Earth2 1

This is not lifeless Saturn

or Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, or Mars.

Because a neighboring planet is

named for a Roman goddess

does not mean that

women originate there as if from

an unearthly temple of extraterrestrial love.

Because another is named

for a Roman god

does not prove that men are

hard wired and destined for war.


Here is Earth.

Earth is a Life Place.

We live here, only, always

within a context of

others also living.


Learn again

to live appropriately with


of the changing Earth.


Clear your head

(if you cannot

blow your mind) open your heart

reintroduce your suffering

soul to the intricate

complexities of creation.

Initiate relationships.


Buy less, yes.

Possess less, use less.


the Prosperity of Appreciation.

Do not regret

what you give up

rejoice instead

in who you save.


Defend diversity.

Cultivate maturity.

Renounce violence.

One imminent need is

to democratize our

ability to respond to

realities and

discern difference between

false and genuine needs.


Another imminent necessity

is to advance “mustard seeding.”

Transition from the solitude of awakening

into a solidarity of commitment. Note

that instead of transcendence

I am favoring imminence and

the dynamic constancy

of transitional movement.

An ancient modality.

… Don’t let the garden you

cultivate become overly tame!


Magic of the here and now

is participatory art and natural science.

Magic of the metamorphic

empowers dreams and reverent

dread as well as excitation

of awe-inspiring wonder.


Make choices

that are Acts of Beauty

choices for seven generations.

Embody delight.  Be amorous

with circles. Consciously, conscientiously

joyously: evolve! evolve! evolve!



a Council of All Beings.


like a mountain or

at least your favorite

tree. Envy

pollen dusted

busy working bees.

Sing with whales. Whales

are profound singers!


David Sparenberg is the author of CONFRONTING the CRISIS: Essays & Meditations on Eco Spirituality, in the new EARTH SPIRIT Series From Moon Books, UK. He is a teacher of existential ecosophy and Eco-poet who lives in the Pacific NW of the United States.

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