Need for reservations in Judiciary for women/SCs/STs/OBCs

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Shri Ram Nath Kovind

President of India

Respected Rashtrapati Ji,

It has been widely reported ( that Shri N V Ramana, Chief Justice of India (CJI) has recently made a statement on the need for 50% reservation for women in the judiciary. He is reported to have made the following observations on the subject, while addressing the Lady Advocates of the Supreme Court.

“…With anger you have to shout, demand that you need 50 per cent reservation. It’s not a small issue. It’s (an) issue of thousands of years of suppression. You are entitled. It’s a matter of right……Nobody is going to give charity. It’s unfortunate, some things we realise very late. With the help of all of you, after some time, we may realise and reach this goal in the apex court as well as other courts,”

Undoubtedly, there has been gender discrimination in India for centuries in almost all institutions, more particularly in the legislatures of the Union and the States. It is indeed an issue of “thousands of years of suppression.” What the CJI has stated has far reaching implications for the well being of the nation and, therefore, his words need to be taken with utmost seriousness by all those who have a crucial role to play in decision making on the subject.

By the same logic, would it not be equally necessary for the decision makers at the highest level to introduce reservations for the SCs/STs/OBCs in the judiciary, especially at its higher echelons, keeping in view the fact that similar reservations are applicable to all other public offices in the country? If women have been subject to “thousands of years of suppression”, so is the case, if not more, with the SCs/STs/OBCs.

I appeal to you as the head of the nation to ensure that the CJI’s visionary advice is translated into tangible action at the earliest through an appropriate statute and also ensure that similar action is taken without delay on reservations in the judiciary at the higher levels, for the SCs/STs/OBCs, a decision that is long overdue.This will go a long way towards correcting the imbalance that exists in the judicial system.


E A S Sarma

Formal Secretary to Government of India


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