A different tale of ‘COP26’


One day, some animals —
Tigers, lions, jackals,
Zebras, monkeys, camels,…. —
Decided to meet and exchange
Views on climate change!

Tigers and lions said,
‘let us all be united
In these times of crises
And devise ways
To stop deterioration
Of our environment condition!’

Each one spoke at length
With unabated breadth
On the subject for long
Till late night and words strong ….

Time for dinner arrived
Tigers, lions, jackals felt hungry
And in a hurry
Left the podium
Causing lot of mayhem….

They pounced on the audience
Ripped apart some animals at once
Some of them dispersed helter-skelter
And some ran hither and thither
Some shouted ‘you blood-sucking carnivores!’
Some pierced the wild beasts with horns!
Monkeys danced on the dead corpses
Foxes ate cleaning like scavengers…..

All that remained was gory flesh and blood
Spewed on the venue site filled with blood!
The meeting, at last, ended
Without any resolution. As the day faded
And darkness enveloped the sky,
The participants couldn’t decide why
The meet has been called at all
Which had ended achieving nil….!!

Sheshu Babu is a writer


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