A Simple COVID Solution For The Human Race


The Covid Pandemic and Climate Crisis underscores a fatal split in the 21st Century within every society and human being’s better survival instinct’s, mirrored by the irresponsibility of the corporate world’s resistance to a genuine worldwide carbon emissions tax strategy to protect us all from ultimate climate calamity. On all sides of the arguments there exists blood brothers and sisters to one another who manifest the same careless disregard for the welfare of the planet and its humans. This split-imaged mirror of humanity is between those who fundamentally believe in the ultimate pre-eminence of every citizen and CEO’s responsibility to the greater good of society and greater good within their own selves, versus those who defiantly ignore those responsibilities, in favor of self-indulgent, narcissistic, proclivities to do whatever they so please.

This unchecked disease of self-indulgence and narcissism among the Human Race is far greater than the ever-increasing rampant threat of the Covid Pandemic and Climate Crisis everywhere, especially in the Western World, and especially so in countries like the United States. They’re mirrored images to the extent that the fundamental problem and solution boils down to simply convincing the world’s leaders and the masses for the need to pull together rather than pull against one another; a supremely-epic challenge immensely easier said than ever done.

The world’s Covid Pandemic, in particular, currently threatens to enter into a 4th, and perhaps more deadly, insidious wave of infectious viral spread than the previous three ‘killer’ waves before it. The controversy of what to ultimately do to combat this potential new wave of the Pandemic, and perhaps other even more deadly variants, like the Lambda variant, that will yet follow, has divided humans into two basic groups.

One defiant group, who adheres to a multitude of ‘conspiratorial beliefs’ and ‘Me-ism’ philosophies, are variously described as: Anti-Vaxxers, Plague Enthusiasts, Typhoid Mommies, BioTerrorists or Pre-Diseasers. As believer-practitioners of Vaccine Apartheidism, like their Climate Crisis-denial counterparts, they totally ignore the real import of what is happening in the world with either the self-evident spread of the deadly virus or demise of the natural world. They simply possess too much narcissism, listen to too much mind-control conspiratorial propaganda on Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok or Instagram, or just practice too much old-fashioned Me-ism so rife in the today’s world; especially in countries like the United States, and to a lesser extent in Canada, Australia and other nations around the globe who slavishly follow America’s lead.


In the Fall of 2021, the Canadian government and its public health officials already are taking important steps to address the spread of the new Delta variant, and yet another potentially-horrific 4th Wave of the Pandemic, that already is spreading like wildfire among its unvaccinated populace, who remain hostilely-opposed to any immunization protections whatsoever.

The creation of a Vaccine Passport is now underway in the world to try to: encourage reluctant citizens to become vaccinated; open up the society to commerce; reduce potentially-dangerous future overloads or total collapses of hospital’s Emergency wards and ICU units, as well as; avoid any further lockdowns to the wider society’s business world without any consequent economic disasters that more widespread shutdowns will create.

Violence and hatred between the pro-immunization and anti-vaxxers continues to intensify as corporations, schools and businesses, who expect their staffs to be totally vaccinated, are being openly-listed for their forthright stand on web sites like SafeToDo.ca. Yet even SafeToDo.org, that first provided such lists. has already since been forced to shut down by radical anti-vaxxers. While also pro-immunization corporations, schools and businesses also are the targets of vicious hate crimes by those who see a conspiracy behind every bush, and believe the whole pandemic scare is nothing more than a highly-manipulated and exaggerated ruse.

Many anti-vaxxers place the blame for this alleged concocted ruse on what they charge are the improper and ulterior motives of those like the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO), who they believe is controlled and directed by dark, shadowy billionaire corporate oligarchs and technocrats responsible for the proliferation of such technology as the 5G towers they contend continue to emit signals that are causing the explosion of the Covid pandemic.


From this writer’s perspective, glaring contrasts at once pop out when one ponders what some of the basic differences are in the make-up of the character and mind-sets of especially those Americans, Canadians and Australians who subscribe to such beliefs.

What such individuals lack can be characterized by three simple cultural expressions, gleaned over the years, from listening to what different traditional Americans, Canadians and Australians, as well as Aboriginal and First Nations peoples among their nations, each have to say about certain key abiding morals and principles to live by in one’s life that can be boiled down to time-honoured expressions, such as: “Never Put Your Own Belly in Front of the Peoples”: “Always Dip Your Paddles Together in the Water At the Same Time”, and: “Don’t Be a Tall Poppy”.

To this writer, each expression variously somehow suggests what it fundamentally means to be a citizen of a Commonwealth country that forever strives to simply fit in, versus one instead always driven by Rugged, or as some would say. ‘Ragged’ individualism, epitomized by the peculiar brand of Americanism that instead of basically always asking others, “How are you doing?”, instead declares, “I’m alright, Jack! That’s all that counts.”

The basic split that exists in the world between these two philosophies has often impacted this writer given that he’s a dual Canadian-American citizen, who also considers the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia to be yet his third spiritual homeland, as much beloved as are his two other countries, one by birth and the other by choice.

However, in spite of whatever insights may have been gleaned over time between them, since the inception of the Covid Pandemic he has continued to remain evermore shocked by the dramatic contrasts in the way the natives of each country have chosen to address, or not address, the immense Covid health dangers that now threaten all of humankind on the planet.



For starts, many Australians and Canadians consider themselves part of the Commonwealth that can historically trace its origins back to England, their ancient mother country. This is always a profoundly-different starting point from which to begin any discussion of whatever serious world matter, compared to Americans who instead basically trace their origins back to the raw wilds of the New World and a ‘Declaration of Independence’ survival mode that amounts to “every man for himself”; especially when it comes to the protection of themselves, families and communities against everything from: a hostile natural world and threatening environmental forces; constant warring between native and non-native peoples, endlessly vying with one another over stolen territory; ideologues of slavery and abolition forever at each other’s throats, and; corporate plutocrats endlessly intent upon seizing all the wealth of the New World for themselves.

To be a citizen member of a ‘Commonwealth’, who knows what it means to pull together, is something very different. The concept of Commonwealth, dating from the 15th century, essentially represents a ‘Declaration of Interdependence’ philosophy, based upon the starting premise that the body politic already possesses a fundamental “wealth”, founded on the ideal of the common weal, interpreted to mean for the well being or good of all. This concept of political life was often used in the 17th century writings of philosophers, like Thomas Hobbes and John Locke, to signify the concept of a better organized, more highly-evolved, truly democratic way of life that meant to them much the same as did the civitas or res publica to the early Romans.

The point being, with this brief basic background in mind, Canadians and Australians both have a natural tendency to address, in much the same way, the Covid Pandemic, and how they choose to react to the many protocols, lockdowns and mandates that since have followed for everything from: getting a vaccine; wearing a protective mask; keeping a safe social distance from each other, to; staying closer to home with one’s own family. One could argue that a more willing acceptance of such measures naturally comes from this same pragmatic commonwealth philosophy of always being prepared to respect every fellow man or women’s right to remain healthy and free of the dreaded Covid virus or whatever other evil disease or philosophy ever comes along to threaten the good of all.

However, this philosophy, within the context of the recent era of the Covid, now clashes with the self-indulgent attitudes of too many Americans, their philosophy, as well as all those Canadians, Australians and others in the world who would follow their lead, who don’t automatically start from that same philosophical, Commonwealth premise.

Unfortunately, even too many newcomer Canadians and Australians, who come from other parts of the globe, and have similar ‘caring’ philosophies in their background by other names, have also now either forgotten, never learned, or simply decided to no longer follow the underlying principles of what it means to adhere to that ‘commonwealth’ philosophy. Either that or they’ve become unduly influenced by America’s diametrically-opposite right-wing, cut-throat philosophy and its extensive corporate media empire that remains forever threatened, and so perpetually at war, with any such government or philosophy founded on the principle, “for the common good of all”. Either that or they simply no longer believe in the basic meaning of every nation’s right to exist without a monarch or authoritarian, dictatorial leader, fundamentally opposed to anything and everything that smacks of a genuine “republic”; where ordinary people potentially possess the supreme ability to exert as great, if not even greater, influence on society for the benefit of the public welfare, general good or advantage of the entire populace.


As one pertinent historical footnote, it’s instructive to recall how Australia and Canada’s longstanding commonwealth relationship, fostered by both countries’ shared history, culture and well-being, first came to be translated into the many social, political and ideological links originally created between members of both countries, and how those links continue to play a critical role in the way each country similarly addresses great issues like the Covid Pandemic.

Perhaps one of the most significant and notable early historical ‘bonding’ links in the similar formative political philosophies of Canadians and-Australians, and their relationships to one another, is the account of how some 154 Canadian rebel’s or ‘prisoners of the state’, back in 1837-38, once were transported against their will to Australian shores, like so many English and Irish ‘political’ prisoners also were earlier transported to its shores from England and Ireland.

Those Canadians who became involved in a previous similar political uprising in Upper Canada (now the province of Ontario) were also eventually sent to the much-dreaded Van Diemen’s Lands (Tasmania today), where two monuments in Hobart still commemorate the importance of the Canadian convict’s original presence there.

Still other Canadian rebels, involved in another similar rebellion in Lower Canada (now the province of Quebec), were French Canadians, know as les patriotes. Like their Upper Canada counter-parts they, too, once rebelled against the imperious English oligarchy that sought to administer the young colony. The armed insurrection led by the les patriotes was ultimately unsuccessful and 58 convicted French Canadians also ended up being transported to New South Wales and Norfolk Island.

However, thanks to the intervention at the time of one John Bede Polding, the Catholic Bishop of Sydney, the Canadians fortunately avoided the nightmarish horrors of Norfolk Island and were instead allowed to serve out their sentences in Sydney. They eventually became assigned as labourers to free settlers and ended up greatly contributing to the survival and eventual development of the young New South Wales colony; building, in particular, the all-important Parramatta Road that became a virtual critical lifeline between the market gardens of Parramatta and city of Sydney. A monument at Cabarita Park, in Concord, Sydney was eventually unveiled in 1970, by no less than Canada’s own Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, as a tribute attesting to their important presence and contribution to early Australian history.



Another key historical link is the Eureka Rebellion, instigated in 1854 by gold miners in Ballarat, Victoria, Australia, who also revolted against the oppressive English colonial authority in charge at the time. It culminated in what is known as the Battle of the Eureka Stockade, fought between Australian, Canadian and American rebels against the colonial English forces in their midst.

The rebellion during Victoria’s gold rush was the culmination of a civil disobedience movement by the miners who collectively objected to the English colonial powers in charge who were then forcing unwarranted excessive miner’s licenses upon them that, from the perspective of the miners, amounted to a form of taxation without representation.

This short-lived historical armed rebellion turned out to be an enormously important Pull Together moment in New World history; especially to Australia’s destined: stellar labor practices; the overall future advanced human and civil rights of workers in Australia, that gradually spread to Canada and throughout the Western World, and; other important precedents that would come to pass, that set the course for the evolution of other social democracies in the future.

Though the actual rebellion itself lasted less then thirty minutes, and only killed some 38 miners, the real impact of the rebellion was felt far and wide when the rest of the captured miners eventually went to trial in Melbourne. The mass public support that ensued for the miner’s righteous cause led to: their release from prison; who went on to introduce the Electoral Act of 1856, which mandated suffrage for male colonists in the Lower House of the Victorian government, and; led to the second instituted act and birth of political democracy in Australia.

From the perspective of Canada’s own evolving social democracy, barely still in its own infancy at the time, it forever remains a matter of unending national pride for many Canadians that the miner who is said to have created Australia’s first flag, that became known as the Eureka Southern Cross, and later became known as ‘Australia’s Flag’ and symbol of its early nationhood, was created by ‘Captain’ Henry Ross, a Canadian: who led the Canadian Division in battle at Ballarat’s Eureka Stockade. Ross was honored with the accolade “bridegroom of the flag”, and; went on to become the standard bearer of the Southern Cross flag during the actual battle itself. Yet 15 minutes after Ross peacefully furled the flag and surrendered to the British he was cowardly shot in cold blood and died, much to the joy of the British troops, who joyfully exclaimed, “Damned glad of it”.

The fragment of the flag made by Henry Ross, still displayed by the Art Gallery of Ballarat, Victoria, shows the flag’s key elements that reflected the then young Australian country’s emerging philosophy, represented by: five, eight-pointed stars, meant to represent the Southern Cross Constellation; joined together by a white Celtic cross on a dark blue field intended to represent “unity in defiance across the seas”.

That Eureka Flag still remains to this day a living symbol and beacon for many freedom-loving citizens in Canada and around the world as a singularly-unique icon of Australian nationalism within the Commonwealth that, ever since 1854, continues to serve as a symbol of: Australia’s national identity, as well as; every other nation’s same inherent right: to sovereign independence; a common source of individual freedom, and; an abiding belief in the importance of the unity between all peoples.


The ‘Penny Hasn’t Yet Dropped’, though, for many Americans who still don’t get the larger meaning and context of the Canadian and Australian concept of Commonwealth and its sacred “One for All and All For One” responsibilities, not only to themselves, their families and all the citizenry of their own community and country but to every other country, as well, and, indeed, the entire Human Race, and the Planet’s Mother Gaia herself.

America, historically, on the other hand, has simply been fighting far too many contentious partisan battles, far too many conspiratorial plots, over the course of its evolution, around everything from race relations and divisive economics to conservative versus, progressive versus radical politics on whatever side of the aisle, over every other acidic, bearish issue of social-criminal justice, equity, environmental and human rights.

Consequently, too many Americans, and American society as a whole, now is simply reaching that dangerous, critical, evolutionary splinter point in its history, where, when it comes down to addressing the Covid Pandemic or the Climate Crisis, the citizenry and country as a whole is so divided, so corrupted, so co-opted, that it seems prepared to risk even doing a veritable kamikaze with the lives of everyone and everything else around them over how to sanely address either the Covid crisis or that of the Planet’s Climate Crisis.


One accolade must go out, though, to an anonymous American reader discovered on the Diane Ravitch’s Blog ([email protected]) whose commentary recently was posted, on 08/23/21. This writer considers the anonymous person’s forthright remarks to be among some of the wisest commentary that, thus far, has been made about the whole crazy controversy surrounding the Covid crisis. It’s worthy to be shared here, especially with all those in mind who still resolutely refuse, for whatever reasons, logical, rational or insane-wise, to either “Not Take the Jab Twice” themselves and even allow their own precious children to continue to go to school virtually unprotected without wearing a mask or being duly inoculated.

She or He writes: “Parents Do Not Have the Right to Opt-Out of Public Health Measures”:

There is so much hypocrisy and ignorance in this politicization of mask wearing and vaccination. When everyone’s health and well-being is on the line, there can be no personal choice to forego what keeps everyone safer.

Why is it these people insist they can mandate what a woman does with her body or who can and cannot marry, but not that we all wear masks to keep everyone safer?

If one can’t wear a mask out in public for a health reason (which, for the life of me, I can’t think of), perhaps one shouldn’t be out. If you’re a professional athlete competing closely against others, you should be required to be vaccinated. If you are a spectator in the stands, you should be vaccinated. If you’re a teacher, a bus driver, a nurse or doctor or receptionist, etc., etc., you should be vaccinated.

I wear a mask for the same reason I drive on the correct side of the freeway. I wear a mask for the same reason I drive on the road instead of on the sidewalk. I wear a mask because it helps protect my young grandson who has a heart condition and lives in my home. I wear a mask because it is the right and intelligent thing to do.

No one has the right to put the lives of others at risk by not masking up or being vaccinated.

The only other comment this writer would make to this keen perspective is that currently in the United States only a mere 51% have yet to receive ‘the Double Jab’. That means that some 49% of the citizenry, for whatever reason, say, because they think the mandated Covid public health rules and restrictions of personal freedoms are turning America into another Nazi Germany, or; it’s some kind of ideological, life and death, struggle between individual freedom versus government tyranny, or; simply because of some other more personal, self-centered, reason.

For whatever reason, too many Americans, and those Canadians, Australians and others who would follow their lead, have now simply resolved themselves to not only not accept any vaccination protections, whatsoever, but also, by default, at the same time, have accepted the potentially fatal ‘Russian roulette’ risk to their own lives as well as the common good of the entire world around themselves; especially among all those who still remain unvaccinated, a well as even those who have already been fully vaccinated but may still fall within one of the endangered age groups especially vulnerable to the new variants. If one even takes a moment to ponder what all that potentially could mean in the long run, detrimentally, to the future of the human race, the narcissistic madness of it all is mind-boggling.

However, it also doesn’t seem to compute to such naysayers that in recent decades in America, and throughout the world, the citizenry at large already has long ago largely accepted the logic of vaccinations and immunization to protect themselves, one another, and society as a whole; against everything from: small pox, mumps, Whooping Cough, German measles, rheumatic fever, poliomyelitis, Cholera, Typhoid Fever, Yellow Fever, and host of other diseases. But now, it seems, when the same logic is used with Covid, it somehow doesn’t translate in the same way.


Yet, as the world continues to look for a clear pathway out of the Covid crisis, countries like Canada and Australia, pragmatically, are attempting to get the point clearly across to those among their citizenry who still are hopelessly locked in their own self-indulgent world of Me-ism.

For instance, in the Province of British Columbia where this writer lives most of the time, the health authorities, in conjunction with the province’s political leaders, have decided the best way to proceed forward to get the message to sink into all those still recalcitrant ones is to implement a simple ‘Pleasure-Pain-Principle’. This instituted public health measure about to put into place basically says, “Congratulations! If you’ve already received your two vaccination shots you will now be getting a vaccine passport that will open untold doors to you of all manner of social benefits and pleasures that society has to give.

But, on the other hand, if the reader is still one of those stubborn, hard-headed ones, conspiracy-riddled ones, so adamantly opposed and unwilling to get their two shots, for whatever reason, unfortunately, the general  society must now withhold from them certain pleasures and courtesies commonly enjoyed by all; such as: attending public sports events; going to nightclubs; working out in gyms; using public swimming pools; dining in restaurants; going to a movie theatre; traveling by public transportation on commercial buses, trains and planes; or continue to work or seek employment in various public sector jobs.

But any such fair-minded, sensible approach only makes the blood boil of all those prepared to rile against anything that remotely smacks of fascism or authoritarian rule, rather than it being a logical, sensical approach to the reality of what is. But the reality is that the world’s societies simply cannot continue to endlessly enforce one lockdown after another and must move on to continue to economically grow the national economy as best they all can.

Countries like Australia, at the same time, also are attempting to nip the Covid spread in the bud by even imposing such measures as: a temporary ‘Stay at Home Order’; proscribed travel restrictions with a radius of no more than 20 kilometres from one’s home; shopping only for basic essentials; with travel movements regularly checked by army personnel and police who patrol every town and city to query the reasons for whatever individual’s travel needs.


Whenever this writer has a chance to return again to his most-favoured place in the South Seas -The ‘Blue Misty’ Mountains of New South Wales – if he ever has any personal health problems or medical needs to be obtained from the chemist he knows to make a bee-line to Priceline Pharmacy; a chain of pharmacies throughout the land that recently communicated with all its customers a ‘Message to Australia’. To this one, its yet another down-to-earth message that epitomizes what so many governments and world leaders in the world are now attempting to share what should be a matter-of-fact commonwealth philosophy and perspective of health and well-being, especially as it regards the Covid crisis.

Priceline Pharmacy’s Message to Australia declared:

We in Australia enjoy a unique and privileged insight into health, well-being and beauty that is as honest as it is vulnerable. It seems to us that the real health crisis in the world has clearly gone beyond a virus and too many in the world have joined “a nation of angst”. We see it in the faces and the body language. We hear it in the words expressed, and we can sense it in the general mood. People are being burdened by the threat of being sick and the restrictions of how they live, where they go, and what they hope for. We know from experience that humans love a glass half full, sometimes literally, but always metaphorically) and the hope for something better.

But right now our hope needs a booster. We need to commit ourselves to help other people feel better – not just physically, but, in spirit and mind, and we believe central to this is a sense of control over our lives.

Yet, as we look for a pathway, out of this Covid crisis, too many people don’t feel understood or heard or cared for and the notion of choice of whether to wear a mask, or whether to get the vaccine, has become a selfish weapon fpr those who are not prepared to work for the greater god of the whole.

The solution is simple. Everyone who can be vaccinated must get vaccinated. Everyone who can wear a mask must wear a mask.

Australians get this message they are raised from childhood to remember that they are each an important part of the Commonwealth of Australia where its citizens are taught to work together for the common good. They know as they approach the critical threshold for vaccinations, of somewhere between 80-90% of the population, they will be able to reclaim the freedoms they are desperately missing because of the Covid crisis.

Aussies, like many others in the world, know this is the only way back to a country free of destruction, angst and bickering over whether to wear a mask or not, or to become vaccinated or not and they are prepared and willing as many Canadians and Americans to work hard for the same thing.

It’s time to stop all the selfish, self-centered bickering about “It’s My Body to Do With it What I Want’, or “If I don’t want to be vaccinated, that’s my Right”.


Jerome Irwin is a Canadian-American freelance writer and author of the book, “The Wild Gentle Ones; A Turtle Island Odyssey” (www.turtle-island-odyssey.com), a spiritual odyssey among the native peoples of North America that has led to numerous articles pertaining to: Ireland’s Fenian Movement; native peoples Dakota Access Pipeline Resistance Movement; AIPAC, Israel & the U.S. Congress anti-BDS Movement; the historic Battle for Palestine & Siege of Gaza, as well as; the many violations constantly being waged by industrial-corporate-military-propaganda interests against the World’s Indigenous Soul. Irwin’s long ago experiences as a Volunteer in Service to America, continue to inspire and inform Irwin of so many on-going problems of environmental degradation and unsustainability caused by a host of environmental-ecological-spiritual-political issues that exist between the conflicting world philosophies of indigenous and non-indigenous peoples that he attempts to pass on to others through his writings.
[email protected]

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