Excellent Xinjiang Health, Growth & Education Outcomes Contradict Sinophobic US Lies


The US and its allies are countering the re-emergence of China with a Sinophobic confection of new alliances, military threats, jingoism and false propaganda about  a  falsely claimed Uyghur Genocide in Xinjiang.  However excellent health, infant mortality, maternal mortality, population growth and education outcomes in Xinjiang reported by China and confirmed by respected NGOs contradict Sinophobic US, UK and Australian claims  of a Uyghur Genocide.

Indeed the US Alliance lying about the circumstances of the Uyghurs not only falsely demonizes China and denies the actuality of excellent health, growth and education  outcomes in Xinjiang [1], it also helps to hide the horrendous realities of the US-imposed and continuing Afghan Holocaust and Afghan Genocide involving a death toll (7 million) [2-6] comparable to that of the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million Jews killed by the Nazis) and the WW2 Bengali Holocaust (WW2 Indian Holocaust, WW2 Bengal Famine; 6-7 million Indian starved to death for strategic reasons by the British in Bengal, Odisha, Bihar and Assam in 1942-1945, with Australia being complicit by denying  food from its huge war-time grain stores from its ally, starving India [2, 7-10].

A holocaust involves the deaths of a huge number of people. However genocide is precisely  defined by Article 2 of the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide thus:  “In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, as such: a) Killing members of the group; b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group; c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group; e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group” [11]. While Uyghurs are not being killed, and Xinjiang has experienced excellent health, infant mortality, maternal mortality, population growth and education outcomes, the 20 year occupation of Afghanistan by the US Alliance has been  associated with about 7 million deaths from violence and war-imposed deprivation [2-6].

Afghan deaths during the US Alliance occupation (2001-2021) totalled 6.7 million from violence, 1.6 million (as estimated from Iraq War comparisons), and from war-imposed deprivation, 5.1 million. Afghan under-5 infant deaths in 2001-2021 totalled 3.6 million, noting by way of comparison that 1.5 million Jewish children were killed by the Nazis in WW2. The horrendous avoidable mortality from deprivation in Occupied Afghanistan is evidence of gross and remorseless violation over 20 years by the US Alliance (US, NATO and Australia) of Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that state that the Occupiers are inescapably obliged to provide their conquered Subjects with life-sustaining food and medicals requisites “to the fullest extent of the means available to them” [2, 12]. In addition, the US restored the Taliban-destroyed Afghan opium industry from 6% of world share in 2001 to 93% by 2007. The global Opiate Holocaust  presently kills 0.6 million people annually, and has killed about 5 million people globally since the US Government’s 9/11 false flag atrocity in 2001 that killed 3,000 people [13].

However the ignominious defeat of the war criminal US Alliance in Afghanistan in August 2021 was not the end of the US-imposed the Afghan Holocaust and Afghan Genocide. The US continues to exercise its self-granted “right” to bomb Afghanistan, and the US and its rich Western allies have imposed deadly sanctions on newly liberated Afghanistan. Thus the US has frozen Afghan assets worth $9.5 billion and got the International Monetary Fund  (IMF) to block Afghan access to $0.5 billion of its share of special drawing rights, the international reserve asset that the IMF provides to its member countries to supplement their original reserves. In vain the UN warns of an economic, starvation and  health catastrophe in Afghanistan [14]. In 2020 under US Alliance occupation, under-5 infant deaths totalled 76,000 and avoidable deaths from deprivation totalled 106,000 [2]. This passive mass murder of Afghan children by America will continue and indeed worsen horrendously.

Here is a shocking testament to massive racist  lying by Western Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes – if you Google the terms “Uyghur Genocide”, “Palestinian Genocide” and “Afghan Genocide” you obtain the following results (deaths in brackets): 221,000 (“Uyghur Genocide”; 0 deaths), 11,200 (“Palestinian Genocide”; 2.2 million deaths) and 6,960 (“Afghan Genocide”; 6.7 million deaths).

Similarly, searches of the mendacious ABC (the Australian taxpayer-funded equivalent of the mendacious UK BBC) for these terms yields the following results: 95 (for “Uyghur Genocide”), 0 (“Palestinian Genocide”) and 0 (“Afghan Genocide”).

Underscoring this extraordinary Western perversion of reality, Sir Geoffrey Nice  (the prominent UK barrister who chaired the UK Uyghur Tribunal that asserted a Uyghur Genocide): “[China conducted] a deliberate, systematic and concerted policy [of] long-term reduction of Uyghur and other ethnic minority populations… no evidence of mass killings”. He and the Uyghur Tribunal absurdly and falsely concluded that family planning in Xinjiang was “genocide” [15]. In contrast the reality reported by China is that “From 2000 to 2020, Xinjiang’s population growth slowed down, but was still 1.15 percentage points higher than the national average in CAGR [Compound Annual Growth Rate]. The national censuses show that the ethnic minority population in Xinjiang has grown rapidly over the past seven decades”([1]; see section #1 below).

The only response of the mendacious US Alliance to the Chinese documentation of excellent health, population and education outcomes in Xinjiang [1] (if it escapes Mainstream censorship) will be to accuse the Chinese of lying. This is not the pot calling the kettle black but the pot calling the white refrigerator black. Accordingly I have set out below the key elements of the Chinese Xinjiang Report on the Xinjiang success story, together with documented  confirmatory statistical data  from highly respected NGOs such as the UN, the UN Population Division, the UN and the World Bank. In addition to data on China and Xinjiang, by way of comparison I also provide data from the US, UK, Australia, and Apartheid Israel (serial war criminal occupier countries), Occupied Palestine and Occupied Afghanistan (war criminally occupied countries) and India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (major impoverished but democratic neighbours of China).

“(1). Population Growth in Xinjiang According to data from the sixth national census conducted in 2010, the population in Xinjiang was 21.82 million, an increase of 3.36 million with a CAGR [Compound Annual Growth Rate] of 1.68 percent over 2000. Preliminary data from the seventh national census conducted in 2020 showed that the number increased by 4.04 million to reach 25.85 million with a CAGR of 1.71 percent. From 2000 to 2020, Xinjiang’s population growth slowed down, but was still 1.15 percentage points higher than the national average in CAGR. The national censuses show that the ethnic minority population in Xinjiang has grown rapidly over the past seven decades.”

Comparisons and comment. Xinjiang. Population 21.82 million (2010) to 25.85 million (2020) i.e. 1.8% growth per year.

China. Population 1,298.8 million (2003) to 1,439.3 million (2020) i.e. 0.6% growth per year.

Occupied Indigenous Palestinians. Population 3.50 million (2003) to 5.10 million (2020) i.e. 6.5% growth per year.

Occupied Afghanistan. Population 23.7 million (2003) to 38.9 million (2020) i.e. 9.2% growth per year.

Indigenous Australians. Population 798,400 (2016) to 864,200 (2020) i.e. 2.1% growth per year.

The average annual population growth rate over the last decade or so for Xinjiang (1.8%) is similar to that for Indigenous Australians (2.1%) [16], and 3 times greater than that for China (0.6%) but 3.1 times and 5.1 times lower, respectively, than that for the impoverished Occupied Palestinians (6.5%) and Occupied Afghans (9.2%).

The annual population growth rates in 2020 for the rich Occupier countries considered here are 1.8% (Apartheid Israel; 2.0% impoverished Indigenous Palestinians), 0.6% (UK), 0.4% (the US) and 0.2% (Australia; low in 2020 because of the absence of immigrants due to the COVID-19 pandemic).  The present annual population growth rates in 2020 for Developing entities considered here are 0.3% (China) versus 2.5% (Occupied Palestine), 2.3% (Occupied Afghanistan), 1.8% (Xinjiang), 2.0% (Pakistan), and 1.0% (India).

“(2). Latest Demographics of Xinjiang According to preliminary data from the seventh national census in 2020, the total population of Xinjiang was 25.85 million, among which the Han ethnic group numbered 10.92 million, and ethnic minorities 14.93 million… Health: The average life expectancy of people in Xinjiang was 74.7 in 2019, up 2.35 years from 2010. Infant mortality rate, mortality rate for children under five years of age, and maternal mortality rate went down from 26.58 per 1,000  [births], 31.95 per 1,000, and 43.41 per 100,000 in 2010 to 6.75 per 1,000, 10.91 per 1,000, and 17.89 per 100,000 in 2020. In 2019, practicing doctors and hospital beds per 1,000 persons numbered 2.7 and 7.39, up 0.58 and 1.93 over 2010.”

Comparisons and comment. (a). Life expectancy. The life expectancy in years and in descending order is presently (2021) 83.9 (Australia), 83.5 (Apartheid Israel), 81.8 (UK), 79.1 (US), 77.5 (China), 74.7 (Xinjiang), 74.6 (Occupied Palestine), 73.6 (Indigenous Australians), 73.6 (Bangladesh), 70.4 (India), 67.8 (Pakistan), and 66.0 (Occupied Afghanistan) [18]. The life expectancies for the US, China and Xinjiang are very similar. However the 9 year gap between Occupied Palestine and Apartheid Israel, and between Indigenous Australia and Australia translate in both cases to about 4,000 avoidable Indigenous deaths from deprivation each year. If accusations of “genocide” are to be  made they should be made against Apartheid Israel (re the Occupied Palestinians), pro-Apartheid Australia (re the Indigenous Australians), and against the US Alliance (the US, UK, Australia and NATO) in relation to the low life expectancy in Occupied Afghanistan.

(b). Under-1 infant mortality. “Under-1 infant deaths per 1,000 births” was as follows in 2017-2020 [17]: 3 (Australia), 2.5 (Apartheid Israel), 3.5 (UK), 5.5 (US), 6 (Indigenous Australians), 6.8 (Xinjiang), 9 (China), 16.5 (Occupied Palestine), 24.5 (Bangladesh), 29.5 (India), 58.5 (Pakistan), and 48.5 (Occupied Afghanistan).

While the under-1 infant mortality in Xinjiang (50% Han Chinese) is similar to that in China as a whole, the huge difference in under-1 infant mortality between Occupied Palestine and Occupier Apartheid Israel, and between Occupied Afghanistan and the European US Alliance Occupier countries is concrete evidence of gross violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention by these genocidally racist and war criminal Occupier countries.

(c). Under-5 infant mortality. “Under-5 infant deaths per 1,000 births” was as follows in 2020 [17]: 3 (Apartheid Israel), 3.5 (Australia), 4 (UK), 7 (US), 7 (Indigenous Australians), 10.9 (Xinjiang), 11 (China), 19 (Occupied Palestine), 29 Bangladesh, 36 (India), 71.5 (Pakistan), and 62.5 (Occupied Afghanistan).

While under-5 infant mortality in Xinjiang (50% Han Chinese) is similar to that in China as a whole, it is hugely different for Occupied Palestine and Occupied Afghanistan as compared to that in the respective Occupier countries, this being clear evidence of sustained, intentional and war criminal passive mass murder of Indigenous people by the Occupier countries in gross violation of the Geneva Convention.

(d). Maternal mortality.  “Maternal deaths per 100,000 births” was as follows in 2017 [19]: 3 (Apartheid Israel), 6 (Australia), 7 (UK), 17.9 (Xinjiang), 19 (US), 20 (Indigenous Australians), 27 (Occupied Palestine), 29 (China), 140 (Pakistan), 145 (India), 173 (Bangladesh) and 638 (Occupied Afghanistan).

While maternal mortality in Xinjiang (50% Han Chinese) is similar to that in the US and in China as a whole, it is about 10 times less than that in South Asia, and about 40 times less than in US Alliance-occupied Afghanistan. Western men and women quite rightly protest the disgraceful and counterproductive misogyny of the Taliban that seriously violates the human rights, education and well-being of female Afghans, but with breath-taking racism and hypocrisy they utterly ignore the horrendous Afghan infant mortality and maternal mortality under US Alliance occupation and sanctions that is clear evidence of gross US Alliance violation of the UN Genocide Convention and the Fourth Geneva Convention. .

“(3). Demographic Changes in the Uygur PopulationThese data show that since the founding of the PRC, the Uygur population has maintained a relatively high growth rate, a trend shared with the total population growth of the region. In particular, the Uygur population grew at a CAGR of [Compound Annual Growth Rate] 1.67 percent during the first two decades in the 21st century, which was much higher than that of the country’s ethnic minority population, which stood at 0.83 percent.”

Comparisons and comment. The disproportionately high growth of the Xinjiang Uyghur population has come about because of huge decreases in infant mortality and maternal mortality under communist rule (see sections 1 and 2 above) and more generous permitted  children per couple for ethnic minorities (see section 4 below). This data contradicts false and malicious  US Alliance claims of “genocide by family planning”.

“(4). Factors Contributing to Xinjiang’s Demographic Development…”

(a). “Economic and social development: Commendable results have been achieved in many fields in Xinjiang since the founding of the PRC. From 1952 to 2020, Xinjiang’s GDP grew from RMB791 million [US$ 127 million] to RMB1.38 trillion [US$0.22 trillion], and per capita regional GDP increased from RMB166 [US$27 per person] to RMB53,593 [US$8,575 per person].”

Comparisons and comment. Under an altruistic Communist regime there has been an enormous increase in per capita GDP in Xinjiang to a present $8,575 per person (2020). This can be usefully compared with the “GDP (nominal) per capita” for other countries (UN data, 2019):  $65,134 (US), $54,763 (Australia), $46,376 (Apartheid Israel), $41,855 (UK), $10,001 (China), $3,424 (Occupied Palestine), $2,116 (India), $1,846 (Bangladesh), $1,187 (Pakistan), and $470 (Afghanistan) [20]. As previously set out in 2(c) above, poverty kills [2] and the “under-5 infant deaths per 1,000 births” was as follows in 2020 [17]: 3 (Apartheid Israel), 3.5 (Australia), 4 (UK), 7 (US), 7 (Indigenous Australians), 10.9 (Xinjiang), 11 (China), 19 (Occupied Palestine), 29 Bangladesh, 36 (India), 71.5 (Pakistan), and 62.5 (Occupied Afghanistan).

(b).Steady progress has been made in education. In 1949, Xinjiang had only 1 college, 9 secondary schools, and 1,355 primary schools. Only 19.8 percent of school-age children were receiving education at school and the illiteracy rate was over 90 percent. In the 70 years since, a complete education system with institutions providing education from preschool through higher education has been put in place. By 2020, Xinjiang had kindergartens in all villages, and 3,641 primary schools, 1,211 regular secondary schools, 147 secondary vocational schools (excluding skilled workers schools), 56 higher education institutions, and 6 adult colleges across the region. The gross enrollment rate of preschool institutions was over 98 percent, the net enrollment rate of primary schools was almost 100 percent, the completion rate of nine-year compulsory education was over 95 percent, and the gross enrollment rate of high schools was over 98 percent. In Kashgar, Hotan, Aksu, and Kizilsu prefectures, 15-year free education lasting from preschool to high school is available. From 1951 to 2020, Xinjiang produced a total of nearly 2.12 million college graduates, of whom 767,000 (36.3 percent) are ethnic minorities…”

Comparisons and comment. The literacy rate is 96.6% in Xinjiang as compared to 96.7% for China as a whole [21]. The literacy rate in 2021 for Xinjiang and China can be usefully compared with that of other countries:  99.0%  (US), 99.0% (Australia), 99.0%  (UK), 97.1% (Apartheid Israel), 96.7% (Occupied Palestine), 96.4% (China), 96.3% (Xinjiang), 72.2% (India), 61.5% (Bangladesh), 56.4% (Pakistan), and 38.2% (Occupied Afghanistan) [22]. The rich countries of the US, UK and Australia have free and compulsory education and have a literacy rate of 99.0%. Much poorer China achieved 96.4% with Xinjiang achieving almost the same at 96.3%. Interestingly, impoverished Occupied Palestine has achieved 96.7%, almost the same as Occupier Apartheid Israel’s 97.1%  (one key thing the impoverished and horribly violated Apartheid Israel-ruled Occupied Palestinians can still do is to educate their children). Very poor literacy outcomes obtain in the impoverished Western-style democracies  of India (72.2% literacy ), Bangladesh (61.5%) and Pakistan (56.4%). However Occupied Afghanistan has a disastrously low literacy rate  of  38.2% that contributes to shocking health outcomes and evidences egregious violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention by the war criminal Occupier countries of the US, Canada, UK, NATO and Australia. The US and its Western allies left Afghanistan in August 2021 but have emplaced deadly sanctions,  and child-killing America has murderously frozen Afghanistan’s foreign bank reserves of $9.5 billion  – the US- and US Alliance- imposed mass murder of Afghans continues.

The net enrolment rate in primary education (that is crucial for health and especially for preventive health care) is as follows: 97.8%  (US), 99.9% (Australia), 99.6%  (UK), 99.9% (Apartheid Israel), about 95% (Occupied Palestine), nearly 100% (China), nearly 100% (Xinjiang), 97.7% (India), 94.6%% (Bangladesh), 79.3% (Pakistan), and 85.7% (Occupied Afghanistan) [23]. Xinjiang performs among the world’s best in terms of net enrolment rate in primary education [23]. This education success in Xinjiang, that also extends into secondary education and tertiary education, is in stark contrast to the health and education disaster in impoverished, war-torn and US Alliance-ruled Occupied Afghanistan.

(c). In line with local conditions and in accordance with state laws and regulations, Xinjiang formulated its own family planning policies. Family planning was first applied to the Han people in the region in the early 1970s, and ethnic minorities were exempt until the mid and late 1980s. The Measures on Family Planning released by the autonomous region in 1992 stipulated that urban Han residents could have one child per couple and those residing in farming and pastoral areas could have two, while for ethnic minorities, urban residents could have two children per couple and those in farming and pastoral areas could have three. Ethnic minority groups with smaller populations were not required to follow the family planning policy. This was one of the main reasons why the ethnic minority populations in Xinjiang maintained a rapid growth rate…”

Comparisons and comments. The birth rate (births per 1000 of population per year) is as follows: 12.4  (US), 12.0 (Australia), 12.0  (UK), 17.9 (Apartheid Israel), 28.3 (Occupied Palestine), 12.1 (China) (but a much higher birth rate is permitted for both urban and rural Uyghurs), 18.7 (India), 18.6 (Bangladesh), 21.6 (Pakistan), and 37.5 (Occupied Afghanistan) [17]. The rich Western countries have more or less achieved Zero Population Growth (ZPG) through economic prosperity,  female literacy, female empowerment, high female workforce participation, increased environmental regard and high educational levels. For oppressed and impoverished occupied countries like Occupied Palestine and Occupied Afghanistan  and in impoverished South Asia, having children remains a rare joy in an otherwise  bleak environment. The world is already grossly over-populated as evidenced by mass species extinction that is running at 100-1,000 times greater than normal  in the present Anthropocene Era [24]. Several recent reports collectively endorsed by thousands of expert scientists have warned the world that time is running out to save Humanity and the Biosphere from further catastrophic climate change and further massive biodiversity loss. Massive harm has already occurred due to continuing carbon pollution, population growth and economic growth, and it is clear that zero growth in these areas is insufficient  – there must be negative carbon pollution (atmospheric CO2 draw-down to a pre-Industrial Revolution level of about 300 ppm CO2 (300 parts per million  CO2),  negative population growth (50% population decline), and negative economic growth (a 50% economic de-growth to halt and reverse this worsening disaster) [25]. Pollution from burning carbon fuels kills about 9 million people annually but climate change per se kills about 1 million per annum. There is a worsening climate genocide  that unaddressed could kill 10 billion people this century on route to a sustainable population of only 1 billion by 2100 [25-28]. Professor Dabo Guan  (School of International Development, University of East Anglia, UK) (2016) has commented thus on inescapable limits to growth: “For everyone in the world to have an American lifestyle, we would need seven planets, and three to live as Europeans” [29]. Clearly the European population is not declining fast enough and the African population is expanding impossibly [25]. China has been able to bring the birth rate down to a low Western European level.

However hysterical US,  UK  and Australian Sinophobes falsely declare that lowered birth rate due to economic improvement, birth control and family planning measures in Xinjiang constitute “genocide” [15, 30]. China’s Foreign Ministry:  “The so-called ‘genocide’ in Xinjiang is pure nonsense. It is a manifestation of the ulterior motives of anti-China forces in the United States and the West and the manifestation of those who suffer from Sinophobia”. The world must wake up to the Orwellian lying of the genocidally racist US Alliance. China had dramatically improved life for people in Tibet and Xinjiang as indicated by hugely lowered infant mortality and maternal mortality metrics (section 4 above; [1, 31]). In stark contrast the post-invasion deaths from violence and imposed deprivation total 2 million (Palestine), 5 million (US Alliance-occupied Iraq),  7 million (US Alliance-occupied Afghanistan), and 32 million (the post-9/11 Muslim World violated by the US Alliance), horrendous mortality statistics from sustained, abusive and intentional occupation that merit the terms “Palestinian Genocide”, “Iraqi Genocide” , “Afghan Holocaust” and “Muslim Genocide” , respectively [3, 32]. For a summary of the death tolls in over 60 genocides and holocausts (mostly inflicted by Western European countries and their genocidal colonists ) see my book “US-imposed post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” [3].

(d). “Xinjiang is committed to protecting the health of women and children, preventing and reducing birth defects, and improving the quality of family life in implementing family planning policies. Couples are now better informed on safe, effective and proper contraception, and are choosing their own preferred method. Women of childbearing age are entitled to voluntary tubal ligation surgery and intrauterine devices to avoid unwanted pregnancies and frequent childbirth. Changes in views on marriage and childbearing: In the past, under the prolonged, pervasive and toxic influence of religious extremism, the life of a large number of people in Xinjiang and particularly in the southern part of the region was subject to severe interference – early marriage and childbearing, and frequent pregnancy and childbirth were commonplace among ethnic minorities…”

Comparisons and comments. Infant mortality and maternal mortality are very high in impoverished high birth rate countries. In addition, high birth rates are bad for the planet and bad for the education, rights and empowerment of women. As revealed by the statistics in section 2 above, China has been very successful in achieving  low infant mortality and maternal mortality in Xinjiang  to levels similar to that in the 6-fold richer US whereas these parameters are among the worst in the world in US Alliance-occupied Afghanistan. Indeed the passive mass murder of Afghan women and children by the US Alliance is so great as to egregiously violate Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that unequivocally demand that an Occupier  must provide its conquered Subjects with life-sustaining food and medical requisites “to the fullest extent of the means available to it” [2, 12]. Afghan deaths during the US Alliance occupation (2001-2021) totalled 6.7 million from violence, 1.6 million (as estimated from Iraq War comparisons), and from war-imposed deprivation, 5.1 million. Afghan under-5 infant deaths in 2001-2021 totalled 3.6 million, noting by way of comparison that 1.5 million Jewish children were killed by the Nazis in WW2. Presently each year under deadly US sanctions about 76,000 under-5 year old infants die and an estimated 106,000 Afghans die avoidably from imposed deprivation.

(e). “In recent years, law-based deradicalization has been implemented in Xinjiang. The interference of religious extremism has been eradicated in administration, judicature, education, marriage and health care. The public has become more aware of the dangers of religious extremism. Their views on marriage, childbearing and family have changed accordingly. The economic, social and family status of women of all ethnic groups has improved, allowing them more opportunities to obtain secondary and higher education, and take an active part in economic and social life…”

Comparisons and comments. Religion, like art, poetry and music that are similarly essentially beyond scientific investigation, enables billions of people to make some sense of their lives, to live happier lives and to deal with harsh circumstances. However the downside of religion,  and especially of fundamentalist religion, is that it can disempower women, sustain patriarchy, generate bigotry, and  weaken science-based approaches to achieving a better life for everyone. A revealing example is given by  the book “Inside Muslim Minds” by Professor Riaz Hassan that surveyed Muslim opinions in a range of Muslim majority countries. In general,  in a range of matters the Muslims of Kazakhstan (which had experienced 70 years of science-informed atheistic communism) had views that were much more progressive, science-based,  rational and pro-women  than those of Muslims in other countries [33, 34]. Thus, for example,  52-61% of respondents in 6 countries believed that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution “could not possibly be true” as compared to only 14% of Kazakhstan Muslims.  Even more disturbingly, “the Darwin question was not used in the Iranian survey because of concerns about religious sensitivities” (p92 [33]). The proposition “if men are not in charge of women, women will lose sight of all human values and the family will disintegrate” yielded the following affirmative support: 29% (Turkey), 36% (Kazakhstan), 49% (Iran), 62% (global), 65% (Pakistan), 72% (Indonesia), 75% (Malaysia) and 86% (Egypt) (Chapter 6 [33]). China must be applauded for removing the constraints imposed on women by religious extremism.

“(5). Xinjiang’s Population Prospects. Benefiting from consistent social stability, Xinjiang’s population, in particular that of ethnic minority groups, will continue to maintain steady growth in the near term, improving the quality of the population and encouraging greater social and geographic mobility. The ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang have considerable potential to grow as they have a relatively young population and a large number of women of childbearing age. Implementation of China’s new childbirth policy that allows a couple to have up to three children, and support measures to boost birth rates will also promote steady population growth in Xinjiang. As a result of steady economic and social development, further reforms will also improve the quality of Xinjiang’s education system…”

Comparisons and comments. As previously discussed, China policy discriminates in favour of higher population growth among ethnic minorities in China and in Xinjiang in particular (see section 4c).

“(6). Falsehoods Fabricated by Anti-China Forces. In recent years, various anti-China forces have been accusing China of actions such as “forced labor”, “mandatory sterilizations”, “parent-child separation”, “cultural genocide”, and “religious persecution”. They smear Xinjiang, demonize China, and vilify China’s governance of the region with accusations of “genocide”. The Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in 1948, provides a clear definition of genocide – acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group. A country can only be convicted of genocide by a competent international judicial institution with proper jurisdiction, in strict accordance with the requirements and procedures stipulated by the relevant conventions and international law. The Chinese government protects the rights of the Uygurs and all other ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang in accordance with the law. This fact stands in sharp contrast to the fabrications by anti-China forces [the report then deals with each of the US and US Alliance assertions]…”

Comparisons and comments. The Sinophobic claims made by US and US Alliance politicians and propagandists of “genocide” in Xinjiang are patently false. China  can and indeed must be legitimately criticized for the one party state, air pollution, the surveillance state, harsh treatment of Uyghurs, Hong Kong pro-democracy activists, and dissidents in general, and the harshness of its de-radicalization measures and associated human rights abuses in Xinjiang. However set against those harsh treatments  are avoidance of entrenched deadly jihadi extremism found in Muslim countries from West Africa to South East Asia.  It should be noted that the US has a dreadful record of covertly supporting non-state terrorism from Latin America to Afghanistan, including jihadi non-state terrorism. Indeed  jihadi non-state terrorism  has been of great benefit to US imperialism, with every jihadi atrocity providing an excuse for disproportionately violent and murderous American responses from massive bombing to deadly invasions and occupations [2-6, 32, 35, 36]. Uyghurs are not being killed or expelled. The remarkable improvement in the circumstances of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang as set out by the Chinese authorities [1]  and confirmed by health and demography statistics from respected international bodies as documented here, utterly belie false US and US Alliance claims of a Chinese “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group”.

Final comments and conclusions.

The US and the US Alliance have been involved in horrendous genocidal atrocities over the last 70 years. Thus post-1950 US Asian wars have been associated with 40 million Asian deaths from violence and war-imposed deprivation [2-6]. Famed anti-racist Jewish American journalist  I.F. Stone famously declared “Governments lie”, and famed American writer  Gore Vidal went further, declaring “Unlike most Americans who lie all the time, I hate lying” [37, 38]. While resolutely ignoring the horrendous human cost of their  genocidal wars, the US and the US Alliance are presently engaged in a massive Sinophobic “war on truth”,  and saturating Mainstream media with the utterly false allegation of a “Uyghur Genocide”. No matter that they admit that there have been no mass killing or expulsions in Xinjiang, to the endlessly mendacious US government the “truth” is simply what serves the interests of the endlessly warmongering US Alliance. However as set out in this detailed article, excellent health, infant mortality, maternal mortality, population growth and education outcomes in Xinjiang reported by China [1], and confirmed by data from respected NGOs, contradict Sinophobic US, UK and Australian claims  of a Uyghur Genocide.

What can decent people do faced with this massive and blatant US Alliance lying and anti-China warmongering? Decent people must (a) urge and apply Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against all people, politicians, parties, collectives, corporations and countries that are party to this US Alliance lying, jingoism and warmongering, and (b) inform everyone they can  – the mendacious Western Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat  presstitutes certainly won’t.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History”. He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020), and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2021). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/  .


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