‘Surveillance’ Monkey

Three Monkeys

A monkey came to our home.
It saw plenty of space to roam!
Elated, it went from room to room
Looking nook and corner
It saw my computer …
The shining screen caught it’s eyes
It sat on the table, looked here and there twice!
Scanned the keyboard
Began to type word after word.
Finding the sounds odd,
It went on pressing the board
And saw the alphabets displayed
Which, when read
Made a lot of sense:
‘u r under surveillance’

It saw a smartphone on the table
Glad to find another thing available
And thought it was edible
But when it found that it was impossible,
The monkey threw it on the ground !
‘Thud!’ The sound resonated
It seemed to laugh and say
‘You have destroyed our habitats and forests!
We will destroy your residences!’

When it found nothing interesting,
It left our home hopping and running

Sheshu Babu is a frequent writer for Countercurrents


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