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The boiling pot of indignation is simmering at it’s optimum point after the attack on the farmers in rally at Moga.The ruling classes are embarrassed in their very backyard, sending shivers down their spine. Contradictions are intensifying within the ruling classes at an unprecedented scale with farmers assaulted even in a Shiromani Akali Dal rally.

The Moga police on Thursday used water cannons and cane-charged the farmers who were protesting on the national highway outside the new grain market where SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal was to address a public meeting. The farmers were already unhappy over the attitude of the Moga police as the cops had raided the houses of local farm activists on Wednesday night to detain them so that Thursday’s protest against the SAD chief could be averted. On Thursday, when the farmers started gathering on the highway, the police asked them to disperse. The farmers said they were peacefully protesting against Sukhbir Badal, but the cops started using water cannons. The cops resorted to cane-charge while the farmers retaliated by throwing stones on the cops. It was fundamental violation of people’s right to assemble.

Bharatiya Kisan  Ekta .(Ugrahan) strongly condemned the  police lathicharge on farmers in Moga, demanded withdrawal of false cases against farmers. The farmers, who were going to ask questions during the political rally of Sukhbir Badal in Moga yesterday, instead filing false cases, were severely lathi-charged.

Senior Vice President of the Organization Jhanda Singh Jethuke and General Secretary Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan have given information through a joint press statement released on September 2nd , demanding that the false cases on the farmers should be cancelled immediately and Strict legal action should be taken against the police and civil officials ,responsible for brutally assaulting peaceful farmers.. Farmer leaders have alleged that the Captain government has started treading on a dictatorial path just like the Khattar government and is bent on confusing the farmers to demolish the farmer’s ghol which is rising to a crescendo against black agricultural laws. In addition to this, Punjab government has ordered the paddy producer farmers to deposit their paddy fields through Aadhati, the farmers are preparing to run away from buying paddy by taking lands on contracts. Modi’s open market law is set to be crooked on millions of farmers from giving these fardas, which will lead to blind looting of their paddy like corn or other crops deprived of government procurement. So the organization strongly demands that this order of Punjab Mandikaran Board should be withdrawn immediately. All farmers have appealed to the organization not to deposit fardas under this order to stop the blind looting of paddy of millions of farmers. Farmers and labourers are also invited to join the Muzaffarnagar Maharali on 5 September and give penalties to all permanent fronts including Delhi fronts.

I spoke to Bharatiya Kisan Union(Ugrahan) secretary Sukhdev Singh Khokri,who spoke about how ruling class elements were infiltrating movements to sabotage them ,trying to camouflage themselves as revolutionary democrats. He asserted that his organisation was leaving no stone unturned in isolating all ruling class party elements and trends.

BKU President,Joginder Singh Ugrahan boldly expressed how the BJP was their main enemy and not classify other ruling class parties in the same category. He also summed up the heinous, conspirational ploy of the Congress workers, to instigate mischief amongst the ranks and flare up chaos. The Congress strategy to use such incidents to portray themselves as democrats was highlighted. I wish every Indian well-wisher could have got his speech translated, which traverse the very soul of genuine revolutionary democracy. It is most praiseworthy the manner the BKU(Ugrahan) is not seeking any opportunistic alliance with ruling class sections but still exploring contradiction with the ruling classes and contention with a strong section of democratic forces.

BKU Ekta Ugrahan president Joginder Singh Ugrahan  on September 3rd  said they will “strongly protest BJP leaders’ events in the state”, but asked people in villages to boycott “rallies of all other political parties as well”.

In a video on the social media, Ugrahan said: “Many rumours are doing the rounds on the social media, but I want to clarify that our main target is the BJP, because it is the ruling party at the Centre and is not taking back the three ‘black’ farm laws.”

He said: “Although other political parties are no different from the BJP, we will still not put them in the same bracket. But we will continue to ask questions of other parties, urge people in villages to boycott their events or rallies and tell parties not to hold events till the protest against the farm laws is on.”

Reacting to the canecharge on farmers at Moga, Ugrahan said: “We condemn this incident as the farmers had gone to ask questions of SAD leaders.”

He claimed it was seen that when farmers in large numbers confronted SAD leaders, Congress workers mixed with their cadre to create mischief and vice versa, leading to tension as such elements went unnoticed. “The Moga incident is apparently Congress’ ploy to portray in public the image of farmers getting beaten up at an SAD rally. But the Congress shouldn’t forget their police carried out the lathicharge in the state,” he said.

Ugrahan asked the state government to cancel cases registered against farmer leaders and others at Moga or face protests in support of farmers.

SAD general secretary Mohit Gupta, however, claimed: “Baffled by the response SAD rallies have been getting, the Congress and AAP are sending goons to farmers’ protest to defame the party. The SAD has snapped ties with the BJP over the farm laws and stands by the farmers.”


The flame of the democratic movement led by the BKU(Ugrahan)continues to shimmer most qualitatively at the Tikri border, in confronting the neo-fascist entrapping of the toiling farmers by the BJP.Some most impressive speeches were made by women comrades and youth. An event of great qualitative significance that it is joining the rally to support the mahapanchayat  in Muzzafarnagar,to give the movement it’s optimum striking capacity, to deliver a knockout punch to the BJP rulers. It will be a great test of the Ugrahan group, how they tackle the class contradiction s of the mahapanchayat. Preparations for Muzaffarnagar’s Kisan Maha Rally are completed. With A big caravan of Jathebandi will departed from Mansa district in the morning to challenge the tyranny of the BJP.

On 4th September State Vice President Jaswinder Singh Longowal addressing the stage of the Permanent Morcha of the Indian Kisan Union Ekta Ugraha to cancel the anti-agricultural black laws at Delhi Tikri Border said the central BJP government of India has occupied power by capturing the votes of the working people. Since 2014, the state has been continuously occupying power at the center and is taking anti-people decisions on the force of the BJP’s stable government. To revoke the three anti-agriculture laws and electricity act 2020 last year, entire tolling people are continuously struggling against Delhi’s rulers and the central government and farmers are continuously getting martyrs on the borders. Despite this, the Modi government is worried about the loss of closed businesses due to pressure from farmers from corporate households. So in last days centre has issued orders to different states to open closed toll plazas. It is clear that central government is standing in favour of imperial companies and forcing Indian labourers to stroll on roads.

Farmer leader Balour Singh Ghal Kalan and Sarbjit Singh District leader Fatehgarh Sahib addressed that the BJP government of the central government is continuously propagating that agriculture laws are very beneficial for farmers but clear picture from the statements of today’s Union Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar It shows that private companies have paved the way for direct investments in the agriculture sector. This is clear sign that  these ruling class parties are  playing with the lives of the people  and it is absolutely imperative for all the working and toiling  people to unite on a common platform to challenge the neo-fascist designs of the ruling classes.

On the stage, a young Deepak of Haryana’s village Chimniwala district Jhajjar Quran Khap who traveled from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari from July 23 to August 28 to raise awareness in favor of farmers, at Tikri Border Pakora Chowk stage On arrival at the Indian Farmer Union Ekta Ugrahan welcomed them with slogans. Today the stage action was run by the General Secretary of Sangrur district Darbara Singh Chajla and Gurdev Singh Gajjumajra, Manjit Singh Gharachon, Jaswant Singh Tolewal and Gurbhagat Singh Bhalaiana also addressed from the stage.

On 3rd September, the proceedings of the permanent stage of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Ekta Ugraha at the Tikri border near Pakora Chowk were conducted by youth. Bittu Malan and Yuvraj Singh Ghudani addressing the  stage said that on one hand the BJP government of the central government is saying that the problems coming after the new agriculture law is implemented will be resolved but on the other hand SDM orders to tear the heads of farmers .The giver and the SDM responsible for the forceful lathicharge on this order is being tried to clear this by just transferring the SDM farmers and after the agriculture law is implemented, the SDM is forcing the farmers to the corporate households The favours will be fulfilled. He said that today’s youth need to be ready to wage battles for the rightfulness because the youth are the future of the nation. Today, the government has elevated the looting of the labourers, similar to the colonialism of the English government, so it is a very important duty of the youth to come forward to stop this loot. 90-95 years ago today, Shaheed Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh advised the people to go to the labourers, to emancipate them from the imperial loot of the colonial rulers.  Today again our youths need time to accept Bhagat Singh’s ideas to improve the future of the country and to get rid of such tumours of injustice and establish a state of people’s genuine power.

Amandeep Singh Chauke and Karnail Singh Dhuri addressed that the condition of farmers was pitiable even before the three agricultural laws were brought in because the wrong policies of the government especially after 1990 farmers paved the way for debts and starvation.

Bathinda district women leaders Paramjit Kaur Pitho, Karamjit Kour Khudal and Kuljit Kaur Jaglan from Mansa district addressed that the economic condition of farmers is very serious after the implementation of the green revolution model in India especially in Punjab state due to the increase in agricultural costs of farmers It has been replaced  now with another new agriculture model, the agriculture sector is going to be sold  over to corporate households which will make farmers and labourers dependent on companies. So we women sisters also need to understand these things like farmer brothers and fight against these anti-people policies with full mental preparation.

State President Joginder Singh Ugrahan delivered Press Statements, strongly condemning the lathicharge on farmers in Moga district of Punjab,.State Secretary Shingara Singh Mann issued a press statement on the orders of farmers and Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh in Moga in Punjab ,strongly condemning the lathi charge, said that during the lathi charge in Karnal, Haryana, Capt. Amarinder Singh demanded  the resignation of Haryana Chief Minister but on the other hand, himself ordered  lathi charge on farmers in Punjab. Sukhbir Singh Badal was also told to tolerate the wrath of people against the signing of agriculture bills by obliterating all police barriers .and redressing their quandaries.

Today the stage action was run by Sandeep Singh Gharachon and Sukha Singh Kishangarh, Nishan Singh Talwandi Malik and Sucha Singh Kotbhai also addressed from the stage.

Preparations for Muzaffarnagar’s Kisan Maha Rally are completed. With A big caravan of Jathebandi will departed from Mansa district in the morning to challenge the tyranny of the BJP.

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist. Toured India, particularly Punjab .Written on Mass movements ,,Massline,Maoism on blogs like Democracy and Class Struggle and frontierweekly .An avid cricket lover too who has posted writings on blogs like Pakpassion Indian Cricket Fans and Sulekha.com.

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