Parasitic Symbiotic Discordance


The framework of the economic thought that formed in the Western world during the Holocene Period, gained momentum during the Industrial Revolution and is now global has brought on a parasitic symbiotic discordance between our species and our host: Planet earth.  It has become a threat to Homo sapiens continued existence on the planet. The hard fact is that if we continue this discordant relationship we face the possibility of extinction within the next 100 years.


Time For The Economists To Take Action. Economists in and out of academia need to put forward a solution that calls for a symbiotic survivalist relationship between Homo sapiens and Planet earth. As in the past it can rely on pricing and therefore be human incentive directed. Yet it will be different from former recent structures; Communist Central Planning or Free-Market Laissez-Faire.

Revised economic theory can turn our resource exploitative capital market system into a constrained yet incentive directed market system emphasizing the provision of the societal needs of humanity, all within planetary symbiotic sustainability.

See my Countercurrents essay below – Global Negative Externality Tax (NET)

Ecological long term functionality of the earth’s resources can be priced into all exchanges of goods; organic, inorganic, as well as services. With negative externalities reflected in final price, pricing can take on broad symbiotic meaning. Economic outcomes with negative ecological and/or social value can be eliminated. The parasitical propensity of humans to destroy the planet and their own future existence on it will be placed under control.

Tipping Points  

Without action many irreversible “tipping points” will soon be reached. Vast areas of the planet will become uninhabitable due to encroaching coastal sea water and high land temperatures.

There will be massive death in those areas.

Methane will be bubbling up from the warming Arctic land mass and adjacent ocean trenches. A repeat of another Methane hydrate induced Permian Triassic extinction will be possible.

The Need For A Phase Transition Beyond Economics

A recasting of past ways of thought – Economic, Political, Social, Philosophical, Religious


Quote from The Web of Meaning referenced below

“At some point a tipping point causes a phase transition, known as the release phase. This is followed by the reorganization phase when the future system is up for grabs. In this period, which can feel chaotic, new ideas or charismatic individuals can have an outsize impact on how the system will look as it prepares to enter the growth phase of its new cycle.”




A 609/610 BCE quote from Jeremiah is worrisome.  

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who can know it?

Jeremiah presents us with a very dim picture. This we can understand. There was no cohesion where and when he lived, only religious and social turmoil.


However, human history going back long before Jeremiah shows the presence of both a rational and cohesive humanitarian side to human thought in opposition to Jeremiah’s eukaryotic neurotic psychotic disorder.

It was with us over the centuries in both the Western and Eastern world. An Eastern example was Neo-Confucianism and Buddhism. In the West elements of Christianity and Judaism. In recent years throughout the globe this thought has been accelerating. Since the end of World War II it has been the more evident; as seen in a “coming together” by way of global cohesion in the many international organizations that have formed such as The United Nations. We saw it recently in the fractured yet coordinated response to the Corona virus. We see it in the international response to Global Warming.

Now we see it in a world-wide millennial generation demanding change. We see it coming from some – but not all, areas of academia.

This indicates that we may be about to enter a New Era; one where rational thought will prevail and bring about close coordination by all of humanity with respect to its activities on Planet earth so as to assure the continuation of a human and other life sustaining planetary/cosmic relationship.

Some of the New Era Changes

The Capital Market system will be constrained as noted above. 

Human economic activity will be limited to designated planetary geographic areas.

Geographically defined land and water areas will be designated Natural Habitat for plant and non human life.

There will be methods of human birth control such as genetic selection, chemical and surgical procedures and abortion that will assure an “ideal” population size consistent within planetary resource human sustainability. (possibly under one billion)

(Global human population has increased from about 800 thousand in 4000 BCE to 300 million during the Roman Empire Period to one billion in 1800 to I.6 billion in 1900 to 6 billion in 2000 to 8 billion today)

Those born mentally/physically unfit genomically to enter society will be institutionalized.

(3% / 5% of all new births today suffer from physical or mental retardation)

Each and every able individual will be trained to be what they can be

Those who are a threat to the continuance of Homo sapiens on the planet – as identified by Jeremiah’s observation – will be so identified, incarcerated and placed in “reeducation centers” before not after they have committed the crime. 

(The deceitful wicked “Side” referred to by Jeremiah will finally be brought under control)


Global Negative Externality Tax (NET)  

David Anderson 

“Only by the establishment of a new multinational Institution formed for the purpose of orchestrating a world-wide increase in the price of carbon from its first moment of entry into the system through to its becoming a part of all derivative goods and services can this human tragedy be avoided. Board Members must be of the stature and critical thinking skills of today’s Nobel Prize winners and UN Secretary Generals, skills that can put in place measures over a 10/15 year period that will eliminate our carbon dependency. And they must be given powers under its authority well beyond those of existing global institutions today; powers of international law and enforcement.”



Jeremy Lent

p 342

“We have arrived at a stage in the human saga on Earth where the decisions we make over the next few decades will determine the future direction, not just of humanity, but of the Earth itself. Ultimately, it will be a collective decision based on our shared sense of identity.”

This uniqueness does not, as the Western tradition has maintained for millennia, make us separate from nature. However, it does confer on us both the power to destroy the living Earth and also the potentiality to develop a new type of symbiotic relationship with it.”




David Anderson

A book about the social, political, philosophical, religious and economic presuppositions we have believed to be “inherent truths” we are now discovering were built on geo ecological flaws.


On Contact: The new global order

McCoy looks at past empires and how they disintegrated in his book ‘To Govern the Globe’. The familiar patterns of decline allow him to speculate about what lies ahead as the global dominance of the United States crumbles under the weight of disastrous military adventurism, the collapse of public institutions, a rapacious and greedy oligarchic elite, and inept political and military leadership. The new world order, McCoy argues, will see China ascendant. 

David Anderson brings together a wide range of interests in his writings, namely; theology, history, evolutionary anthropology, philosophy, geopolitics, and economics. He has written four books. The fourth is about a necessary geo political, social, religious, economic paradigm shift for human survival. Go to: 


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