful source of human evil, that has been perpetrating the same vile acts in different ways, since seemingly forever everywhere on earth against the earth and its indigenous peoples, is so great that any energy for mutual human goodness, kindness, respect and dignity for the dispossessed and down-trodden can never seem to escape the vortex, and so remain virtually invisible to everything outside of themselves: a tragic testament to humankind’s gross inability to ever find a peaceful, harmonious way of life between its disparate minions.

One can only wonder, in the name of God-Allah-Jehovah-Mohammad-Jesus-Democracy-International Justice, or just plain common human decency, how any elected member of Israel’s Knesset, U.S. Congress or the United Nation’s Council of its august leaders can, in good conscience, continue to illegally provide billions of American and other nation’s taxpayers monies, without their full knowledge and permission, to be spent in any way whatsoever that continues to oppress Palestinian people, while continuing the illegal expansion of Israel’s ruthless, apartheid government and its exclusive-Jewish Nation-State in the Occupied Territories of Palestine?

Yet in much the same way as the United States once airlifted waves of helicopters, carrying veritable pallets of billions of dollars to corrupt war lords in the farthest reaches of Afghanistan to continue their War of Madness against ordinary Afghani human beings, so, too, do ordinary American working people and billionaire elites alike also continue to allow billions more dollars to be poured down the Jewish Nation-State’s bottomless human rabbit hole with only that much more human evilness and misery to show for it as far as Palestinians are concerned.

For all the world’s collective wealth, wisdom and know-how at its disposal, Israel simply remains one of the world’s primary, cutting edge, exporting sources and trainers of anti-democratic, anti-human, anti-life high-tech innovations in oppressive police and military tactics, spyware and all manner of scientific hardware designed to oppress civil society movements, world-wide.


Where is the little boy in author Jack Herer’s The Emperor Wears No Clothes fable who, in 2021 and beyond, will be the only one ever brave enough to declare to the world that Israel’s illegal, undemocratic, imperialistic, separatist, religious Nation-State, clearly and unequivocally, cannot, in all honesty, be called anything but what it is: a rotten bad apple that can only eventually cause every other apple in the barrel to become equally rotten, as well.

For those who would deny it to be so, it is only because they already know on which side their bread is to be buttered to further whatever self-aggrandizing desires and unquenchable lust they may have for worldly power and/or fame. In which case the only possible human response to give in reply is a contemptuous, “FOR SHAME!”

For if such a thing as a ‘Heaven’ or ‘Purgatory” truly exists somewhere beyond this Earth in the much-touted so-called ‘After Life’, does this not instead suggest the comeuppance of an eons-long sentence awaits all such ‘raptured’ naysayers somewhere in the hell-fires of Purgatory before they ever will have fully paid for all the foul sins committed in this lifetime against so many countless innocent and forgotten ones among the world’s unfortunate girls and boys, young men and women, mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers: all constantly being sucked into the endlessly black hole of oblivion?

Does this not then, by virtue of association, also make every elected member of the Knesset, U.S. Congress. U.N. Council, as well as every other politician or citizen of Planet Earth, who would turn a blind eye away from this simple truth, nothing more than another ‘Nazi’, ‘Fascist’ sympathizer or, at the very least, a culpable ‘accessory‘ for so many crimes committed against humanity, with so much contemptuous disdain and indifference, against whatever helpless and hapless ones who remain trapped in whatever no man’s lands as: enslaved, imprisoned, second-class, non-citizens; all of whom remain beyond the reach of whatever Supreme Court Judge, International Court Justice, President, Prime Minister, Premier, Ruler or military General? Does this not further suggest that some kind of cruel cosmic joke or cosmic human black hole, so indescribably-evil beyond what words can describe, will forever remain afoot, beyond which no existing body of humans on earth can ever intercede for good?


This begs the further question: in what even more sinister ways perhaps in the future will this cancerous ‘bad apple’ abscess of the human condition not only continue to poison Israel, America and other nations of Planet Earth, but still other future unsuspecting worlds, still somewhere in outer space, who must unwittingly await the arrival of yet a whole new generation of conquering ‘Star Trek’ Christopher Columbus space explorers?

Or if the shoe was on the other foot, and the same murder and mayhem that continues to happen daily in places like Palestine were happening in the United States, England, Australia or France, would it not also be wise and advisable before such explorations to other worlds are undertaken to first, without a moment’s hesitation, convene the U.N.’s International Criminal Court, to at once undertake a case behalf of Palestine that would be far more notorious and sweeping than ever once was the infamous Nuremberg Trials?

If that didn’t ultimately bring widespread justice for the Black and Brown peoples of the America’s, and indeed their brethren throughout the rest of the world, would it not at least be the spark to create some kind of much-needed, planetary-wide, revolutionary wake-up call that, by comparison, would make the attempted Jan 6th overthrow of the U.S. Government seem like child’s play?

Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American writer who once upon a time in university was a Criminology student while working in one of America’s local police departments. For decades, Irwin has especially sought to call world attention to problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples. Irwin is the author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (, a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that has led to numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Collective Soul
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