BKU(Ugrahan) observes human rights day by raising voice for the release of Intellectuals and the repeal of Draconian Laws

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A most qualitative gathering of around 1000 persons was organised by the BKU (Ugrahan) on human rights day at Tikri border on December 10th, portraying the neo-fascist penetration in the nation. The unity of democratic forces from civil liberties organisations was most positive, with the integration of several intellectuals and few activists of the Peoples Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi. The speakers methodically elaborated how black laws were a weapon to tighten the noose on all democratic movements or dissent, giving particular emphasis on UAPA.Overall a very fine integration of farmers with human rights activists and journalists. Very noteworthy to witness solidarity of the farmers with the democratic movements encompassing the entire nation. It was fitting tribute to the legacy of the democratic movement in Punjab which was most organised and focused in confronting state repression of all forms. Even during the one year agitation of farmers, at many a juncture the organisation raised its voice in solidarity with democratic movements and protesting democratic activists’ detained.Most consistently it forged a link of the farmer’s movement with the democratic rights agitations all around the country. BKU (Ugrahan ) coordinator  Pavel Kussa told me that the gathering was not quantitatively so big as it was not a part of the farmers agitation but still very impactful. Personally I wish the gathering had also addressed issues of the oppression of Muslim minority,NRC/NPR etc ,giving more emphasis on the ascendancy of Hindutva fascism.

During the victory celebrations of the Farmers Struggle ( Kisan Sangharsh) BKU ( Ekta Ugrahan ) held the Human Rights Day celebrations at the Delhi Morcha. Farmers depicted solidarity with the country wide movement struggling for the protection of Democratic Rights and demanded for the release of the Intellectuals and the activists of Democratic Rights, lodged in the prisons. The demand for the repeal of the draconian black laws that trample the Democratic Rights, thrust upon the people by the Government, has also been raised forcefully. Thanks were extended to the intellectuals and the activists of Democratic Rights, for the role played by them in the victory of the farmers struggle.

While addressing the mammoth gathering at Pakaura Chowk at Tikri Border , Joginder Singh Ugrahan State President BKU ( Ekta Ugrahan ), said that Modi Government is indulging in putting a lid on the rightful voices raised by the people throughout the Country by way of organizing the communal movements and imposing the draconian laws . By imposing the laws like UAPA and sedition charges against the Intellectuals and the activists of Democratic Rights, they have been huddled into the prisons. These are the people who have dipped their Pen, created art and utilised intellectual strengths, for the benefit of the people at large and have always raised their voice against draconian laws and exploitative policies and have openly stood for the rights of the people. He said that the voice of the people is silenced by imposing laws like AFSPA (Armed Forces Special Powers Act) The massacre in Nagaland recently is the result of the vast draconian powers given to the armed forces by way of such laws. He demanded that the arrested Intellectuals and the activists of Democratic Rights be released forthwith and the draconian laws like UAPA, AFSPA and Sedition be repealed immediately.

On this occasion, Dr. Navsharan , activist of democratic rights , expressed solidarity with the farmers struggle and explained the significance of the Human Rights Day. She thanked the farmers struggle forces for raising the voice in favour of the release of the activists of Democratic Rights. Showering revolutionary greetings on the success of the Farmers struggle, she also gave a clarion call for the strengthening the unity of the democratic rights movement and that of the struggling farmers and workers movement. Sahiba Hussain , Writer and Co-activist of the imprisoned democratic rights activist Gautam Navlakha , shared with the people the message of Gautam Navlakha sent from the jail. She told that Shri Navlakha has sent revolutionary greetings to the struggling farmers and has expressed that he can identify with their arduous struggle, day in and day out. Sh. Jigesh General Secretary of the Journalist Union, Delhi also congratulated the farmers for their glorious victory and he focused the role of the co-operation and unity of the pro-people journalism and the peoples’ struggles. At the occasion many other activists of democratic rights movement were also present and participated enthusiastically in the celebration.

Report received from Sukhdev Singh Khokri, Secretary of BKU(Ugrahan)

Harsh Thakor is a freelance journalist.Toured India,particularly Punjab .Written on Mass movements ,,Massline,Maoism on blogs like Democracy and Class Struggle and frontierweekly .Attended many programmes conducted by BKU(Ugrahan)

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